AT4W: Batman: Jazz #3

If you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know… but we can definitely say that Batman really has nothing to do with it.

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  1. “Abandoning the Tortured Quest for Truth” eh? Lady, Persona 4 was a tortured quest for truth then what you’re squawking about, you’re a Psycho who can’t let go of what you think someones life should be. So Jazz cures people of their drug problems, well that would have made Rise of Arsenal even dumber, before seeing the Zombie ghost of his daughter that tells him to burn things Roy should have been taken to a jazz club instead of a rehab center.

  2. Can I just say I really like the new video player. The adjustable settings make it much easier for me to use. Makes up for the slightly reduced voice quality.

  3. Ahhhhhhh!! Mouthless Flo is scary!

    Uh, sorry. Ads are sometimes kinda weird.

  4. Wow been a while since we last looked at this batman arc forgot it even was an arch. To quote you linkara “comics are weird”

  5. ‘What are you countess of?’


  6. Things like this make me wonder if there are ever people living under a rock that have never heard of batman. One day he just shows up and starts questioning them about a crime, and they just think “What the Hell is going on?” as they fill the man in the bat suit in.

  7. Say Linkara! Quick random question: Is the Dark Horse comics seres ‘The Creep’ any good? I’m a HUGE Rondo Hatton fan and so I’m interested in it but I don’t want to spend money on something that turns out to be junk.

  8. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    Sweet mama jama, why does this exist!? Not the review, review good, comic bad. Professor von SCIENCE!!! no like bad comic!

  9. ’45? Don’t you mean ’43?

  10. Ah, so judging by the cape it seems Batman turned into Spawn in this issue

  11. If the meaning of jazz is YOLO, I guess that’s why I tanked my history of Jazz class in college.

  12. What do you fear Hero? Your friend is missing. You can’t find him. He doesn’t want to be found. Beware of 90s Kid. He is not what he seems. Hero.

  13. Sitting still is the last thing you want to do outside in a batsuit. Though I’m assuming getting in there as Bruce Wayne would still attract too much attention.

  14. I love when you’re Batkara. Haha! 😀 So… Batman is pro-jazz and anti-rock. Got it.

  15. TragicGuineaPig

    KIDS, They listen to the Rap Music.
    With the hippin’ and the hoppin’
    and the bippin’ and the boppin’
    They don’t know what the Jazz is all about!

  16. With as bad as this comic is, I still want to see Batman verse Godzilla. It could be more fun than when Godzilla versed Charles Barkley.

    Batman, I think is a character who does not have good track record doing anything music related. The exception being Brave and the Bold Batman style and involving the Music Miser.

  17. And I finally got an account.

    Love your comic reviews Linkara. I watch them every time I’m working on my own comics for inspiration.

    One day I shall meet you and shake your hand, and it will be glorious.

  18. At long last, we can finally end this horrible Batman mini-series, and await the time where we have a story where he saves a Katy Perry stand-in or something.

    2:58- SpeedyEric. Nerd. Drug and alcohol free. Clean. Batman fan not believing that someone made this thing.

    Batman doing a saxophone solo sounds too Adam West. The same can be said in the first issue where he goes to the jazz club in full bat suit.

    5:15- I take it that the old man in the wheelchair has been watching too much Fox News.

    9:08- Ha, and I listened to Eye of the Tiger on the radio yesterday, and I spent all of last week watching all the Rocky sequels from start to finish for the first time.

    Jazz and Fortunate Son are the same story? You know the old saying “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”? Well, I also have a saying: if it keeps breaking, throw it away and start again, but better.

    15:03- I was wondering some time now if you would ever use that Dr. Cox clip.

    Thank you for finally making a Ninja Turtles reference with the word “Be-Bop.”

    18:20- I’d actually like to hear that jazz/hip-hip mixed music, but I can’t, because this is a comic book, and a really bad one at that.

  19. Can comic books seriously not get decent artists? I can draw better than that and I can’t draw.

    • Dromedary Meat Cactus

      Sorry, dude, you’re wrong. The artist of this comic book has drawn comics written by Alan Moore, J.M. DeMatteis, Chris Claremont, and many more. He was the first artist on “The Mask.” He was selected by industry legend Archie Goodwin to draw this comic and another Batman miniseries. He did multiple Batman comics, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, and many more. He is a respected artist with graphic novel and comic book credits spanning over thirty years. You’re not fit to clean his shoes with your tongue.

  20. Jazz fact for you all to help this comic make a little more sense. “Buzzy Treadwell” is most likely intended to be a clear expy of Dizzy Gillespie (you can tell by the distinctive puffed cheeked and specially bent trumpet bell.) a famous contemporary, collaborator, and fellow progenitor of bebop to Charlie Parker.

  21. Hey Linkara, I have a comic you may be interested in, Hamster Vice. By the way good review.

  22. Now, as to the idea that Batman would ever get involved with jazz in any way, this actually isnt the first time that Batman has done this. As a kid I read my dad’s old batman comics from the late silver age and early bronze age, and one in particular that was very well done was the Batman volume I issue #224. Which is entitled, “Carnival of the Cursed. It involved Batman investigating the murder of an old blind jazz trumpet player, who from what I understand, was also based on a real person, (or several persons) from the early days of the orleans jazz scene. And , it was Great! , The explanation for why Batman arrives is well handled, and in fact is very sympathetic, and the villain created for the issue is pretty threatening as well. Maybe you should do a review of that just to offset the terrible handling of Batman Jazz?

    • That sounds cool! like some kind of Phillip Marlowe story or something! It’s sad that modern batman seems to completely forget the characters noir roots which is a shame in my opinion because that is the part of the character I find the most interesting.

  23. I vote that they have the next one of these they do be ‘Batman: Polka Knight’

  24. I’ve heard Sage throw around the word “pretentious” a couple of time, but I think this is where it should land.

  25. “Why do they keep trying to make us sympathize with people who deserve no sympathy?”

    Maybe because they’re pushing the message that we’re all human and EVERYBODY deserves some sympathy? Yeah, that drug dealer you pointed out was a drug dealer; but he was also an old man saddened by his helplessness and irrelevance. A good test of tragedies are whether they’re still tragic when happening to somebody you don’t like, and that kind of is. (With the possible added message of ‘no matter how successful you are, a brutal criminal empire won’t leave you with a happy end’.)

  26. They could have at least made the club it takes place in the Iceberg Lounge, and made the villain one of the goofy one-offs from the ’60s show.

  27. 15:18 True. I’m no man but setting your alarm to play “Tank” at max volume will make you jump fifty feet off the mattress. (Rim shot)

  28. Am I the only one who gets horrible video stuttering on this new player?

  29. I wish they had Batman fight every genre of music. Batman vs. Classical Music would be full of Clockwork Orange expies, and the country miniseries could have an extra-tortured Johnny Cash.

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