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Yeah, THIS is why we don’t get celebrities in anime outside Ghibli films any more.

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  1. To be fair good on-screen actor doesn’t always make good voice actor so no wonder one voicing Armitage III put out bad performance. That said It’s clear that when choosing voice actors it’s best to go with one who is best for role rather than who is well known so person who did casting for this dub should had known better.

    • This, 1000x this. Few realize that Voice Acting is its own special sub skill. Just as acting in heavy Prosthetics or doing MoCap is. Being a good stage or screen actor does not make one good at the sub specialties.

  2. TragicGuineaPig

    Actually, I’d prefer my anime be voiced by professional voice actors rather than big-name screen actors. A few – like Mark Hamill – translate very well to the new medium, but most don’t. I’d much rather have a Crispin Freeman or a Steve Blum than a Kiefer Sutherland any day.

  3. Hah! I knew it was Ahmed Best before I actually “knew” it was Ahmed Best. The Jar Jar voice and mannerisms are just too unmistakable.

  4. TragicGuineaPig

    Man, VIDME sucks. I had all kinds of problems with this. Had to refresh page and restart video like a dozen times. And then, right after the Stone Cold clip, the video crapped out and just said that there was a problem with the download. Even restarting AGAIN didn’t get me past that point.

    Sage, would you mind posting a Youtube link in the description for those of us who can’t seem to get VIDME to work right?

  5. I actually really like Juliet Lewis, but yeah, she had some cringey line deliveries in this.

  6. There actually is a place where Naomi is pronounced the way you say it’s never pronounced: Japan. Not that that makes a difference mind you.

  7. Damnit wuss, you honestly made me spit a bit of my monster drink out.

  8. Kinda skipped over the fact that the little girl was apparently a math genius with a photographic memory, it came up a couple times in their escape montage. Something about a little girl whose mom is a robot being a math genius should have set off it’s own subplot.

    Also how DO the gynoids have actual babies? Do they implant donated egg cells from women who can’t have any more babies or do they actually synthetically generate their own eggs compatible with human sperm cells? Because if it’s the latter that would be REALLY hard and it would be no surprise they can’t replicate it…

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