AT4W: Mr. T and the T-Force #3

Mr. T continues to prove he’s the best superhero in the universe… mostly by lecturing everyone and then breaking stuff.

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  1. First!
    Nice to see this, It’s been far too long since the last Mr T comic.

  2. I will be very disappointed if issue four doesn’t feature the Incan Cyborg being summoned by the kid to help Mr. T defeat the Killdozer. Then that disappointment will fade when the comic comes up with some alternate method for Mr. T to defeat the Killdozer that is equally awesome.

  3. Ben is Dead Ben is Dead Ben is Dead Ben is Dead Ben is Dead BEN IS DEAD BEN IS DEAD BEN IS DEAD BEN IS DEAD BEN IS DEAD BEN IS DEAD. We are watching.

  4. Do you plan on ever reviewing a TF2 comic? To me they have parts that are hilarious, but I feel like there are too many sub plots in them that doesn’t really effect the overall story.

  5. Does anyone have an actual list of all of Mr. T’s superpowers so far?

  6. I pity da foo that insults Mr. T’s motha!


  7. Mr T would be great with a crossover with Borderlands and he could team up with Brick, since they think along the same lines, mainly punching everything. Someone, make that happen.

    Even with as how stupidly over the top Mr T comics are, they are just fun and Mr T is just a Badass among Badasses of Badassatude, Badass.

  8. Only 15 minutes? That’s shorter than any recent Nostalgia Critic review! This was still quite fun. Mr. T’s better than Chuck Norris. He doesn’t have that whole anti-gay thing about him. It’s nice to see you so happy about a comic. That was one weird scene with the big headed guy.

  9. maybe Mr T also trained TJ Combo at his gym.

  10. Mr. T needs to be in a DEATH BATTLE against someone already…

    That, and MR. T. gets more awesome as this series goes on..

    Anyone made a fanfic continuing that canceled Mr. T comic to save from Stare Roy?

  11. He thought he was fighting demons in an alien dimension?

    Damn it, someone make a Mr. T/Doom crossover/mod!

  12. And I recently watched all the Rocky sequels for my very first time, especially Rocky III co-starring the T-ster. Oh, and yes, I DID rewatch the reviews of the first 2 issues in preparation for this one.

    Hey, Lewis, I have an idea. The next time you have a DVD coming out, you should include it with a free trading card of either you, Mr. T, or you with Mr. T.

    4:13- This year sure IS the future, but there’s still no sign of the flying cars, hover boards, or self lacing shoes.

    7:43- Yeah, I don’t want to punch any trolls who say I make too many long comments with time codes and the like. Also, I’m not someone who fights anyone who messes with me, ‘cause I‘m a nice guy.

    11:12- I don’t see someone like Mr. T as a host for Punk’d.

    12:45- Can anyone imagine in the Daredevil movie had a moment in the climax where Mr. T jumps in to help him fight the Kingpin? Also, I liked the late and great Michael Clarke Duncan as The Kingpin in that movie.

    The superpower counter now includes light absorbing and telepathy.

    Mr. T vs. Killdozer. Never saw that coming. God, this comic gloriously goofy.

  13. Mr. T and the Incan Cyborg need their own buddy-cop action movie like Lethal Weapon!

  14. No no, Mr T isn’t psychic. He’s like Kylar Stern from the Night Angel trilogy: he can see what sins a man or woman has committed simply by looking into their eyes.

  15. OT: Hey Linkara, are you ever going to review Brian Azarello’s Joker comic?

  16. 12:48-3:00

    Um; I’m pretty sure that if you fired a missile-launcher inside of a building, that you’d destroy it; along with yourself.

  17. Good video. Such a delightful series. Plus, in an odd way it’s so good natured. 😀

  18. Having people from the internet boxing?

    Yeah, that went so well last time…

  19. Anyone else think this comic series might make a good side-scrolling brawler? I’m getting a ‘celebrity-sponsored Streets of Rage’ vibe from this.

  20. I was so pumped for this episode as soon as I saw the title, and I was not disappointed. Mr T was awesome in this comic, and you made all the right jokes.

    On the topic of “the future is now”, I remember thinking back in the early 2000’s how lame it was that we had almost none of the technology science fiction predicted we would have by this century, but in the 2010’s, we DID have a plenty of the technology previously only seen in science fiction.

  21. I pity the fool who doesn’t like a pity the fool reference!

  22. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    Those carjackers fighting Mr. T seem to have a severe case of suicidal overconfidence, the foos!

  23. malkereth baal tsar


  24. Thanks, Linkara! ^_^
    I was having such a shitty day – feeling sick, trying to concentrate on finishing my project before deadline while the neighbour’s filling my house with his damn drumming – but this episode was so funny it cheered me up =)

  25. Glad to see these comics back again. It’s always a delight to see Mr. T kick ass for the benefit of society. Should be interesting to see what happens in the next issue.

  26. Yes, lets teach kids how to “study” instead of fighting. Lets teach them to extend their personal volcalibary– so much so, that their person quibbs towards each other would be so caustic, so vicious, that eiter one, or both of them, would suffer pychological trama and would contimplate killing themselves: Always look on the possitive! Fuck Mr. T, stay out of peoples lives, asshole. “I pitty the the fool, and the fool is me. I’m such a fucking sham.

  27. This was fun:). Mr T always brings me back. Keep up the good work! Ps. i realize that its not within your usual format but i would love to hear your thoughts on the batgirl#41 cover by Rafael Albuquerque. Anyhwo tally ho!

  28. Argh. I HATE this video host. Spoony uses it too, and despite my incredibly fast connection that lets me play Blip, youtube, everything in 1080/720p, this thing has to be set back to 360p or it won’t even load. 🙁

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