Ask Lovecraft: Whaling

In which we return to the tenebrous and inky deep to discover who the real monster is. (Spoilers, it’s Man)

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In which celebrated and dead author HP Lovecraft offers his advice on such diverse topics as love, finance, cooking, and personal hygiene.


  1. Moviemantweeter1999

    Aliens coming to this world seems very interesting. Anyways good talk and I do agree that people need to stop killing sea creatures and eating them(except fish because everyone loves to have good fish to eat once in a while).

    • Whaling generally wasn’t about eating the creatures. It was generally about collecting their fat, especially the spermaceti, a wax-like substance produced inside sperm whales’ heads. The stuff was extremely valuable and had numerous cosmetic and household uses. Heck, the whaling industry might have actually been more noble had it been about feeding people rather than making money off materials obtained from them.

      The modern-day equivalent would be the shark fin industry. Every year, sharking boats catch millions of sharks, cut off their fins, and throw the still-living crippled fish back into the sea to die, the rest of the shark completely wasted so some horny Chinese people can make Viagra soup from the fins.

      • And don’t forget the wail oil! The part of the whaling industry not going after sperm whales made their living boiling the stuff out of blubber for use in lamps (and sperm whalers would still collect the stuff for supplementary income). We burned the stuff like crazy before we discovered fossil fuels, which were the real killer of the whaling industry…so we traded one bad practice for another I guess.

        On the note of the industry maybe being more noble if they were feeding people, that is exactly the reason why some Alaskan native tribes are legally permitted to whale, provided they do so using only their ancient customs. Because they eat ALL of the meat, and use ALL of the bones and blubber.

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