Ask Lovecraft – Long Distance

In which we help a young couple.

About AskLovecraft

In which celebrated and dead author HP Lovecraft offers his advice on such diverse topics as love, finance, cooking, and personal hygiene.


  1. Marzipan and Homestar had cardboard cutouts. But I think they actually preferred the company of the cardboard cutouts to actually being with each other.

  2. She could take his head with her or she could make him a gimp pet unable to say no to her and take him with her as a whole package though it does need the effort of training him and breaking his will…….Oh! I know! She could eat him! She could devour every piece of him so that she will not need to ever part with him again. They would be one both metaphorically and physically, it would be so beautiful! I am going to become one with as many loved ones as I can eat and become the embodiment of love!

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