AT4W: All-Star Batman and Robin #9

The issue where everyone in it was huffing paint fumes. Quite literally.

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  1. Batman and Robin look hilariously frightening in the title card.

  2. “Grind my Gears” No Family Guy joke?

    6:00 He’s got a point though. A person’s weakness being the color yellow is stupid.

    8:40 yeah design flaws do happen, but that’s a HUGE design flaw! How did the entire Green Lantern Core not take into account the color yellow? It’s a primary color! You mix yellow and blue to make green!

    12:50 I thought it was changed from Lex Luthor to General Zod as Superman’s Arch nemesis recently? Did they change it back?

    13:50 Green Latern punching Crazy Steve is like how Lightning Farron punches Snow Villers in FF13: Fun, satisfying and well deserved.

    • Except it’s not a huge design flaw, because making something not yellow is really easy. You dump a big pile of dirt on the yellow thing and hey, it’s not yellow anymore. The Corps’ weakness can be overcome with a simple can of non-yellow paint.

      • I don’t know exact green lantern corps lore, but I always though that they weakness was force of fear (which have yellow lantern color), but not color on its own. It totally have no sense, but that is Frank Miller so I’m no wounder if he simply ignorant here.

        • he is not being ignorant .. batman is not hero yet .. he is a monster that most be saved from himself

          that what the story is about ..miller knows exactly who Sinestro is.. thats why he choose green lantern

          there is a more than what it seems going on here..

          batman keep claims green lantern is dumb .. but this “dumb” guy is just ONE little step of figuring out batman’s true identity ..

          and in the end he doesn’t have to because batman in his dumbness did the job for him

          .. so who is really the dumb guy? the guy with Yellow as his one weakness who is trying to be reasonable ? or the lunatic moron that reveals his own identity by his own stupid action while claiming how great and better he is?

          • Your continal unrequited faith in Frank Miller is quite touching. I notice you didn’t have any excuse for Holy Terror.

          • @ The MegaNerd

            ( for some reasons weird i cant reply you directly :S )

            faith .. i wouldn’t call it that

            but I wont deny that deep inside there bit of me that still hope frank miller comes back from wako land .. not that it seems going to happen any time soon …or ever but i can still hope

            anyway … I don’t “excuse” miller … i just don’t agree with you guys about what i think is actually wrong with his work .. not in everything mind you ..Linkaras point about “all stars” not being the place to tell this story is something i agree with him .. and his point “that i’m putting too much effort into searching for answers” did let me see a lot more clear the flaws of miller’s work

            and i don’t talk about Holy terror because to be honest i don’t have much to talk about it .. when i first read it i found it extremal boring and pointless … and I only look at it every once in a while .. when i try to figure out a bit more about miller’s batman

            which is not that often .. it takes something like this video to make my mind raise an eyebrow and start wondering again

          • i have no idea why i wrote “reason weird” instead of “weird reason”

          • To: Swarmcrow
            I’m sorry if a spoke out of line but it just seems that every Miller time you have to play devil’s advocate. I suppose I shouldn’t be quick to criticize; I too have stood by and watched as a creator whose work I admire slowly went nuts and started making gargbage, well not any one creator per-say: More an entire company who seem determined to undermine everything i like about them.
            Looking at you DC.
            The point; I understand and I’m sorry if I came off as snarky.

        • The weakness is Fear, Fear is represented by the colour yellow, fear breaks will, ergo yellow breaks constructs made of green will.

          Quick summary.

          But a lantern can easily overcome the yellow weakness by pressing past what they most fear, and overcoming their fears. Hence why Hal and Kyle can defeat yellow (I dunno about Guy and Jon, I just know those two in particular because they’ve been infected by Parallax).

          The reason they weren’t able to simply remove the weakness of yellow was due to Parallax being trapped in the GLC central power battery, which corrupted all rings it powered with the inability against yellow. Kyle Rayner had a ring that was made independent of the central power battery and wasn’t affected by the yellow weakness.

          • That’s a recent retcon, only dating back to 2004. It’s a good one, but one and old guy like Frank Miller may not have heard

            Crazy Steve is Sinestro if Sinestro was an idiot…and lacked sympathetic qualities…and was crazy…and was treated as an unambiguous hero by his cynical quasi-fascist writer. So Sinestro if poorly written

    • He probably dropped the Family Guy joke, because Family Guy is not funny.

    • Lex Luthor has always been Superman’s arch-nemesis. If Zod was more prominently at some point it was to promote Man Of Steel as they often do with comics e.g. Loki has been given more to do in the Marvel Comics since Avengers. Lex Luthor is to Superman as The Joker is to Batman, Lex Luthor is like the Anti-Kal EL, made his own power, less humble beginnings but wants to bring order to earth in a way opposite to superman – through force and taking complete control.

      • Not exactly. Ultra-Humanite was first Superman arch-nemesis but it was changed to more reasonable villain (Lex) in later comics. Also Zod is more origin related villain to Supermen, and so he was better choice for his first adversary, and it is rare that it would be arch-nemesis. For example in Batman Beginning it also wasn’t Joker. Not mention that Zod is dead, so how he can be arch-nemesis exactly?

      • Did they really give more importance to Loki in the comics nowadays? Last time I checked, he was stilla kid, and was still a good guy (Though there is some lag between publication time, since comics do get around 6 month to a year to be published in France, where I live).
        Has things changed? Did they go back and made him a bad guy again? Can I start ranting yet?

        • Well making him a kid in order to make him semi-heroic (he even joined the latest team of Young Avengers) and giving him his own title is part of them making him more important. And now he’s an adult again. That’s all I really know about his latest developments as I’m not a big fan of Thor related stuff but he certainly has received more prominence in the comics since the Avengers movie. EVERYTHING in the Marvel comics is now driven by movies like Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver not being related to Magneto anymore, Ant-man getting his own title, FF being cancelled, X-Men/mutants being replaced by Inhumans, etc

    • Steve the Pocket

      You can totally make green without yellow and blue. Colors are a continuous spectrum of wavelengths, and the way we sense it is limited to combinations of three “primary” colors of light: red, GREEN, and blue. (Some species of fish have more sensors, making us actually color blind by comparison.) Yellow and blue paints TEND to combine into some form of green, but the purest greens are made from naturally-green pigment. In fact, natural green dyes are far more common than blue ones (see Brows Held High’s episode on the film “Blue” for more on this, plug plug).

    • It’s not even really a design flaw. As it was originally explained (before the Parallax thing) was that the Guardians put it in on purpose to keep Green Lanterns from being all powerful. They had already messed up with the Manhunters and wanted to make sure if a Green Lantern went bad they would some sort of easily exploitable weakness.

      This also means they wouldn’t be trained to get around it but, be default, a seasoned Green Lantern would likely figure it out on their own. I also recalled in “Emerald Dawn Vol 2” I think the Guardians having yellow robots called the Hands of the Guardians that they would send out when something went wrong. Think they were shown being used against Sinestro when he originally went bad.

  3. The return of Crazy Steve!

  4. 0:05 that’s what she said…..

  5. damn, I saw what was being reviewed and started smiling, it’s always entertaining to see how awful Miller is

  6. Just as an aside, there is one clever bit in here that I doubt anybody got. The comic book that Robin is reading is “The Yellow Kid”.

  7. Batman, I always knew you were yellah!

    I hope in the New 52 that the editors would get it together and decide whether some idiot could steal a ring off a GL’s finger, but since JL: War has Batman do the same thing and that’s based on Origin – guess not. … Par for the course in New 52.

    (Speaking of New 52, how do you feel about the last wave of cancellations? The only thing left at DC I read now is Batgirl and Gotham Academy – and that’s only due to meeting the creative team to both at a signing and they sold me on their outline for the next two years.)

    What’s left from Miller? As far as I know – the only stuff of note from his post-crazy days is Sin City and another Robocop story. … I doubt you’d go back to his critically acclaimed work on Daredevil, Wolverine, and Hard Boiled.

    • Well, there is 300, Spawn #11, Bad Boy, Robocop: The Last Stand (adapted from Frank’s script to Robocop 3), the rest of Terminator vs. Robocop, and some short stories.

    • That has been pretty inconsistent in the comics over the years. Funny enough I used to run the DC Heroes role-playing game and they made it clear it couldn’t be done. Personally, I would put the bit in “Origins” down to Hal still being kind of new, at least that’s my excuse.

  8. Im sorry but this is the funniest issue of the all star batman and robin for me. One the idea that painting yourself yellow that’s just funny because that was kinda the go to move for green lantern comics a while a go because YELLOW! OH GOD WHY IS IT YELLOW!so yeah points for the comic for making me nostalgic of the old green lantern comics. However there is problems with batmans thinking and frank millers to a extent on this and its the the air. I know it seems weird but unless the air is yellow (I realize this sounds stupid but Im simply remembering silver age logic where frank miller seems to think these heroes are operating otherwise Hal jordan and other veteran green lanterns should have a resistance to yellow in modern times allowing them to make constructs even if things were painted yellow) unless the air is yellow Hal can fly out of the building make a construct to pick up said building and shake it up a bit. Maybe it could be argued that yellow paint molecules in the air but I dunno. Second the implications of what batman would do with a power ring make tidal waves…yeah hal did that in his silver age days so batman, guy who is bitching about how uncreative is about Hal jordan because he makes giant mousetraps (whats wrong with moustraps?) is going to do something that hal has done before. Third the idea that all batman needs to beat superman is with a power ring yeah no chances are faster than batman can think of the kryptonite construct, consider all radioactive and chemical properties to make it actually capable of crippling superman, and will it to happen superman would have lazered off the hand, broken it, or just about any other way to handle crazy steve here. Whew I have been sitting on this one for a while I guess fun review Linkara thank you for the laughs

  9. “Next week, more Godzilla!” YES!!!

    Glad to know the ASBAR reviews will be ending soon. The reviews have been entertaining, but the fact that you’ve been reviewing them this long means the comic itself survived for 10 issues too many.

  10. There is one man that can save us from the evil “Crazy Steve” and his so called partner “Robin” from taking over our world, and his name is SNOWFLAME!!!!!

  11. I just now noticed the hostess fruit pies on the shelf. Haha

  12. So has “Miller Time”-segment phased out?

  13. Am I the only one who hasn’t been getting any ads from videos on this site this week?

    Not that I’m complaining, but I mean, I don’t use Adblock, and I haven’t been any ads at all for days.

    Weird, is all.

  14. Yay! There’s nothing like Miller Time (?) to start both the new year and a new quarter of college. 😀 I can’t believe how much time this comic gave to talk about the color yellow. What is happening?! I also appreciate that you found the two good things in the comic series. So besides the ending… what did this issue accomplish? LOL.

  15. I want to see one thing happen, Crazy Steve vs. SNOWFLAME. We need more SNOWFLAME in ASBAR, then a lot of this stupid insanity will make a bit more sense due to the effects of drugs instead of just poor writing and editing. SNOWFLAME!!!

  16. I was patiently waiting for Issue 9 of 10 of The Wacky Adventures of Crazy Steve and Dick Grayson Age 12.

    Nice job on the new intro. Also, I actually have a copy of New Avengers/Transformers, because I’m a sucker when it comes to 2 franchises I like.

    3:38- I actually kinda like the cover to this issue, because with the exception of the green spotlight, it shows the two titled characters, after how many issues of Batman and someone else, or anyone other than either Batman or Robin.

    6:02- I like how Batman learned of Green Lantern’s identity in The New 52. During their first meeting, Bat’s sneakily took off Hal’s ring while he wasn’t concentrating, and he took a quick look as the name tag on Hal’s flight suit. And in return later, Batman revealed himself to Hal that he’s Bruce Wayne, and told him why he became a superhero. I know your not a fan of The New 52, Lewis, but you gotta admit that they did somethings better than ASBAR.

    I’m just really happy that back in 2007, I was more interested in reading Batman: Hush (also illustrated by Jim Lee) than this Arkham inmate version of Batman.

    I’m guessing Miller put Plastic Man in this version of the Justice League, because he was a member in the ‘90s. …Yeah, that’s pretty much all I got for that.

    14:55- And Frank Miller says his favorite live action version of Batman is from the movie serials.

    Steve is so stupid to realize the obvious fact that he is NOT worth to use a Green Lantern ring.

    You can’t have a nice ending to a crappy comic, Frank. Did you even READ the first 7 issues? (Sigh) At least there’s ONE MORE issue to this so called deconstruction.

    • Sorry for my poor spelling.

    • No kidding. Not just anyone can put on a power ring and use it. It takes certain qualities THIS character does not have. Worse than when Penguin tried in “The Batman”. 🙂

      I have to say I never fully understood why Plastic Man was in the Justice League. I like the character and he’s funny and all but Elongated Man has a history with the team and could’ve done everything the story called for (well except taking on the shapes of stuff since he doesn’t do that but the wise cracking and stretching stuff).

      It just always seemed weird to me as he seemed for fitted for the 80’s Justice League International than that version of the team. P.S. I didn’t read the run at the time, I’ve been reading it in the reprint trades.

      • I also remember that episode of The Batman, and Hal actually let Batman used the Green Lantern ring in the climax, because he’s a Justice Leager AND he trusts him.

  17. So basically Batman acts like a supervillain in this. Why is he supposed to be the hero again?

  18. Snowflame is so awesome, we need more Snowflame.

  19. To be fair, Lesbos Island is a real place. Although actually makes that line make LESS sense.

    • Professor von SCIENCE!!!

      I think it’s Miller trying to be clever. Key word is ‘trying’.

    • The Island of Lesbos is the historic home of the Amazons, which Wonder Woman is a member of. I’m not sure if that’s true in this comic. I’m also not sure if the Amazons come from Lesbos in this comic, but as a neat historical fact it fits.

      The claim of being a witch is a slur by intent although not wildly out of line given that Batman is a superhero that generally only uses physical means while WW uses some for of magic or divine power. A female user of magic can be called a witch correctly within the bounds of English Grammar.

      Overall Frank got it right, and this sort of factual detail fits in the character of Batman, or even crazy Steve.

      So in this case the rush to label someone a bigot is wrong spurn on of the libelers own bias and bigotry. That or a throw away comment just wasn’t perfectly factual, for which we can all offer forgiveness.

      • No it wasn’t. Island of Lesbos was in myth of Jason and Argonauts, where they reach island where every man “go on war”, so island was left only with women and kids. They though they find opportunity, but after some time they find out that women kill all mans on island in sleep and try do this same again. But Lesbians weren’t warriors, and have nothing to do with Amazons. Frank Miller try be clever again, and again fail.

        • I would hate to say it by Lesbos is a real island not a myth.

          The Amazons did capture a few Aegean islands including Lesbos on which the Queen Myrina of the Amazons built the city of Mitylene.

          While the holdings of the Amazons were wide including many other small islands and cities, they had much stronger influence on Lesbos as shown by archaeological proofs of worship of Cybele.

          Now theses facts also overlap with many myths and stories, what is real in that comic’s setting is up for a lot of debate.

          Frank got it right, as much as everyone hate might to admit it.

      • Correct context =/= freedom of implication. Witch, for instance, is a highly loaded term always used to imply power a woman “shouldn’t” possess.

      • I don’t know about the world of THIS comic but in the mainstream comics she’s form Paradise Island also called Themisaryia (no idea if I spelled that right or not). I know, as you say, according to the myth that’s where they’re from but not in the comics.

        I would also hazard a guess that witch is a substitute for a certain other rhyming word that starts with a B.

  20. And the moral I got from this review is…….Never invite Crazy Steve to game night XD

  21. To Batman’s credit, I’d also be pretty ticked if someone threw away a potential haneman tsumo (I’m assuming dora 4 pin and the kan was of 5 pin) for the one chance of a pao rule mangan(rinshan kaiho dora4).

    Yeah, when your opponent is channeling Saki, it IS time to ragequit.

  22. Yes, Crazy Steve is back!

  23. I always thought that Crazy Steve’s weakness, was Miller Beer.

  24. An original cut away gag? This year is looking great already!

  25. It’s hard for me to comprehend there’s a Batman comic that’s all about Batman painting himself yellow… for ANY reason. On a positive note, this was a good episode to begin the year with, my man.

  26. Remember that time in Batman the Animated Series where Bruce said he wanted the power to wipe out armies in the name of good? I don’t either. The heck is up with this series??? It’s just making crap up out of nowhere at this point and saying ‘eff you, this is how DA REALZ Batman acts!’ I’d call him a Mary Sue, but that would imply they’re trying to make him look cool… instead we’re just left with a weird guy covered in yellow paint that just thinks he’s always right and just assumes we should believe whatever he says because potatoes.

    Also, why the heck is Batman serving lemonade if the paint on him can be washed off??? I’m not an expert on Green Lantern, but Batman painting his entire body yellow implies Green Lantern can effect anything that’s not yellow. So if he just splashes that crap in Batman’s face, he’d wash the paint off and would just be able to just crush his head or do whatever the heck he wants. So GL doesn’t even have to leave the dang room….

    For someone who’s suppost to be a genius, Batman’s plan to piss off a superpowered being has A LOT of holes in it.

    • Also, unless Batman painted the outside of the building yellow as well Green Lantern could step outside and pick up the entire building. From there he drops it in a river or something, just to give Crazy Steve some comeuppance.

      Or he uses his ring to create flame to trigger the building’s sprinkler system, the water washes off the paint so Hal can kick their sorry asses.

  27. Batman playing mahjong is a thing of beauty.

  28. You know, I’ve had ideas for a webcomic or something floating around in my head for a while. One of them is sort of a superhero police type thing, and if I ever actually make that, I might go ahead and use Crazy Steve as inspiration for an antagonist. Y’know, a violent deranged fascist who thinks he’s fighting for justice.

  29. Renaissance Nerd

    Er…I am going to timidly defend the writing by saying that Dick Grayson, Age 12, spent his life with a circus, and that circuses are probably the only places that still might use the word “rube.”

    That being said, I’m also 99% certain that Miller probably read that in the same book I did and only threw it in to prove that he did, in fact, read a book at one point, so mock away!

  30. So… Crazy Steve paints everything yellow (and I have to admit, I thought the lemonade thing was funny)… and then GL uses his ring to just compress all the (non-yellow) air in the room, barring a shell for himself, and leave Crazy Steve gasping like a landed tuna, right?

    Also… punching Robin? Really? Not only is it terribly child abuse, but it totally ruined the “one punch!” reference I was going to make. Fie! Fie upon thee, Crazy Steve!

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