AT4W: Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating Wonder Woman

Strength, compassion, wisdom… and a really kick-ass costume.

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  1. Heart-Lightning

    Seems like the only thing Marvel and DC can’t reimagine is Superman nowadays. *coughcough-Man of Steel-coughcough*

    FYI, Superman Unbounded movie is actually a good interpretation of Supes.

  2. Personally, from what you said of the review. This seems more awesome than let on, also it could be a good comic on it’s own right if kept on the right hands. I agree the ending was lack luster and would have been better if she said in her country of origin. Since not all super heroes are American.

    The reason why I think this could work better is because she can travel around Latin American countries and be that Spirit of Truth and Hope that Wonder Woman is. Going around area to area and helping those people in need. this can also make the reader realize the problems of other people that just happen to be south of us. Like, you joke how evil the villain was, but that’s how some politicians and business men are actually like down there. Not everyone, but enough to be sort of scary. So having a comic that addresses that, if done right, would be a good way to show that.

    So I personally feels out of the three so far, this one is the one that can actually wokr as a comic on it’s own and should have more issues.

    No matter what though, it was a great review.

    • It said Peru………Peru is a country.

      i just googled Cusco, it’s in Peru.

      That would make her most likely Amerindian, or basically the Las Platas(?) equivalent of Native Americans (who unlike most of the places in either North or South America, they are still the majority there.)

      • I’m not quite sure what point you are replying to so sorry if I’m incorrect. But if you are replying to “if she said in her country of origin. ” I think it was a typo and they meant “stayed in her country of origin.” They weren’t wondering what country she was from(or from what I saw saying Peru wasn’t one), just stating she shouldn’t have moved to America.

        Other then that your comment was informative and interesting.

  3. I want a pair of binoc!

  4. I had been very sad with Wonder Woman in the last years.
    Why comic writers are so against the original concept of Wonder Woman of a pacifist, civilized healer.
    Why this ridiculous Xena clone?
    We already dont have savage warrior enough?
    Why change the core concept of the Afrodite Amazons who worship love, to a bunch of retarded blodthirst warriors?
    After all wonder Woman was the only Golden Age hero who dont kill, now she is the only one allowed to kill.
    What the Heck?

    • That is so true. They are either missing her point or think that those are some how lame and would not sell well to primary readers of superhero comic books, teenage boys. Fact that back in day she only killed once and it was last resort shows something about how she used to be. She even was against Batman’s methods and found those to be cruel and barbaric!

  5. Aww, I was kinda hoping you’d also review “Just Imagine: Stan Lee Creating The Green Lantern” as well…

  6. I think, with Wonder Woman, you need more than the origin story to sell the idea that it’s her. Both Batman and Superman actually kinda had that, where they were getting acquainted with the place where they were going to fight crime.

  7. I have to admit that suit is really hot. I mean, especially with the pants. Anyway, I guess you just have to have a stinger of some kind. There must have been some time where you didn’t have it. It’s hard to tell after hundreds of episodes. This seemed okay to me too.

  8. From the way Stan Lee’s Just Imagine Wonder Woman looks, it seems like he was inspired by Pumaman. Granted that she is a much better flyer and does not rear project major cities or fly/fall at impossible angles.

    Still not a bad redo on Wonder Womans origin.

  9. Is this a good comic? You be the Juez (judge) of that!

    • Damn forget you can’t edit. My own gripe is that WW doesn’t have much agency in her own origin. She gets shunted along by other people and dumped neatly into a prophecy.

  10. Funny thing this past weekend. While I was looking through the comics at a used book store, I found a copy of not just “Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating Batman,” but also “Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating the JLA.” Now, before we see her in action in the upcoming Batman v Superman movie, let’s see how well Wonder Woman would have been if she were created by Stan the Man.

    0:47- Thanks for acknowledging both mistakes I pointed out to you in the comments, Lewis.

    3:17- Yeah, this art style on women was also talked about way back in your review of X-Men #1, and you called it “Why won’t my hips un-sway?”

    5:25- Indiana Jones would be so proud of Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating Steve Trevor.

    9:12- And Guitez kills the guy while holding the gun gangster style. Yeah, if Mythbusters told us anything, it’s that that style doesn’t work as well as you think.

    13:45- “Ludicrous speed? Wonder Woman, I’ve never gone that fast before. I don’t know if I could take it.”

    17:33- It’s a good thing that Mike Willard isn’t working for TMZ (aka Tasteless Moronic Zombies).

    Yeah, this story was okay, but not enough to keep me interested. Wonder how well Stan Lee making The Flash into a super heroine would be.

  11. Yeah, I like her costume, too. Oh, also, your Stan Lee impression is pretty good. Also, I was thrilled to hear the Wonder Woman theme song. Then again, would any other choice really make sense? Nope.

  12. Soooo….Stan’s Wonder Woman is essentially Witchblade?

  13. Is Steve Trevor a reference to Steve Rogers (Captain America) They look the same.

    • Steve Trevor is Wonder Woman’s love interest, he’s basically the male Lois Lane. They haven’t used him as much lately but he was very important for awhile in Wonder Woman comics.

  14. So, to Stan Lee, wonder woman should be a magical girl

    • only she’s wearing an outfit that actually has pants in it.

      ………and she isn’t an underaged girl fighting evil. (seriously, the whole kids fighting evil schtick in anime is getting pretty old.)

  15. So, is Steve supposed to be one of those lifeless incels, or something?

  16. TragicGuineaPig

    Oh, come on! You got Lake Titicaca, and you didn’t get the Animaniacs singing about it?

  17. I wonder how Stan Lee’s Green Lantern would look like?

  18. Oh dear, Linkara’s trying to pronounce Spanish words again.

  19. IMO, I think this origin and character design is so cool it should be added to the main DC comics canon. “Just Imagine” the adventures of Diana and Maria.

  20. I haven’t really been keeping up with Linkara’s storyline recently, but I feel like I’m missing something here. When did Linkara stop wearing his brown blazer/coat thingy, and why?

  21. Sorry, dude, but last week I took one look at the cover and thought ‘that’s the ‘H’ on the Hollywood sign,’ and from then on was waiting to hear the story was set in L.A. to confirm that – not the other way around.

    I was actually pretty surprised when you didn’t recognise it.


    ~ Mik

  22. “Just imagine”, Stan Lee doing something useful for once. Man, the guy…just doesn’t know when to quit. That Simspons episode with him was sooo true. He should sit back and not ruin his legacy.

    Hey LInkara, any chance you might wanna review the Wonder Woman TV series? It’s a rather unknown series when compared to the old Adam West Batman show, for example.

  23. Love the Wonder Woman design (the white stripe in her long black hair reminds me of Polgara/Aunt Pol from a certain book series), but why must she have gigantic pouty lips and miles-wide shoulders and hips?

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