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The story of how 5-Hour energy drinks were the true downfall of the Roman Empire.

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  1. I’ve been to the theme park. It’s no Disneyland, but still interesting. It’s cool to see that level of dedication to a comic character you’re unfamiliar with.

  2. I love your voices! I’ve never read these comics myself. I heard they were translated more than any other comics. I assume English is one language? Honestly, I’d like to check these out. The cartoonish stuff is great.

  3. I used to love these comics as a kid. I still have a bunch of them, including this one. Not only did it help create an interest in ancient history, it was also a good way to learn how to read, as many of the character’s names were based off of interesting and unfamiliar words and terms, such as Vitalstatistix, and Cacophonix. To be honest i was always kind of rooting for the Romans, they were continually getting their asses kicked.

  4. Now we know where Thor got his hat from.

    “Just being ‘DIX’!” – BA-DOOM! TSSHH!

  5. 0:24- …I knew that. The same fact goes for me.

    1:56- Geez. No wonder they decided to kill off Jimmy Olsen early on in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

    With Asterix dressed as Thor, when is he gonna be mentioned in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

    8:28- And this is why you should never upset gardeners and their work.

    Any minute now, I’m just expecting the Bulk & Skull theme to follow Asterix and Obelix around wherever they go.

    12:57- This is a weird version of The Last Supper.

    Why don’t many American comics have a sense of humor as that on Asterix?

  6. Obelix doesn’t need to drink magic potion, because he overdosed on it, when he fell into the kettle where it was brewed as a baby. Therefore the effects last all his life.

    • And they sometimes (at least in the animation) make a Joke out if the point that he is banned from drinking it.
      (I think there is a part in the Egypt comic where they give him a single drop.)

      • Yep, they do that in the comics, too.
        I do remember them giving him a single drop (in the comix*), but can’t remember which.

        * Couldn’t resist in the context. Sorry. But not *that* sorry.

  7. I’ve never heard of this and it’s always funny in a way when a comic is good because its so rare on this show.

  8. Pinch me, I must be dreaming. Not only do you talk about an Asterix comics but you choose to talk about my favourite (with the Roman Agent). Thank you Linkara!

    Wait a minute, you chose to talk about my favourite issue of this comics, from its golden era. That could be a good or a bad thing knowing your show… oh my.

  9. The pirates are a running gag… they run into Asterix and Obelix whenever they are at sea and most of the time it ends with their ship being sunk.

  10. And you don’t need to know Asterix to be insulted by the Falling Sky, it basically insults american Comic books by calling them all clones of each others and japanese comic books by making them invaders.

    • It was just Uderzo showing his age…

    • Reading Falling Sky. I don’t get it… Asterix sounds like it’s all about irreverently beating up caricatures of other cultures. How is this any different fr– oh. Oooooooh.

      I’ve been hoping somebody would lampoon Japan’s horrible trope of depicting themselves as an innocent, neutral paradise unwillingly pulled into the battle of warmongering buffoon super powers who want their magically superior, secret weapon. That was partly an anti-parody of that.

  11. There were two animated Asterix movies I would rent from Blockbuster repeatedly as a kid. Enjoyed the classical references greatly.

    • Weren’t there much more than 2?
      As a kid i saw (Trying to translate from the german titles):
      1) Legionaer (this commic)
      2) “The tasks” something about the tasks to proofe they are gods.
      3) The one in Egypt (similar basis to the live action, but i enjoyed the cake song)
      4) British
      Later/ the new ones:
      5) America
      6) I think they also animated the Vikings (fear) storyline?

  12. Very good and funny review as always. Asterix as always been a favorite of mine, and Asterix the Legionary is one of the best (along with Asterix and The Roman Agent). Now to answer some of your questions:

    1) The magic potion, made by the Druid Getafix, gives temporary boosts of strength. Obelix fell in the cauldron when he was a child and the effects are permanent on him. Unfortunately for him, he’s a glutton, so he always want to drink the potion. Which Getafix forbids.

    2)Cacofonix is the village’s bard. As the name implies, he is terrible and is mugged by the villagers as soon as he begins to sing. Especially the smith, Fulliautomatix.

    3) Asterix as always been about anachronism. Here, the Roman legion stands for the French Foreign Legion.

    4) In French, the spy’s code name is HCl, for Acidechlorhydrix (Hydrochloric Acid).

    5) Tragicomix looks less cartoonish than the other characters because he is based off the French actor Jean Marais. Uderzo drew cartoons of several personalities (Jacques Chirac, Sean Connery, the Beatles, Laurel and Hardy, Kirk Douglas, etc.).

    6) You will see the pirates in several adventures (old acquaintances, as Asterix would say), and their ship is always sunk… sometimes even by themselves! They are a parody of the comic book Barbe-Rouge, by Jean-Michel Charlier and Victor Hubinon. Like Asterix, it has been published in the magazine “Pilote”.

    7) In my opinion, the best books are those scenarized by René Goscinny. After he died, Uderzo wrote the adventures himself, and he often introduced more fantastic elements. In Obelix All At Sea, they even go to Atlantis, populated only by children (humans, centaurs and satyrs). The Falling Sky is of that kind.

    • All At Sea is still far closer to a normal Asterix book than Falling Sky is. The tone in that one is so different to the point of the characters and setting being the only things identifiable as Asterix in it.

      • Yes, they became gradually worse after Goscinny’s death… some of the first ones by Uderzo alone were still ok, like “Asterix and the Black Gold” and “Asterix and the Magic Carpet”, but they got more and more silly towards the end… “Asterix and the Actress” was already pretty subpar (though part of that was the horrible German translation, which was littered with parodies of contemporary advertising slogans), but “Falling Sky” was definitely rock bottom.

        Fortunately, they got better again since the new writer and artist took over. Not quite as good as the classics, certainly, but still better than much of Uderzo’s solo work.

        • “Falling Sky” that was the one with Arnold Schwarzenegger and “Walt Disney” in reverse?
          Also ignoring all of the continuity the series had.
          With the magic potion being the only magic thing (at least most of the time).
          PS: I only know the german titles, but the cover seemed familiar.

  13. Every time you say Asterix or Obelix, I want to correct you and say ‘it’s asterisk and obelisk’; but you’re not wrong. I just hear too many people make mistakes.

    “Maybe the (Vitriolix) joke makes more sense in French.”
    The names are generally translated very well, and not directly – so the name in English will be a different pun to the one in French.

    “I guess Latin jokes about the Trojan War were in vogue in France in 1967.
    “The jokes aren’t exactly sophisticated.”
    … um…

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