AT4W: Batman: Shadow of the Bat #57

So… like… Batman is all just… wait, what?

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  1. First? Huh, thats a first… Anyway…

    Wasn’t Snowflame trying to take over the world by using drugs as well? And Floronic Man was trying to stop him? So why is he doing the same thing now?

    Also, wouldn’t be awesome if Snowflame was in this comic? He could be the boss of a rival drug cartel, or he could work with Floronic Man in order to corner the drug market… Oh the possibilities…

  2. Perfect date to release this.

  3. Yay cameos!

    I also wonder what Poison Ivy and her henchwomen are going to do to Batman…. o.O

  4. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    Man, that’s some amazing weed.

  5. I didn’t even realize this was 420 at first! That’s also my dead grandpa’s birthday! And Hitler’s birthday…I loved the part at the beginning. Seriously, it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in your videos. I just love seeing well, cameos.

  6. All those people on the hotel bed reminded me of that [The] Simpsons episode where all of Springfield is stuck in Ned Flander’s bomb shelter (either that or the scene in the movie theater near the end of “An American Werewolf in London”).

    And to be a Douchie McNitpick: the song is called “Rainy Day Women #12 and #35”. Though sometimes people do put the “Everybody Must get Stoned” part in parentheses.♯12_%26_35

    It’s from the album “Blonde on Blonde” –definitely an album to check out.

  7. Greatest intro ever Linkara

  8. Reefer Madness? Hopefully Batman will investigate that kid who killed his family with an axe under the influence of marijuana!

  9. Best of luck with the movie Linkara!

  10. It’s weird to see that shortly after the release of the teaser to next year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we get to see Linkara review yet another crappy Batman comic.

    1:27- Uh, what about that one skit you did in your review of All-Star Batman & Robin #9 where you dressed like Batman while playing a board game with Will Wolfgram?

    4:49- Someone should make a Batman fan film with a story similar to that of Reefer Madness.

    9:26- I just realized: Snowflame is powered by cocaine and Floro here is powered by marijuana. …I just thought I’d say that. Also, I want a bunch of Saturday morning cartoon characters march to sing about saying “no.”

    10:51- “IT’S A POT BABY, FOOL!”

    15:04- Yeah, besides pot being illegal, this is another reason why I’ll never smoke it; I don’t want to act as paranoid as a anchor on Fox News.

    Yeah, a comic about a super villain wanting to take over the world with pot is about as enjoyable stupid as a comic about a super villain who is powered by cocaine.

    BTW, I hope Brad is having fun during the filming of the Atop the Fourth Wall movie.

    • Professor von SCIENCE!!!

      “Someone should make a Batman fan film with a story similar to that of Reefer Madness.”

      They made a comic like that… it’s called Fortunate Son. It’s not one for one but it does feel just as heavy handed and stupid.

  11. Doug, the more popular one? Since Phalous and Obscurus Lupa left Linkara is the only reason I still check what’s on this site. I don’t even know who half the people on the bed are.

    Security at STAR labs must be nearly as bad as it is at Arkham Asylum.

    So Floro’s plan is to create Sequoia from the Marvel books.


  13. where did he get Bat Droppings? Jim Carrey?

  14. Nostalgia Critic sucks, has done since he came back from the plot hole.
    Linkara is by far the best reviewer/entertainer on this channel, no one else comes close.

    • Oops, forgot that SFDebris is on this channel now, he can be more entertaining than Linkara, but Linkara is still awesome. Just wish he’d actually burn the truly horrific comics once he’s done with them.
      AT4W where bad comics don’t burn.

    • YMMV but i liked the NC’s episodes after hiatus far better than the ones from the months before the hiatus which had too much screaming for my taste. Not that the current ones don’t have i,t but it’s at least a dialed a bit. But as i said, to each his own.

      Having said that, while i still like the NC there are other reviewers on this site i prefer. (Like Linkara and SF-Debris).

  15. The scene with all the cameos on the bed was fantastic!

  16. “I’m not trying to rule the world… I’m trying to get it STONED!!!”

    Greatest villain ever. Anyone who’s just like “If Batman’s high off his a** he won’t feel like doing anything” surely MUST know what he’s doing, lol! It may not make the most sense, but, to be fair, he was high while coming up with that plan.

  17. You know what this video needs? More Groots! Or Ents.

  18. I love PSA episodes.

    By the way, Linkara, have you ever thought about covering Darkhawk? When I was a kid, I was really into his series. It didn’t last long. We’re talking early 90s.

  19. Silly Linkara, he specifically says he DOESN’T want to rule the world.

  20. SailorRustyBacon

    Megami33?! Damn, I miss Sailor Moon Abridged 🙁

  21. Just delightful. 😀

  22. When are we going to have Floronic Man in a movie? And no, what they did to him in Batman & Robin doesn’t count… dear lord.

  23. Honestly this almost seems more like a pro-marijuana PSA, Floro is trying to make the stuff ubiquitous enough that the criminal element gets forced out of the market, sounds like a positive to me, and while making the whole world stoned may not be practical by any stretch of the imagination, I’d hardly call it an “evil” plan, much less one for world domination.

    I mean if the comic wasn’t determined to strawman functioning marijuana users into douches, this would take on a whole other tone…

  24. the notorious white moth

    Malcolm and Tamara should have their own series.

  25. What, bring up Reefer Madness right before the credits roll and NOT have the song playing us out be Reefer Madness from the musical/movie?

    Linkara, I am disappoint.

  26. Hey, since I am limited on my Channel Awesome knowledge, can someone tell me who is the girl who asked why they hated each other, since I don’t recognize her. I knew Cinema Snob, Todd in the Shadows, NC, Malcolm, Tamara, and that’s about it. Don’t hurt me.

  27. I have Batman: Shadow of the Bat #56. I got 2 of them. if you want one linkara I can give it to you..

  28. The Hilarious thing is by screwing over the Drug Cartels and making it cheap to get, he may have unintentionally brought down crime.

    Maybe we should just watch the Crazy Stoned Plant Man and let him do his thing and only intervene when it gets too close to world domination.

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