AT4W: Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who #1-8

These are the voyages of the TARDIS…

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  1. Okay, now I wanna see a Doctor Who/Green Lantern crossover.

  2. This has to be the nerdiest thing I’ve ever heard…. Star Trek + Doctor Who + Comic Books………. And yet it’s such an awesome premise.

  3. Trixie_is_best

    For a comic crossover, there should be a crossover with Bill and Ted in either Star Trek or Dr Who. That would be…EXCELLENT.

  4. No “Chaos Controll”-gag?

  5. SchrodingersCat

    Why would you want a cross-over between Star Wars and Star Trek?
    The two have nothing in common with each other, aside from the fact that they both have the word “Star” in their title.
    It would be as if you had a crossover between My Little Pony and My Chemical Romance.

  6. Yep, Blip is better. Thank you. 😀

  7. *obsessive fan twitching* Rory Williams. Rory. Williams. I refuse name changes that people get bullied into and are only Moffat’s obsession with Amy. (Not to mention his huge, uh, thing for Karen Gillan.)

    • People make exactly the same claims about Moffat having the hots for Jenna Coleman just because Clara has become so instrumental in the Doctor’s life. Why do people find it so strange that a happily married, middle-aged man can work closely with an attractive young woman without wanting to sleep with her?

  8. Congratulations on putting out new episodes while still working on a movie. I know that’s not easy.

  9. Zoey Posthuman

    I actually think I know why they chose TNG. Kirk and The Doctor would not work well together for any period of time, at all, especially Reboot Kirk. They’d clash and hate each other, because of their differing methods. However, Picard is a lot like The Doctor, with his weak spot being the Borg, similar to The Doctor’s being the Daleks. Picard and The Doctor make perfect sense to have working together. Furthermore, introducing the Borg to the reboot might screw up a sequel if they ever make another one, and even if they don’t, it’d be a major thing. The Borg are established in TNG.

  10. You know, with the wrong people assimilated, the message could be, in the same Borg monotone, “Oh, by the way, you’re boned, L O L.”

    This is just part of what happens when Starfleet battles the Borg with concentrated doses of The Internet.

  11. When I first saw the title of the video, I thought “Hmm… these comics will either be very fun and good or they will be very stupid and fail”. I’m glad that this comic series was good. Your British accent is better than I thought it would be… Props! Also, more props on:
    * The question mark sweater (Were you wearing that the entire time?)
    * Explaining relevant things about both series. I’m pretty familiar with Doctor Who but not so much Star Trek.

  12. I have at least heard of today’s comic, but I didn’t read it, because I never watched any of the incarnations of Doctor Who.

    Even though we have not yet have an official Star Trek vs. Star Wars story, you could always find fan edits and fan trailers on YouTube. Also, if someone WOULD make an official crossover, they have to be pretty damn inventive, creative, and original.

    Someone should make a story where the Cybermen fight Rom Spaceknight.

    10:30- At least Star Trek TNG got it right about us using iPads in the future, …which is now the present.

    This comic did a nice job on the art style during the sequence taking place in the 23rd Century.

    Nice idea to change from your Starfleet uniform to your Doctor Who cosplay about half way into the review.

    I don’t mind you nerding out on the Cybermen or anything else. Just as long as it’s nothing Star Wars related, like your Qui-Gon Jinn rant from your first Comic Book Quickies episode.

    29:12- That reminds me, has anyone seen that YouTube video where it shows everyone disagreeing with Worf?

    31:28- At least Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron made fun of the cliché of the villain explaining their evil plans to the heroes.

    33:14- Oh hai, Continuity Alarm. It’s been a long time, ha?

    This was a pretty fun crossover aside from a few hiccups.

  13. I assume you’re read Unity.

  14. If there is any future crossover for these two franchises I know what I’d like to see:

    The Doctor & Q.

  15. Did anyone else catch the name of the diner they are heading to in San Francisco? It was Tom’s Bakery. Makes me wonder how many of these other gags are present.

    Also @ 22:30: NONE OF YOU ARE SAFE!
    Seriously, Rory. No means no.

  16. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    I think, Linkara, (and I admit that my memory on this is a little shady) that word of god has it that the cybermen from Matt Smith and on are a combo of main universe cybermen and Pete’s world cybermen who “fell through cracks in time and space”.

  17. Alien Nation and Planet of the Apes??? What the Hell???

  18. Oh! The ‘2’ in the title of the comic means ‘squared’! OK; I had a lot of trouble looking for this series on Amazon because the way they wrote the ‘2’ led me to think that Doctor Who and Star Trek had crossed over before, I waisted hours trying to find these fictional earlier comics.

  19. Seems the TNG side doesn’t care about continuity. Data has upgraded himself many times over the years, and mentions it in some episodes. One such example is talking about upgrading his pathways (kinda like his wiring) so that he can operate more quickly.

    Another example that any TNG fan should know about? His freaking emotion chip!

    I guess we’ll have to fanwank that Data changed his mind over time.

    • MightyDavidson

      Or y’know, the emotion chip was something his father designed specifically for him and was always intended to be part of him. It’s not so much upgrading himself just ’cause but following the wishes of his deceased father.

  20. The Crazed Spruce

    This was actually one of the first comics I bought on comixology. Enjoyed it then, enjoy your review now.

    If you’re fishing for other crossovers, there was a Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes one a few years ago that was pretty entertaining.

  21. wow, I JUST bought those 2 books at the Great Philly Comic Con last month! I like how in the comic format they’re able to do things that would exceed the budget of the shows on TV or y’know…need actors to be about 15 years younger…One thing I was looking forward to was the aliens on that water planet, which wouldn’t have to be limited with the makeup you could apply to an actor, BUT they just kind of looked like Zoras with mohawks, I was a little disappointed.

  22. I’m having an issue with the site in which it keeps automatically moving my browser to a location further down the page below the video, and yet above the comments.

    When I come here on Chrome, I cannot see either because the page automatically scrolls me to the description of the series, and won’t stop. It is not happening on Firefox.

  23. On your “alt-universe Cybermen vs Mondas Cybermen” rant:

    The alt-universe Cybermen must have returned, otherwise they wouldn’t have the Cybus Industries logo on their chests.

    In the Pandorica arc, the alt-universe Cybermen were able to re-enter the universe because of the cracks in time. They probably ended up in Druidic England, where they met up with the Daleks and formed their temporary alliance against the Doctor (since they thought the Doctor was going to cause the universe to explode), mind-controlling a bunch of Druids to build Stonehenge to mark the location of the Pandorica. During this time they gained/stole technology from the Daleks, which is why they suddenly have FTL and time-travel capabilities. Not to mention they suddenly have thousands of years of technological development before they even see the Doctor again in ancient Rome.

    After the Pandorica arc, they used their newfound technology to explore (and conquer) the universe, inevitably running into the Mondas Cybermen in the process. They either then joined forces with the Mondas Cybermen or simply stole their technology, since they have Cybermats next time we see them (in “Closing Time”). Eventually, though, they must have merged completely with the Mondas Cybermen, since Neil Gaiman’s “Nightmare in Silver” Cybermen are most definitely Mondasian, even though it’s clear they came from the alt-universe Cybermen (the ancient Cyberman is an alt-universe one since it has the Cybus Industries logo).

    So yeah, it is very possible that these are the alt-universe Cybermen, and that they would want to conquer parallel universes, and that they have the technology to do so. If they stole technology from the Daleks (who did, after all, nearly wipe out all of existence in the end of Series 4), they would have no problem merging two universes.

    • Can’t they just be from an alternate alt-verse?

    • Whilst a reasonable explanation, it’s at least supposedly been confirmed that the Cybermen encountered in space (those in A Good Man Goes to War, that is) were originally part of the Mondas Cybermen, bearing a basic circle instead of the Cybus Industries logo.

      I think the sentiment is that the Cybus ones were involved with the events of the Pandorica because ALL realities would’ve been affected, and once they slipped through the cracks and got this information they thought “Okay, we best team up with anyone around, even if we tried killing them last time”, which could easily have meant that some of them were re-appropriated by the more advanced Cybermen of our universe.

  24. Cybermen Vs The Borg Vs The Cylons

    take your pick folks.

  25. btw, what is your opinions on the overall series of Battlestar Galactica from both the classic series & the newer series Linkara?

  26. TragicGuineaPig

    15:19 – This panel needs some Epic Kirk Battle Music.

  27. Chaos Emerald? Was this also a crossover with Sonic the Hedgehog and no mentioned it?

  28. Let’s also not forget the Star Trek/Legion of Super Heroes which also, kinda, crossovered with a bunch of other time travel based franchises. How? Well there is this splash page that features a variety of devices from all over the fandom board that are made for and been used for time travel in some way. The splash featured H.G. Wells’ time machine, the Tardis, Bill & Teds’ phone booth, a Stargate, the Delorean, the Prince of Persia’s dagger, and even the Hot Tub Time Machine. Plus so many more that that one comic may have broken some kind of world record for multimedia crossovers. So if you think that this crossover is crazy, remember this.

    Let’s also not forget about the up coming Star Trek/Green Lantern crossover this summer.

  29. Am I the only person who would like to see a Doctor Who/Superman crossover?

    I think The Last Son of Krypton and the last Timelord would be awesome to see together.

  30. Ogre Samanosuke

    The story premise of this actually sounds pretty good. Especially the reasoning behind the Borg splinter cell.

    Also, bonus points for that quick clip of Darkplace.

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