AT4W: Energy and Safety with the Justice League

See all the thrills and excitement of people standing around lecturing you!

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  1. I actually still own a fully working rotary phone (probably older than myself) just in case the power goes out… and, with the snowfall recently, that may just be a possibility. XÞ

  2. Linkara one of these days I’ll make you your own PSA comic. 😀

  3. The only time I remember seeing Oracle in ANY cartoon was from “The Batman” Cartoon. The last episode of that series was a far future episode where an aged Batman was battling Mr. Freeze, and in Barbara’s scene she’s clearly sitting in a wheelchair while operating the Bat Computer. I THINK Commissioner Barbara Gordon from the Batman Beyond cartoon might have been Oracle for some time, it’s never mentioned but they show a character who had a spine replacement surgery suggesting that even if Barbara was paralyzed for a time in her life it could have been fixed by medical techniques and then joined the police force.

    I’m also fairly certain that most of the trees we use to maker paper is actually grown on tree farms, which also provide biomass for mulch and simple wood burning power generation, primitive but technically carbon neutral!

  4. The most baffling part of this is why Batman is going out IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, to warn kids about loose wires.

    Then again, there was The Dark Knight Rises where he fought Bane in daylight….

  5. Anyone else notice that Green Lantern’s face morphs into a completely new one every panel?

    • Sure did. Also, his hair changed from the one he had in the beginning to where the JLA were watching TV.

    • In one panel, he looks like he’s bald, sporting a combover hairstyle and a bushy mustache. This is almost as funny an art fail as Nightcat’s dad in that one scene where the lighting made him look like he’s wearing a Nazi uniform and has a Hitler mustache.

  6. Wouldn’t it also be more wasteful of energy to pay a bill online than to use a piece of paper that at least can be recycled into a new piece to repeat the process? Not to mention that any trees that get cut down by Con Ed would either be burned to clear them out (causing smoke), be made into furniture at a factory that has its own waste output, or be processed into that damn environmentally dangerous paper? Meanwhile, your computer is burning off electrons that go to ground after usage and new ones come in after being excited by the generator processes at the electric company. And let’s not get started on fission reactors as a power source over coal and fossil fuels since it’s either, pollutant output that has to be handled carefully or something akin to Chernobyl or Three Mile (not saying it would though) that still have to be placed far enough away from populated areas to prevent possible radiation contaminations.

    And how is it that energy is not limitless when hydro-electric, wind based, and solar energy never go out unless A) water stops flowing, B) the sun stops shining (meaning we’re all screwed so who cares about any of this?), C) the wind stops blowing or D) the machines that generate the excited electrons break thus failing to process the energy exerted by the water’s motion, the wind’s might, or the photons radiated down upon us by the sun?

    BTW, this comic was about what…? Don’t touch downed power lines? How does that pertain to don’t waste energy? How does leaving a lightbulb on or other things that burn electricity pointlessly cause a problem? Is it because Con Edison would have to burn more coal or fuel to keep it running and belch out more pollutant waste as a result? Why would Con Ed operate like that as opposed to hydro-electric or tidal since they’re coast based? Are we to assume those guys wanted to heat their apartment with a gas-electric oven and not a regular electric oven that has no CO1 to emit? I honestly don’t know what kind of stoves a New York apartment generally has but even though this is Con Ed, other people could be reading this and they might have a non-gas based version which would be misleading. Also, why would it be better to use the slow ass oven over the thermostat? How does using paper affect a power company who is most likely gas electric meaning they put out waste emissions and yet paper is recyclable and Superman was at the opening of a new recycling center? And why would Oracle be on Skype with a civilian when she’s essentially saying, “Hi, I’m Oracle, a big information broker to the Justice League and therefore a target”? Yes, I know there are civilians who are known allies to the Justice League and I’m not exactly sure how known Oracle is but that’s something she wouldn’t exactly want to use for celebrity endorsement status either as an in-universe PSA comic or video. Or is all of this breaking the fourth wall and the characters know they are in a comic being read by real people?

    • I am sorry I get way into this question. But recycling that one piece of paper would probably only make one third of a piece of paper.

      It is a question of exchange. If the aim is to reduce energy consumption then recycling the paper is an inefficient use of that energy.

      Paper when recycled must be shredded pulped and cleaned with lots of water (Most sources potable and nontoxic so engineers can be involved in the process) In fact water usage and toxic runoff is a byproduct of almost all recycling. So you’d have to operate not only a shredder some sort of washing features and something to skim off the residual toxic material. A machine that has to be a certain size to make this financially viable. They aren’t going to recycle paper one at a time, and most likely some fast drying fan like they did in the first half of this process.
      Also there is the factor that the average piece of recycled paper is only required to be 30% recycled pulp.

      All of those industrial machines go into processing (cleaning) the recycled paper. But the quality would be much poorer without these processes, for a fraction of the effect. You would need 3 and a third bills to get one recycled bills worth of tree.

      But a brief two minutes of monitor life and runtime is not that much in term in voltage. Compared to the giant recycling equipment that it would take to do large scale industrial recycling. And would require almost none of the resources mentioned. It would definitely require no fresh potable water

      The point is there is no magic solution. Everything we do has an impact and we shouldn’t go around remaking things just not wasting them in the first place. There is a theory that that recycling industry is so corrupt that it should be revamped.
      It other countries like Japan they are required to use over 60% percent recycled material. And the Glass recycling industry has just given up and broken glass can rarely be sold at any price.

      The only one who keeps its head above water is metal recycling and salvage as it is a money making business that is efficient and has a point.
      There is a theory that only financially viable forms of recycling should continue and we should redouble our efforts to reducing energy expenditures and reclaiming water and air pollution as all recycling really leads to is giving us more space to starve and choke. But I get suspicious of only trusting things that are popular and make a lot of money.

      • That was informative and thanks for not being condescending. I actually read your response after just being asked by a coworker who’d found a random blank piece of paper how they make something like that.

        It’s not just the moments of monitor time but also the internal fans and everything else attached to the power supply, the router, all the power consumption by the ISP of the customer to send an email as well as the company who may have a different ISP to have internet to receive the e*bill, and the computers the company uses to receive them. And I won’t factor the bank’s consumption into this.

        Either way, by reusing paper instead of cutting down trees to make new ones, we stick it to those jackasses in the logging industry who want to tear down the forests and ruin the old play fort. Chuck Norris isn’t exactly busting as much heads anymore pushing 74.

  7. Three Degrees of Bacon

    Re: snark about “never assume someone else has already taken care of it!” The bystander effect is a real thing. A person in trouble is less likely to get the help they need if a group of people sees the trouble – each assuming that someone else already took care of it. But sure, maybe you’re just being snarky cuz that’s what you do.

  8. I know the reason is comics, but how did Batman go from sunny suburbia to winter metro so fast. As far as I can tell, the comic issue never showed that massive of a time gap.

    Although I am disappointed that Vapora never made an appearance, that would be awesome if she fought Batman cause an idiot was going to try to warm their house with their oven. I know Vapora is Marvel, but that is no excuse why she cant fight Batman or any other leaguers.


  9. You know I don’t really adgree with linkara that this comic out and out sucks it’s silly and pointless but harmless. Let’s face it we could of got a lot worse.

  10. This is a pretty sucky comic, right? Energy and Safety with the Justice League? That’s it. I’m getting a comic that’s more enviromentally friendly. Sorry, I had to make a Birdemic joke somehow.

    The cover of this comic kinda reminds me of those on those mini-comics that were in boxes of cerial from either General Mills or Post a year or so ago.

    3:52- The only difference of The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart’s name is that he doesn’t spell his name with an “H” like Green Lantern John Stewart.

    I can never get enough of you playing Batman while wearing the Bat-cowl and saying how corrupt rock ‘n’ roll is.

    We just had the snow storm pouring down in southwest Iowa over the weekend, and even “I” knew to wear a sweater to keep warm, along with putting an extra blanket on my bed.

    8:53- Even as a kid, I knew that landline phones work when the power is out during a thunderstorm or something. All I’m asking, comic, is to NOT treat your readers like idiots, unless those readers were idiots to begin with.

    10:14- And now you know where the “wanna know how I got these scars?” stories from The Dark Knight was inspired from.

    I just realized. The electrition Green Lantern was with is named Bill, and the one Oracle was with is named Ted. WHY DA HELL DIDN’T YOU MAKE A BILL & TED JOKE!?

    Let’s just hope we don’t see Superman or any of the other DC heroes give any PSA style advice in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

    Have fun with Youngblood #7 next week. I always love seeing you rip one of Rob Liefeld’s full-creations a new one.

  11. That Batman mask was 100% worth whatever investment you had to make to get it, Linkara.

  12. I honestly don’t even think that counted as a comic, but ok.

    And just in case nobody else has said it: Congrats on reaching your goal for the AT4W movie, Linkara!!

  13. Dear God, has Barbara Gordon had a boob job? Those must be DDs at least. What the hell? Is there some mysterious clause that states that all superheroines must have enormous gazongas?

  14. Why do so many of these PSA comics give out so much misinformation (Our poor “endangered” trees for example.)? Is it just to scare kids into caring about the environment? There are plenty of other legitimate environmental issues to be talking about so why things that haven’t been a problem in America for decades? You know when I was a kid I didn’t understand or care about that kind of stuff at all. Also I don’t see a lot adults clambering for the “Environmental PSA” section of his or her local comic shop (But what do I know?). So just who is this comic really made for? I’m guessing tiger sharks with a foot fetish but I’m weird like that.

  15. From the title alone, I knew this would be a winner. LOL.

  16. In Batman Beyond, it is hinted that Barbara did get shot. While in her Batgirl uniform, at that. That episode doesn’t elaborate on what happened to her after that, but the show strongly hints that she quit being Batgirl at that time, most likely because she became disabled at that time. She probably recovered later as a result of medical advances.

  17. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Don’t go and play with down power lines linkara it will hurt you.great review and you really should just watch the super bowl instead of playing with power lines. Why did they make this comic anyway it’s pointless and we get it allready.

  18. I don’t see a comma splice at 4:30. Is that a comma after the word “limitless”?

  19. I don’t know that about the Daily Show. Looks like people here don’t either. I’m kind of disappointed. I was wondering what was with the Rifftrax credit at the end. There really was a clip afterwards! It’s been awhile since you’ve done that.

  20. I’m curious about the John Stewart thing now too

  21. Lecturing children randomly about safety is actually the job of G.I. Joe. Half the battle is fighting Cobra, and the other half is dumb kids.

  22. Linkara, I work as a grammar and language teacher. I know it irks you, but the whole comma splice thing is not that big a deal. In terms of language sins, this is the least bothersome you’ve ever castigated.

    Also, orthography is not exactly the same thing as literacy.

    Save this gag for when times truly need it. (Like a Liefeld comic. We’re due for one soon, right?)

  23. If it wasn’t for these helpful safety tips, I may have been killed in a variety of horrible ways.

    Thanks, Justice League!

  24. Wow… This comic has the first appearance of the anime “side mouth” outside of Japanese media that I’ve ever seen, at least. Wonder Woman is sporting a mouth on the side of her head in several scenes. Frankly, I’m surprised Linkara didn’t pick on the ugly artwork shortcuts in a bunch of the scenes. Those are a lot worse and more distracting than the gradient sky.

  25. So the guy with a ring full of energy beamed from a planet light years away that is essentially unlimited so long as he charges it regularly is lecturing people to turn of light bulbs? I think the message of the PSA kind of gets lost with superheroes doing it. We’re supposed to believe their headquarters is tied to the grid and doesn’t contain redundant self contained power supplies based on alien technology?

  26. “So I’m getting mixed messages. Do we wanna set children on fire or not?” – Linkara, 2015

    Also, speaking of woefully outdated advice, I don’t think modern natural-gas ovens put out carbon monoxide. Way back in the ’40s day, ovens ran on coal gas, which contained enough carbon monoxide that sticking your head in a non-running oven was a common method of suicide. Methane gas has the cleanest emissions of any fossil fuel, which is exactly why it’s safe enough for indoor appliances and furnaces to still run on it. If it weren’t for natural gas, we’d have probably all switched over to electric ovens by now for health and safety reasons. And speaking of electric ovens, why does Batman never even think to ask if their oven is gas or electric in the first place?

    By the way, your thing about paper waste reminded me of an old PSA video where you mentioned that even recycling paper is actually worse for the environment than throwing it out. What’s the source on that, anyway? Because my dad works at a school that doesn’t recycle anything BUT paper, and I’d love to know if I should recommend they stop. (I don’t think they get paid for it or anything.)

    • The only way to recycle paper that is any use is using both sides of the sheet. And the government forces paper mills to used recycle paper. At least 30-40%. In the 80s after a few garbage strikes in New York there was a national outcry for this sort of thing, so companies made the logo to show people the care, when they were just doing what the government told them to do. So saying that their paper in now recycled, that would be like saying pencils now with carbon. Or a car now with four wheels. They should at least recycle cans and metals which are easy to recycle and it a money making process. There are a bunch of articles from the mid nineties about it, but for anything new there would probably only be a few magazine articles… Damn my laziness.

    • I’d have to dig up a lot of the old sources I used, since I did a big report on recycling back in college and how most of the time it was actually worse off for both the environment and it wasn’t worth it, but what got me on the path of it was the show Penn & Teller’s Bullshit. There are a few things iffy about the episode (one of the reports that they cited for their criticism of the recycling movement has apparently been debunked), but it got me on the research track of it.

  27. iamnotincompliance

    Is my colorblindness striking again, or was Green Lantern trimming trees using YELLOW scissors?

    Finally, we have a story! Sinestro’s infiltrated the Justice League! He isn’t doing anything yet, but give it time!

  28. I remember learning electricity safety in grade 6. Those kids should have left that live wire by hopping with their feet together because the electricity disperses at different voltages the further it goes along the ground. If you be careful you’ll become an unwilling conductor.

    I used to really believe in recycling until I learned that it might cause just as much pollution. Melting down plastic releases toxic fumes in the air and recycling paper requires soaking it in water, thus using up precious water resources. Recycling metal still seems to have no negatives though.

    Putting superheroes in a PSA comic causes some plotholes, but obviously it’s the message that’s most important.

    Those statistics seem to be a little exaggerated. At that rate I don’t think there’d be any trees left in the USA. I know it’s one of the top 5 largest countries in the world and there would be plenty and plenty of trees, but I still think they would eventually run out.

  29. You missed an opportunity for a Thunderdome joke when you mentioned the depletion of energy would result in a post-apocalyptic world considering the fact that a major part of the back-story of the world of Mad Max is the depletion of oil.

    Also, it would be just fine with me if comics went back to newsprint paper. Fables is printed on a cheaper form of paper, and the artwork looks just fine.

  30. This reminds me of nothing so much as the short PSAs that came at the end of the old GI Joe cartoon. This comic is basically a collection of those, but with Justice League characters.

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