Ask TGWTG: Episode 54

Questions Answered:
When the first people wrote the dictionary, where did they look to find spelling advice?
If the yellow Autobot is named Bumblebee, why isn’t he an Insecticon instead?
Can you tell us a story about the most worst and painful thing you have ever done to somebody?
Did you successfully have sex with Ma-ti from the planeteers?
When the Devil sneezes are you able to say “God bless you” or would that just piss him off?
Who framed Roger Rabbit?
I have a fetish about you. I think you’re Luke and I’m Leia and we have the most intense, passionate incest in the world. I think it’s kinky. Your thoughts?
Why in the UK do judges and legal people wear silly wigs in court?
What is the best way to play god?
I heard a guy married his Nintendo DS recently. Do you have any plans to do something similar?

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