AT4W: The Avengers #200

Babies and other dimensions and a whole lot of just awful.

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  1. Dear God, I heard that Avengers 200 was weird, but I had no idea it was that insane and perverted!

  2. Trapped inside the wall

    here we are, Linkara’s most hated comic other than holy terror

  3. Oh, I just noticed Linkara didn’t use the Drunk Ultimate Tony Stark Voice for Iron Man. Given the book’s content, I think it would have been eminently appropriate. Tony says to give the mutant kid a bunch of dangerous tools? Being blitzed out of his mind would explain so much!

  4. At least we had the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier on the week this episode was released. And in speaking of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, lets just hope we don’t see any of this happen to Carol Danvers in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie (not to be confused with DC’s Shazam!, which is also being made into a movie).

    3:25- I was also thinking of that same Star Trek: TNG. This was a weird way to start the second season, as well as ending it with a clip show, because a writers strike was happening at the time.

    6:43- Can’t wait to see vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron, along with Quicksilver (who was previously in X-Men: Days of Future Past) and The Scarlet Witch.

    17:11- It’s a very good thing that we never saw Beast do any of this crazy crap in the X-Men films.

    24:42- This scene makes me wish this comic was the one where The Avengers fight Godzilla.

    27:35- I never thought I say this, but …comics ARE confusing.

    28:42- Rape in comics, it’s what classics are made of. …And I’m REALLY sorry I had to type that.

    36:07- I don’t blame them. How in the name of all that is holy did anyone thing this was going to be a good issue, and a freakin’ 200th issue at that? A much better 200th issue from Marvel I can think of off the top of my head is the one for The Spectacular Spider-Man, where Harry Osborn dies.

  5. I don’t know if I mentioned this on the old site, but I’ll mention it again, just in case….

    A plan involving a man raping and impregnating a woman, with the intention of being reborn through her…. I have actually seen that done before.

    That was a plot point in the game “Haunting Ground”…

    However, in that game, the plan wasn’t conceived by someone they tried to portray as sympathetic or tragic, in some demented attempt for romance.

    It was conceived by a clinically insane monster without the slightest glimmer of empathy or consience.


  6. If they ever did an adaptation of this, I would love to have the Avengers acceptance of this be partly because of Marcus’ actions. They all laugh about it in-universe, but there’s a horrific underlying implication that they’re also being subtly affected by the machine.

    While I would play Marcus as the villain, I don’t know if I would make him malicious, or somewhat tragic in that he is genuinely ignorant of the implications. Being raised in limbo, he has very little to work with. But if we don’t want to make a rapist character sympathetic, we can just make Marcus straight-up evil.

  7. Carol Danvers, truly the best of us.

    This comic, truly the worst of anything ever. I declare: Superman at Earth’s End for HER.

  8. Zoey Posthuman

    The only series I’ve ever seen do the mystical pregnancy well was Angel. Twice, in fact.

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