AT4W: Rise of Arsenal #3 and 4

Got any China Cat? How about some A-Train? How about a better comic?

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Atop the Fourth Wall is a show about bad comic books. Linkara finds the surreal and the stupid and breaks them down page by page. You'll know why they're idiotic and how they can be improved.

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  1. Funny fact: this episode was released on my 25th birthday.

    1:26- Wow, a lot of people are in love with Obscurus Lupa. …Including ME. =O

    8:16- And when this 2-parter was realesed, I wasn’t far off in Part 1 where Cheshire said to Roy that he’s was gonna lose more than just his arm. God, this moment is unintentionally hilarious.

    10:55- Gonna love the Weird Al references on this show.

    I don’t know what China Cat is myself, but I’m betting it’s something you could go to jail for using.

    14:46- So I guess Roy is acting all “Everybody betray me! I fed up with this world!” in this scene.

    17:55- Sounds like Undead Lian has almost the same personality of Cristabella in those Silent Hill comics.

    20:11- The prison in this comic has the same logic of the prison in the Adam West Batman show that allows the Super-Criminals their to wear their outfits. Should’t have the heads of DC told the writer and/or artist that this idea is stupid and illogical?

    It’s a shame that Roy never got any better before The New 52 happend. Maybe if DC decides to bring back the previous continuity, they would ignore crap like Amazons Attack, Countdown, Cry for Justice, and this.

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