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What did Linkara review at MAGFest 2015?

About Linkara

Atop the Fourth Wall is a show about bad comic books. Linkara finds the surreal and the stupid and breaks them down page by page. You'll know why they're idiotic and how they can be improved.


  1. What are you going to do when you run out of Dalek-based titles? You’re approaching the end, y’know. 😛

  2. Spider-Man’s spider sense is indeed constantly going off while he swings around. It helps him to aim his web.

  3. Rosario+Vampire40

    Did Linkara ever record a review at Mythicon 2014? Or did I miss something?

  4. Um, what the hell happened about six minutes in?

  5. Only four comments? You’re usually more popular than that. I agree that this was okay. Then again, I haven’t read the actual comic. Of course, it WAS only six pages long, so I probably did see all of it. The live-action Green Goblin is scary.

  6. If that’s tap water, I have to question which does the dissolving and which does the healing lol!

  7. Pft the Atari 2600 deserves to be ripped on, it nearly killed video games! Also there’s that thing in Hyperdimension Neptunia where the goddess of Atari tried to kill the game industry again…. Or something like that…

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