Final Episode – Ask TGWTG

What will the final question be? Tune in the the to the Ask TGWTG Final episode to find out!

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  1. Oh, that was a terrific sendoff to That Guy With The Glasses and!

  2. RIP ThatGuyWithTheGlasses =(

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    that was very unfourtunate.he died for our sins.just one final demand:we need a ask that bum with a you hear me interwebs we need an ask that bum with a hat.all in favor say i under my comment.

  4. Man I wish this did not end. This episode was pretty damn funny.

  5. Doug walker finding out tht ask that guy is done I took it upon myself to use ask that guys likeness on instagram my account is timothydamon. I wanted to know may I hav Ur blessing in continuing my actions as a character I made named ask that kid? I would love to continue on the legacy of ask that guy.

  6. Angryatthecritic666

    and so channel awesome was born…and it’s been going downhill ever since…hamster jelly

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