AT4W: Detective Comics #38

The origin of the boy wonder! Contains more people falling from great heights than you originally thought!

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  1. Oh My God! I didn’t know the Fire Lord Zuko was a mob boss and fought Batman at one point!

  2. “Inside the big tent, father, mother and young son, dick swing on the flying trapeze.”

    You know, I have no idea what it means to “dick swing” on a trapeze but it sounds painful. Commas matter, kids! 😛

  3. I gotta say, the beginning of the career of batman and robin was considerably more homicidal then I grew up with. Thank heavens for retcons. All joking aside I did enjoy the story.

  4. It does seem odd for sidekicks not to be a thing. Apprenticeship is pretty important when there are no schools for this kind of thing (Except Xaviers) and when the job is so dangerous. I can think of one relatively recent example, wherein Misfit was pretty much a sidekick to the Birds of Prey. She was young and inexperienced, and this was part of her character and stories. That she actually went around in her own Batgirl costume (and leader of the BoP was Oracle, formerly Batgirl) helps the distinction.

    Still, being the kid on a team book ain’t quite the same thing. Her super-power (perfect self-teleportation) was also pretty distinct from what anyone else could do, especially because the only other super-power on the regular team was Black Canarys Cry.

    Welp, I’ve heard that in the New 52, there are reports of someone else dressing up as Batgirl… unfortunately, if that is Misfit, she won’t be written by Gail Simone, and Misfit is a character that is WAY too easy to write poorly…

  5. RoyalKnightofDestiny

    I noticed a mistake in the credits where it said that Detective Comics and all related characters and media are property of Marvel. Just felt that was funny to point out.

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