AT4W: Avengers Assemble Featuring Captain Citrus #1

Saving the world with orange juice and Florida!

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  1. Trixie_is_best

    Captain Citrus should demand a name change, since outside of owning and orange grove. A name like Captain Sun/Solar, Solar Man or something Sun related would be a better hero name for said character.

    Outside of that, it does not look bad for a basic comic and intro to new character. Not much of a PSA, then again, that is what made it fairly good. Although as far as solar powered heroes goes, I cant help but compare Captain Citrus to Captain Planet, yet Captain Citrus would kick Captain Planet around and with far less stupid and unneeded puns. Someone make that fight happen.

  2. the great pumpkin king

    This guy could work maybe he can start off just as a spoke person for an oj company to become the real thing a real hero whom gain sunlight powers from eating and drinking orange products. As he joins the GLA

  3. our entertainer ladies & gentlemen. making up rules about what comic books to review only to break them at random moments because (blank).

  4. Is that supposed to be Nash on the cover picture? Also, how fitting that you add a Star Wars clip to this review. You MUST have planned that. 😀

  5. the notorious white moth

    …apart from the contrived PSA, this is actually a pretty good comic with an interesting new character

  6. So, what did Nash have to do with this?

    Also, he’s another song that would’ve worked:

  7. Ah ha! You used the word “sapient” instead of… Oh, wait. You were right.

    Dang. Now I’d be reduced to saying something positive, and I can’t do *that*. I’m commenting on something on the Internet, and there are standards to be upheld.

    Curse you! Curse you and your careful use of correct grammar!

  8. Why is Nash strangling Kid Flash on the title card?

  9. I think it’s a good thing you replaced the My Cage review with an Avengers comic, and I just hope it’s not as nightmarish as Avengers #200.

    Who the hell roots for a fruit juice themed superhero in the Marvel Universe? Sounds more like a rejected recruit that never got hired at the end of Age of Ultron.

    4:51- Imagine if the cops in the first Avengers film acted like this when the Chitari attacked New York.

    Captain Citrus’s powers aren’t juice based but SUN based. What a freakin’ rip-off. …Well, at least his solar powers aren’t like that of Nuclear Man from Superman IV.

    9:12- Now I know why Captain America and Batman fight each other in a couple of DC/Marvel crossovers: they both not believe in coincidence.

    11:07- I was also thinking of Star Wars Episode V with that quote. Oh, in speaking of which, MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU.

    13:03- Yeah, the orange me be my favorite fruit, but I don’t worship it like it’s the best thing that ever happened in the world since Jesus.

    I also find this comic pretty decent, but I doubt anyone will ever see an animated show based on him on Disney XD.

    I’m actually interested in knowing more of the Star Trek: TNG/Doctor Who crossover, and I’m hope it’s somewhat better than the Star Trek/X-Men comics.

  10. Waiting for a Captain Citrus/Florida Man team up.

  11. Greenjackspeaks

    I’m surprised Captain Citrus wasn’t given a civilian name similar to Cave Johnson. Dave Johnson? he really needs combustible lemon weapons at any rate.

  12. I feel you, Linkara; Uncle Sam and Auntie Zona were not kind to me this year and drained my savings. Where is Captain Tax Time when you need him?

  13. Professor Persona

    While by no means perfect, the message about the extreme heat and cold referred to the Florida weather and is an actual issue for the ripening and longevity of the fruit. It was a pretty subtle yet somewhat memorable way to get that message out…though it would have worked better if we were shown the groves dying due to the weather and not just told about it. Its only one of the issues and they really skated by the whole situation, but it still gave some information without jamming it down the readers’ throat, and that’s pretty cool.

  14. Captain Citrus… He’s a hero! Gonna take ummm something down to zero!

  15. Moviemantweeter1999

    Aw no cameo from Nash from radio dead air even though you had him on the title card I even waited till the end to see if there would be one but guess not. Anyways good review I like this episode I have been checking out more of your episodes recently and your very cool. Let’s just hope YouTube doesn’t shut down because otherwise you can’t post this review like you mentioned and you tubers won’t get the reference or even to get to listen to the reference of avengers age of ultron. I was also wondering where Hawkeye and the Hulk were in this issue but then again they were probably doing something else!

  16. Love the children of the corn reference at the end.

  17. You would think that if you were Captain Citrus you would have acid throwing powers or something. Or pelt your foes with oranges, or drink orange juice for increased strength or stamina. Instead by having solar powers, that makes me wonder if his name shouldn’t have been Solaris or Mr. Sunshine. Thanks for mentioning the “greenining” citrus trees have here in Florida. It’s caused by an insect from Asia that leaves a tree eating bacteria on the citrus tree it feeds from. The entire citrus industry has been devastated in the state. The disease has caused orange shortages and driven the price of orange juice up as well. I wish Captain Citrus could help with that. Until then, I can accept him punching robots and assisting The Avengers. With PURE FLORIDA SUNSHINE!

  18. “Because it’s always radiation” – you know, I might be wrong, but I think the Inhumans, “normal” mutans, Red Skull, Captain America, all the hosts the Phoenix Force has used and a few other Marvel metahumans would like to have a word with you.

  19. TragicGuineaPig

    You know, if you don’t listen too closely, “Dies Irae” does sort of sound like “P – S – A-a!”

  20. An orange based superhero and not ONE Kamen Rider Gaim joke? ;P

  21. SuperHeroes? Fruit!?

    Kamen Rider Gaim 😀

  22. Drink apple juice! OJ will kill you! (Ba dum bum)

  23. I would not worry about the jet. JARVIS has it.

  24. Zoey Posthuman

    I’d actually read Captain Citrus. His life is like Blue Beetle, and the amount of stories you could do is limitless, because Florida.

  25. I’m surprised you didn’t make any orange lantern references when you found out he could make hard light constructs. But in all seriousness this sounds like a pretty cool hero in his own right, down to earth civilian identity, a pretty cool power set, slight environmentalist message in his story without shoving it in the reader’s face, not bad.

  26. Captain Citrus for Avengers 3?

    Seriously, though, the character’s fun, and they could do well with him somewhere in the Marvel Universe, Cinematic or Otherwise.

    Good find, Linkara, but I wouldn’t call this PSA Hell, more like… PSA Purgatory?

  27. What? No illegal hispanics working the groves? Suspension of disbelief gone. Why does Captain Citrus’s head look like a chia pet? And we grow more than oranges you know; grapefruits, lemons and limes also count as citrus.

    Would biting CC cure scurvy?

  28. As a native floridian (in orlando no less) i am saddened that captain citrus doesn’t throw orange grenades or spew acidic orange juice from his mouth. or have an alligator companion to help him along in his adventures of fighting evil

    but the comic is real cute in general.

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