Ask Lovecraft: Hemingway

In which we turn the tables.

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  1. Even though he was a genuine Socialist or if you Westerners especially Conservative Americans won’t hesitate to bluntly call him a Communist, he was one of our greatest most humane writers out there in the USA and abroad in mostly Spain I’m really kind of ashamed of this so-called “freest country” for not honoring or hardly respecting him or any of our American authors much who are long dead unlike the Russian people who honor and respect our own literature and even everybody else’s.

  2. Look I may read Classic Literature at all much, but if I had more School or College English Homework based on them well than I would be excited and enthusiastic about it, and I know for a fact that Literature is a very controlled and censored thing by governments who fear the messages and ideas in the books, it has always been like that even in this nation whose Bill of Rights guarantees Freedom of Speech and of the Press, in short a lot of books are banned in school curriculum’s in various states, I think mostly in the conservative Midwest, oh well but we really should remember Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) as well as others like J.D Salinger and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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