AT4W: Comic Book Quickies #4

Once again proving that mass-produced products solve ALL the world’s problems!

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Atop the Fourth Wall is a show about bad comic books. Linkara finds the surreal and the stupid and breaks them down page by page. You'll know why they're idiotic and how they can be improved.


  1. The entire clone saga could have been avoided if Spider-Man just tossed twinkies at The Jackal and Dr. Octopus.


  2. Now I’m wondering where Spidey keeps all these rather large treats in that skin tight body suit of his.

  3. Could someone give me the link to the source Linkara is quoting at 8:27? I try to keep up with the latest idiotic statements and descisions from the DC comics monkeys…I mean executives.

    • In addition to this, what year is that last commercial from? As an 80’s child born in ’78, I don’t remember that specific commercial.

    • It’s actually from a while back. Specifically, the second to last sentence of the first paragraph, here:

      “[H]e went on to say that ‘Heroes shouldn”t have happy personal lives. They are committed to being that person and committed to defending others at the sacrifice of their own personal interests.'”


      • Because when you’re making people’s lives better, you’re miserable! =D

        • TheVileDelinquent

          I know this is off topic, but I have to ask. I am a huge Hulk fan, he is my favorite superhero and one of my top three favorite characters of all time, as such, I have been hoping and wondering when you will go after the travesty of the red Hulks, how the Rulks are the worst thing to ever happen to the Hulk, how they ruined Betty’s character (seriously, she left Bruce for Tyrannus and tried to have him killed!? That is so out of character that it offends me. She is a devoted wife and Bruce is the love of her life, she would never do those things. Never), and how Jeph Loeb was basically the worst writer in recent Hulk memory. I hope you will deal with these soon, since I really really really REALLY want to see you rip into all of these things. Put it like this: the Red Hulks and Betty basically betraying Bruce is for me, what One more day was for you. I hope you read this message and reply, though I will understand if you ignore an insignificant commenter like myself….Nevertheless, keep up the great work and God bless.

  4. Today, we learned that you must always carry Hostess Fruit Pies with you at all times so you can stop random construction workers from falling in love just because they forgot their cowboy boots. Also, they’re great for kidnapping children!

    Thanks, Spider Man!!!

  5. I just love this episode’s picture. I like that Into the Woods reference. That made me smile. This episode was really funny.

  6. How do you feel about the death of the hostess fruit pie spider-man recently? i immediately thought of AT4W when that happened XD

  7. Just one very stupid question on this especially with the Ad Comics, why is there no Hostess Fruit Pie Man/Captain Hostess or something? Heck, Jell-O and Kool-Aid has mascots as heroes there.

    I guess it does not matter who the heroes face, either it be the Sinister Six, Hydra, or Kree army, if you have Hostess products, then you can stop them in their tracks. When the Earth is in danger, call the Avengers and give them tons of Hostess products. That is pure genius.

  8. the romance comic story reminded of a shania twain song… 😛

  9. Is there anything more fun than looking at those crazy short stories in comic books? Well, anything’s more fun than the site of Spider-Man reinacting Miley Cyrus’ Wreacking Ball music video on the title card.

    I thought a product named “Acme Boots” would give the person wearing them the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

    8:44- What happend to you, DC. You used to be cool with the romance, and I’m NOT talking about the one you forced Superman and Wonder Woman in.

    12:31- Well, there goes any chance of Spoony gaining ANY appreciation of the Final Fantasy franchise, except for his gunblade.

    Wouldn’t it have been funny if Marvel made a comic titled “Hostess Presents, Spider-Man to the Rescue” in the 80s? I mean a issue long story, not an advertisement.

    I wonder how good the PSA comic you have planned next week will be, and by “good,” I mean “OMFG, this is so hilarious.”

  10. Now if only all of the world’s problems, can be solved with Hostess Twinkies!

  11. I don’t think she was settling. She just ended up falling in love with someone after she got to know him instead of being attracted to him then finding out he was a total wanker.

  12. I’m laughing at your suggestion about the romance comic and asexuality because it actually is full of a lot of the things I realized (the anxiety, the forcing myself to find love) WAS actually me being asexual and trying to be straight and failing… I am glad I figured that out instead of continuing to date people because they were nice and objectively attractive like in the comic…

  13. Awesome. I love it when you do these.

  14. LOL, at the Hostess commercial at the end. If prepackaged junk food meets her “high standards”, I’d hate to see what doesn’t XD

  15. Oh my God, its Crane Dad’s evil twin!

  16. An Arrow to the Knee Joke?


  17. @ 10:15 Those boots are clearly enchanted to give you +5 on intimidation checks.

  18. Those Final Fantasy and Skyrim jokes were simply brilliant.

  19. ThatGuyInTheHeadband

    A part of me wishes they’d bring back the Hostess ads.

  20. Thanks for the love advice.

  21. Yup, nothing says wholesome quite like Twinkies.

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  23. ”its ed, he’s everything ive ever wanted in a guy, except he doesn’t have a mechanical arm” XD

  24. For the first ad, couldn’t they have just used a member of the Wrecking Crew instead of this “Home Wrecker” guy? Yeah I know that they’re part of Thors rogues gallery but that didn’t stop DC from having Superman stop the Weather Wizard with the help of our old buddy, the Quik Bunny. Second, if those boots are from Acme I would have expected them to explode when Johnny West took two steps in those things. “Imagine” a word that the Toqugers have no concept of. The doughy guy was shortly murdered by rabid fans after he proved how Final Fantasy 6 and 9 fit in with the 13’s. Luckily for Mia the Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill was passed. Mia now lives in Wisconsin with her Orc husband of 15 years and their 5 children. As for the last ad, behold the origins of the Marvel universe’s version of Twinkie the Kid, a deranged super-villain that is obsessed with killing Spider-Man because instead of taking him to a psychiatrist to recover from his trauma Spidey just gave him a Twinkie and thought that would solve all of his problems.

  25. You just watch, someone is going to make a “Wrecking Ball” music video parody with Spider-Man in it XD

  26. Y’all are all making bad suggestion to replace the “Home Wrecker.” The comic only works if he’ someone using a machine with hand controls. He needs to be some sort of tech villain who doesn’t really have any personal powers and relies on machines.

    That way, he is completely incapacitated when he grabs for the pies.

  27. Arrow to the knee joke? Way to be topical.

    I think I also mentioned that last Hostess ad as making slightly more sense than the average one before

  28. It’s nice to see this again. Are your episodes getting shorter? I don’t know why. It does put me in the mood for Hostess. It’s been so long since those “where’s the cream filling?” commercials were around. I do miss those. I have no money to donate to you.

  29. Uh…is it just me, or does that title card look a bit…off? As in, looks like Spidey is giving a pole dance to Linkara. Seriously, that’s what I thought it was at first.

  30. Asexuals do fall in love and have romantic relationships, they just don’t have sexual attractions.

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