AT4W: Big Bang Presents #3: Protoplasman

Features a human water balloon, a Nazi vampire, and horrific murders – all the stuff that made old comics great!

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  1. Wow, that clip of the AVGN punching you brings back memories of the first year Brawl… Good times.

    I hope your video game review is Comix Zone for the Sega Genesis!

    • Oh man, I loved that game! And there’s a version of it available from PSN for the PS3. I’d forgotten how hard that game was, and got my ass kicked a LOT. It is very much a game designed with quarter-spamming in mind, though it IS beatable, once you’ve pretty much memorized the entire thing.

    • He pretty much showed the game he will review with a big poster
      it’s PC 2004 cult game vampire the Mascarade Bloodline. Excellent game even if it was released unfinished, and never really was finished because the developper closed doors. But fan have been patching up and modding it up for the past 10 years

  2. 1:00- Probably because no one has ask to do a crossover review with you on Legends of the Super Heroes. You should do that with either Film Brain, Nash, or both.

    It’s a good thing that the characters of Big Bang comics are an homage to the golden and silver age superheroes and not a direct rip off like a lot of Rob Liefeld’s abominations.

    When I picture someone called “The Human Water Balloon,” I imagine a really fat guy that’s been drinking too much water. At least Protoplasman isn’t called “The Human Centipede,” thank Christ.

    6:50- Also, the missile that landed in Mammoth City look like it was designed by Batman.

    9:32- So, he’s Timic83?

    13:45- I never thought I would here something called “vomit vision,” but this comic proved me wrong.

    16:45- And we thought Police Chief Wiggum from Treehouse of Horror IV was stupid with vampire related issues.

    At least this was a fun story paying homage to the old propaganda comics, and a major step up from Frank Miller’s Holy Terror.

  3. so, you are willing to review a lesser known comic, but doing a Killer Instinct comic book review is too much? you know Linkara, I’m willing to do an extensive amount of research and send you videos, music, sound effects, even the comic books themselves as long as you A) agree to do the review and B) give me the credit for doing all of the work. I’m willing to track down all of the comics books from the Acclaim release and send them to you along with any videos and/or music you may need as well as detailed information on the story, characters, and history of the franchise so you can understand it better. this is a fan request, and this fan is willing to do the extra hard work mainly because I’ve got far too much free time on my hands. hell, I took sometime to post the in-game music to Killer Instinct Gold because no one even attempted to post them on youtube.

    if this at least raises some interest, you can respond to me here:

    or you can email me since I check my emails daily.

    • Do the review yourself. Be a man!

      • doing a review has nothing to do with my manhood, Grinch. besides, why should I do what everybody else has done? we don’t need any more “new” reviewers since A) this site already has far too many and B) there would be nothing new or original to bring to the table without some internet jerk saying that I’m ripping off someone else. it’s not worth it. instead of trying to be like everyone else, I’m willing to do the extra work just so he can review it. it’s more than any of his fans can offer, and all I’m asking for is for him to do review and for him to give me the credit for the extra work. I’m willing to lend my assistance to him for getting the information, clips, audio, and sending him the comic books themselves. so, instead of telling me to be a man, why not try being an adult first?

        • Very, very few people, percentage-wise, actually produce content on the internet. The vast majority consumes. I don’t think less of anyone for not producing content, but to say that you’re somehow going against the grain for not producing content is kinda, well, disingenuous.

          Also, the pure variety of different critics is a good thing. Do you like the deadpan sarcasm of Cinema Snob? The over-the-top rants of Nostalgia Critic? Kinda wish we still had someone like JesuOtaku, who would calmly explain the series with discretion on the use of comedy.

          More critics, artists, etc… leads to more choices. And that’s better for everyone.

  4. I’m surprised DC didn’t sue image for using a character uncomfortably similar to Plastic Man. Maybe he was parody of Plas & couldn’t get sued.

    • But he’s not Plastic, he’s PROTOPLASM! You know, that totally real substance that was in no way, shape, or form, made up as a cheap excuse to have a Plastic Man made of something that is not what Plastic Man is probably made out of.

    • I’m going with parody. Really, what the character is made of is irrelevant. The goggles and overall look have Plastic Man written all over them.

  5. At first glance, I thought this was a comic book about the show Big Bang Theory. Haha. Well, Linkara some people don’t know that the term “Oriental” is racist. Also, is it just my computer or was a sentence in the second story skipped?

  6. Holy crap, man, this comic’s letting you use ALL the memes!

    Next week you need to find a way to work in M. Bison’s “Instead you found a god” line.

  7. Linkara knows Hellsing!?!?!?!?
    The Increible Melting Man was remade, it was called The Fly.
    Are…are the siamese twin sisters a reference to Daisy and Violet Hilton? What with one of them being married?
    That’s…an odd little reference.
    (hears episode theme) Another Weird Al polka? Dear God man you use a lot of those!

    All in all solid episode Linkara and I can’t wait to see what the upcoming weeks hold.

    • Of course I know Hellsing. XD Aside from having read it long before I started doing videos, I did a Longbox of the Damned for it two years ago. ^_~

      • Huh, shamefully I’ll admit I only really started watching Longbox of the Damned at the tale end of October 2013 and sporadically last October, aside from that I never really figured you the anime type, which is stupid since you make references to Yu-Gi-Oh all the time and are a huge Pokemon fan.
        Why was I surprised again?
        Speaking of Pokemon are there any plans of continuing with the pokemon movie reviews with Suede? Not to nag but I just wanted to know if the series had been dropped completely so I can stop looking out for the next episode.

  8. I am surprised that you didn’t mention the name change between stories He introduces himself as Jake Castle. But it becomes Jake Knight in the second story.

  9. Something tells me Protoplasman isn’t exactly mentally sane after gaining his powers… Also, Protoplasman sounds like a missing Megaman Robot Master that would be weak to the generic water weapon of the game he’s in.

  10. It’s not racist. He wasn’t describing a person but a symbol. It’s like saying an Oriental rug or an Oriental lithograph.

  11. Seems like a lot of fun to read. And I agree with Dethhollow it does sound like a Megaman boss.
    Is “Oriental” really racist? Or is it the way it was used?
    Because in France it’s definitely not racist, I mean there is Oriental restaurant, Oriental convenient store, etc..
    But there is a quite racist way to call an Oriental person here, but that is not it.
    Also Yin and Yang are oriental? They look Asian to me.
    But perhaps, I am racist by saying that? I don’t know….
    Still good review.

    • It’s racist, albeit in the subtle, unintentional kind of way. It implies all asian cultures are the same, which is obviously not the case. Case in point, the taijitu is a Taoist symbol, while tibetans are predominantly Buddhist. Goes further and implies that both are the same, since they’re resorting to generic asian mysticism.

      • …wouldn’t calling something “asian” be just as bad then? Heck, ANY word that could refer to more than one country would be by that logic. Oh why stop there? Let’s make every word that doesn’t apply equally to every single person racist as well!

        • I love how you’re forced to resort to false equivalencies. “Asian” is a vrnacular descriptor that is accurate (Asia is a continent), while “orient” A) is a loaded word, and B) isn’t even accurate (there is no objective “orient” on a round world).

          But by all means keep that arrogant attitude. Sells well he idea that anti-sjws are willingly ignorant morons.

          • I’m sorry if i offended you or even peoples, i don’t think i was being arrogant and if i was I’m sorry again.
            I just think we are now past the all racist thing here.
            Some are Hardcore racist but for most of us we really don’t care.
            We are different sure, we call each other names that more or less works with either the ethnicity or the roots but we don’t care, we are with each other and that’s all.
            So again, I’m sorry.

          • “Sells well the idea that anti-sjws are willingly ignorant morons”. That embodies racism , let’s just change a word in there . Sells well the idea that black people are willingly ignorant morons . You can’t put down any group of people because of anything because in those groups are individuals . That’s what racism is not words it’s the emotions behind the words . We are all earthlings and we should be on each others side not splitting into teams and basically yelling Cowboys suck .

    • As I see it “oriental” is offensive in the same way calling a black person “negro” or “colored” is. It’s not so much that the word it’s self is inherently racist (negro just means black and “person of color” is politically correct) but that it was the common word used in an older more racist time. So it is now associated in peoples minds with racism. Saying oriental feels racist because it makes us think of that old racist man who keeps yelling “’bout dem orientals”. (feel free to correct me on any of this.)

      I don’t think that makes it invalid though. When it comes to words, especially offensive words, part of their meaning is what it makes you feel. I mean what makes any racial slur racist except that people have used it in the past as a derogatory term for that race? Enough people used all the words above in a racist way that it makes people uncomfortable (in the US).

      As far as its actual meaning, orient meaning east, I don’t think that’s inherently bad. It’s completely acceptable to say “western civilization” or use “western” to refer to general European culture. We still say “the middle east” as silly a term as that is. Whether its right or wrong(probably wrong) we still make the same distinction. Its more that its an outdated word.

  12. Hey Linkara! Thanks 1,000,000 for that Blip link. I’m one of those types who sometimes has trouble watching the new player. It worked fine just now, though, so maybe it’s improving, but still.

  13. Huh, I didnt knew that phrase “siamese twins” is not used anymore since everybody still uses it.

  14. I love seeing stuff like this pop up here.

  15. I just had a look at a blog on the Big Bang Comics website about the original Youngblood, and Rob Liefeld’s artwork is kinda passable. The shading lines are less chaotic, the muscles are huge but not too huge, not everybody is gritting or brooding, and there’s not a pouch in site. Mind you, there is still signs of Liefeldism, such as women having ridiculously long limbs and costume designs that are rip-offs of better character, and one character called “Berz” does have some of Liefeld’s tropes absent on the other characters.

  16. Why was he eating a book?

  17. People probably request obscure things because they are hoping to find something you wouldn’t already be reviewing, making their vote more important.

  18. Vampire the Mascarade Bloodline is AWESOME!!!

  19. How is it racist to say “oriental”?? O_o… I don’t get it…
    Is it wrong to point out that something is from the East now?
    Damn that political correctness.

    • I love ignoramuses who don’t bother to research as to why it’s considered offensive. Almost like bigots are willingly ignorant or something.

      • then how about you explain it instead of flaming them for being ignorant?

        • If you can’t be bothered to research something utterly universal, you deserve to be mocked for it.

          • Wow, haven’t you got a chip on your shoulder. While I can concede that the general depiction of the conjoined E Asian twins is a bit uncomfortable, perhaps a piss take of the more racist undertones of pulp comics before the 1970s, and the term “Siamese Twin” is a legitimate slur, however the term “Oriental” just seems more anachronistic rather than offensive in of itself (even if it often applied to places as close and arguably European as Turkey). And I’m well aware about the many different cultures in East Asia, but should I be gravely offended by the term “Occidental”?! You sound like one of the folks who threw a hissy fit out of all proportion when Benedict Cumberbatch dropped the “coloured” bomb.

          • There is such a thing as a false equivalency, you know. “The Orient” has been an historical concept used to dehumanise other people, while even xenophobic asian cultures don’t consider the west to be an exotic “other”.

            You could argue that it was a period piece sort of thing, if not for the extremely-in-poor-taste “oriental bell” thing.

  20. Moviemantweeter1999

    Went to blip and watched it instead. Good review,haven’t watched your show since the ROM retrospective part one(I’ll go back and watched the ones I missed another time). I really loved the voice impression of Dr.count and hope you do another one of these comics. But why did they cut him off is he dead or something.

    But please can you not do a video game review it was a disaster when the old nostalgia critic did it let’s hope the same thing doesn’t happen to you.

  21. Nice review. Also why does the Janitor’s have a utility belt? The kind Batman would wear.

  22. Wait. Since when is “Oriental” is racist?

    • Since forever. “Oriental” is a loaded term meant to lump all asian cultures into an exotic “other”.

      • Well there is always an “other”, that is how cultures and human social groupings work, FFS! Even if “Oriental” was banded about in more paranoid, ignorant times. Should I be worried if English-Welsh me gets lumped in with French, Spanish, and German by a non-European?!

        • Two wrongs don’t make a right, you know. And no, tolerance and respect for other people are learned qualities, not “how cultures and social groupins work”.

          • *as in, the concept of an “other” is not inherent.

          • “Oriental” is not deemed disrespectful as such in the context of the UK language (unlike in North America) and just a more old fashioned, more specific way to differ East Asians from South Asians. Context and association is key (Oriental in the context of North America is more connected to objects and more offensive if connected to people).

            “Retard” in of itself just means to “hold back”, but deemed more inappropriate and offensive nowadays.

  23. I know Linkara was talking about the old SciFi movie The Incredible Melting Man, but when he said it, I couldn’t help but think of Action League Now, Meltman with the power to…….melt!

  24. I’m confused why they made him Jack The Ripper, Jack The Rippers crimes don’t seem very vampirey.

  25. I honestly can’t understand what’s wrong with the word “oriental”.

    • It’s a term meant to lump all asian cultures into an exotic “other”.

      • Not any more than “eastern” or “Asian”. You (and I assume Linkara) are confusing it with the trend of Orientalism, but doing so is like saying that using the word “race” means that one supports racism. On it’s own the word Oriental is just an anarchic way of referring to a (vaguely defined, but usually synonymous with the Asian continent) easternmost part of the Eurasian landmass.

        Also some Buddhist do use the Taijitu (mainly in Chinese folk-Buddhism) because religion and culture are not sterile, separate boxes with no overlap, but rather organically changing entities that influence each-other.

  26. OMG! A Discworld reference in a Linkara vid! I’m so happy! I love seeing that Terry Pratchett’s work lives on.

  27. So the good news is you didn’t mispronounce Taijitu incorrectly 8D

    Bad news you mispronounced Yang XD as the A is prounced with a Ahhhh sound. But otherwise you were fine.

    Despite the use of Oriental, This comic didn’t do that bad of a job actually. I mean the actually meaning they used of the Taijitu while vague and very basic was a A LOT more accurate than what others thing it is.

    I mean I once saw a commercial say “Be the Yang (pronounced incorrectly) to his Yin”… Which Yin is supposed to be the feminine side while Yang is the masculine… *shivers*

  28. Does anyone else think Protoplasman looks like Conan O’brien?

  29. Good stuff. Here’s to good days and great (if slightly problematic) comics! 🙂

  30. Lord Vyce is watching you. We are watching you.

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