Army of Darkness – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara finishes off the trilogy with Army of Darkness. Is this the best one?

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  1. You should watch the original ending, not the theatrical BS they added in (the S-Mart ending).

    The original ending is so much better, and the director agrees that it’s closer to what Ash’s character would do.

    • That’s the one I got. Well… the whole of Europe. Great thing about DVD: the USA ending is in the extras.

      It’s weird. And looks expensive. Almost a whole new movie. Extra!

  2. Ash is such a prick in this movie. Interestingly, his character on the recent series seems to be heavily based on this version, even though they have yet to directly acknowledge the events of Army of Darkness on the show.

  3. I saw this one first of the series. Didn’t even know at the time it was the third one until years later.
    That did explain the bizarre beginning… but then, I had seen several films by then that had equally strange openings. Italian stuff.
    This one goes well as a double bill with Mont Python’s “Holy grail.” Strangely.

  4. This movie probably isn’t my thing. Anyways, was the chainsaw prop made for this episode of Tamara’s Never Seen or did that build just work out perfectly? Also, I LOVE Tamara’s shirt. LOVE it!

  5. No matter what I do, I just cant finish this movie. Tried watching it at least 5 times and have fallen asleep every time. Doesn’t matter the time I start. This movie just does nothing for me I guess.

  6. My theory is that Ash’s body is much more resilient than a normal human body because of his brief time being possessed by a demon in Evil Dead 2.

  7. Snorgatch Pandalume

    If you want to see a great Halloween-themed cult movie, Tamara, I strongly recommend Phantasm.

  8. Tamara I still say you have the most contagious laugh ever. No matter now you feel about Army of Darkness you gotta admit the speech he gave about the boomstick was both awesome and hilarious. When you see Ike make sure you “Gimme some sugar baby!” From me!

  9. Apparently, the show ignores Army of Darkness due to rights issues. It’s why Ash has a wooden hand at the beginning of the series instead of the mechanical gauntlet

  10. I love how you tell the story of the movie with no insight into it whatsoever. I’m too dumb to read wiki and movies are sooooooooo long.

    • I love how you missed the fact that watching a movie she’s never seen before, then giving her reactions to that movie is the entire point of these videos. Either that or you’re just being an ass to Tamara to feel better about yourself, which is really sad.

  11. These Tamara’s Never Seen are like cute little retrospects with girly hair flips. I’m really liking these

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