Ask Lovecraft: Call of Cthulhu

In which we roll for sanity loss.

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Hope you have good luck with capturing Cthulhu mr.lovecraft. What was in your hand though a bottle of Lysol and bleach I think not sure?


I’m the prep phases of gming a call of bernard game right now, we’re actually using the ancient rome expansion, it’s gonna be fun.

Three Degrees of Bacon
Three Degrees of Bacon

This is close to a question I was about to ask. Similar enough that it feels you’ve already answered. What about genre-blending roleplaying games? I am familiar with CthulhuTech, Pokethulhu, and Monsters & Other Childish Things, which blend your style of cosmic horror with anime mecha/Guyver stuff, Pokemon, and Calvin & Hobbs/Winnie the Pooh respectively. So is your opinion much the same for these sorts of games?

I like idea of Cosmic horror, what I dislike are douche hipsters who claim superiority of that genre even if limiting yourself to just it is pointless, and mostly they simply don’t understand basic ideas around it. Like for example: I meet one dude who claim that Cthulhu isn’t so called “ultimate evil” of his story. Yes, he isn’t generic villain with generic goals, but still he is main antagonist in this saga and furthermore someone who don’t negotiate what meet exactly this definition. Moral ambivalence of eldritch creature don’t make them automatically better characters, they simply are different from… Read more »