AT4W: All-Star Batman and Robin #1-2

Suddenly Joel Schumacher’s Batman seems subdued and well-executed.

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  1. Is there anything better to do with my free time than to look back at the original Miller Time? …Plenty, but I’m lazy at this moment.

    I still can’t believe I saw The Spirit in theatres TWICE. Thanks for the crossover review with Film Brain to remind myself why I should throw said movie out of my movie collection. But I still enjoy watching the RoboCop sequels.

    I’ve read, and own, All-Star Superman, mostly because of the then upcoming DC animated DTV film, and I also really enjoyed it.

    Even though the death of Dick’s parents was slightly altered in Batman Forever, they still fell to their deaths from a great height.

    15:10- Um, Frank, last I checked in Tim Burton’s Batman, Viki Vale LIKES bats. Just sayin’.

    16:55- Yeah, because THIS is what comic readers are interested in: SOFT CORE PORNOGRAPHY!

    20:36- Eric Theulen. Batman fan. Not believing that this thing was published.

    I also have no problem with Christian Bale’s Batman voice, cause I understand that he needed to make it NOT sound like Bruce Wayne’s, which is what George Clooney failed to do in Batman & Robin.

    I’ve read, and own, both Year One and The Dark Knight Returns, and I can think of no place in ASBAR where is fits perfectly in the continuity of those two pre-crazy Frank Miller stories.

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