AT4W: Silent Hill: Paint it Black

Silence will fall but not today, since this is another Silent Hill comic where nobody shuts up.

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  1. It’s weird to know that out of all the Silent Hill comics you reviewed on the show, this is the one you deemed the worst, according to the latest Top 15 list.

    5:36- These morons never got the fact that there are other creepy colors in the world other than BROWN, did they?


    12:45- Who in their right mind would live in a crummy, deamon infesting town like Silent year for a whole year, and alone?

    12:55- And the red head looking straight ahead looks a bit like Diamanda Hagan. …And the other red head could be a Goth version of Obscurus Lupa.

    16:00- And it’s right here where I start to find out why you hate this one the most.

    I hate these bimbo cheerleaders as much as I hate the entire Kardashian Family.

    23:25- When Ike painted the hole in the wall, it really makes me wish I was watching a Looney Tunes cartoon.

    I also like the “cyber-punk doctor.” It reminds a bit of The Borg from Star Trek.

    I’m pretty sure Silent Hill fans have found a good place in Hell for these Scott Ciencin comics to rot in.

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