AT4W: Mr. T and the T-Force #2

Remember, kids – don’t do drugs or else you’ll fight against demonic dinosaurs. Mr. T taught me that!

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  1. 0:31- It’s true. He DID say “No, no, no…” a lot in the Transformers. At least we don’t hear Mark Walberg do that in the 4th film, and I enjoy watching all those films.

    1:56- For the last time, the midiclorians in Star Wars is NOT The Force. It helps one SENSE The Force, and the more you have in your system, the more in tune you are with The Force. My point is PAY ATTENTION TO THE DIALOGUE IN THE PREQUEL TRILOGY. Jesus, prequel haters.

    I wonder if the 3rd issue also included a Mr. T trading card. Guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

    5:45- This kinda reminds me of the charity match in Rocky III where Rocky fights Hulk Hogan, and the Hulkster was bigger than him.

    9:22- Yeah, I also like that Saturday TV Funhouse cartoon where Tracy Morgan played Mr. T.

    10:59- I have never in my wildest dreams ever thought that someone made a story where Mr. T fights a bunch of drug hallucinated demons.

    The superpower meter now includes glowing hands of energy and …poor literacy? Really?

    I can’t wait to see how the next comic goes.

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