AT4W: Bloodstrike #1

Hey, kids rub the blood on the cover and maybe the comic will stop sucking!

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  1. 1:00- And almost 3 years after Liefeld made that tweet, no real progress of that BS Youngblood movie is being made. No actors confirmed hired for the roles, no pre-production designs, no attached director, no anything.

    The have the image of the cover for this comic as an advertisement for Bloodstrike in the back of Youngblood #0 (which I’ve only got, because I wanted to know how terrible it is), and the blood stain is infact red instead of pink like on the aged cover.

    4:23- A reason why Guardians of the Galaxy is just about as good as the first Avengers movie is that the GotG have different looks and characteristics from The Avengers. Seriously, Rob, do you just have a lack of originality in your head?

    8:30- Unless the name “Jericho” is used for a missle made by Stark Industries, I don’t care.

    11:13- I’d rather be listening to the song “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” than be subjected to this Liefeld Stupidity.

    16:07- Another reason why we’ll never see a Youngblood movie come to be: the character’s have little to no emotion, and we don’t know about their backstory.

    19:43- In speaking of characters created by Liefeld that got good by OTHER writers, Deadpool became awesome thanks to Fabian Nicieza. What I’m trying to say here is STOP MAKING INTERVIEWS ABOUT THE UPCOMING DEADPOOL MOVIE, LIEFELD, YOU UNTALENTED, UNORIGINAL ASSHOLE!

    20:17- And one of the characters in that photo strikes a very strong resemblance of Booster Gold from DC. We’ve already talked about how Rob has no original thought in his work.

  2. Zoey Posthuman

    Linkara never played freeze tag?

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