AT4W: The Amazing Spider-Man on Bullying Prevention #1

Somehow, becoming a bully yourself doesn’t seem like the most effective way of preventing bullying

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  1. Zoey Posthuman

    It actually does have a moral. “Don’t bully, or YOU GON DIE!”

  2. I thought it was being bullied is a choice and becoming a bully is a choice the other is unn mmmm it’s better to have friends then enemies
    Personally I wasn’t bullied mostly because while in elementary I was a bit of a bully I did it once and I felt like crap for it I was nicer in the future but he still hates me he tried to bully me as a twist in the future but
    One I’m a smart mouth so I always rebuttal and I’m one of those people where I just want to know whether someone likes or hates me so bullies just told me where I stand with then plus
    Stick and stones may brake my bone but words will never hurt me so don’t let those who need to destroy others control you my last psa would be for the cyber bullies would be don’t let the faceless tell you what you see in the mirror
    Coming from the faceless

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