AT4W: Justice League: Cry for Justice #1 and 2

Trust me, there will be some crying by the time this is all over with.

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  1. The Justice League is my all time favorite superhero team, and it’s all thanks to the animated series. I also think that the concept was doomed from the start, because readers are more connected to superhero groups that respond to events as they happen, not before, because it would get pretty dull.

    I find the title “Justice League: Cry for Justice” a bit redundant, because they used the word “justice” twice.

    Why is Hal bitching about the name “Justice League”? It’s a superhero group name just to show evildoers that they mean business. The same can be said about The Avengers.

    14:09- Uh, James Robinson, you know who Ray Palmer is, right? He never acted like this in Justice League Unlimited, and he was voiced by Dr. Cox in that show.

    The 2nd issue has enough padding to keep me warn this winter.

    At least the Lord Vyce storyline was better than this mess.

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