AT4W: The Culling, Part 1: Teen Titans Annual #1

Not many stories manage to fail so spectacularly in every department, but behold one of the finest examples of doing so. NOTE: This episode was recorded with a new microphone. Please be patient as the bugs are worked out.

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  1. As someone who hasn’t read much of The New 52, I can understand why people hate it. For example, I really don’t like The Joker wearing his own face like a mask, because it’s too graphic for my taste.

    6:26- I’ll just stick to Knowhere from Guardians of the Galaxy.
    14:27- The same goes for the Ravagers of said movie.

    9:24- Um, DC, Tron-like outfits only work if the characters are in a computer world.

    10:56- Yes I have, and it’s my favorite film of 2013.

    12:58- I can accept if this comic takes place in either Hell or Apokolips, but since it’s not, …yeah, this is a stupid setting for a crossover like this.

    23:23- At least The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies took breaks away from the fighting to give the audience character development.

    25:56- I’m really not liking this bitch of a character.

    27:14- If there’s one thing I like about most modern comics is less narration and letting the story flow like storyboards to a movie.

    36:09- …In the words of Spoony, “BUUUUULLLLLLLLLL SSSSSSSSSSHIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!” Seriously, DC, what the hell are you thinking!?

  2. This book was an artistic turn-off right from issue #1, and I can actually live with the colors (not that I think they’re GOOD, obviously, but if the writing was good I could live with it). But this? The characters have such similar faces, and again, they’re so 90s it hurts. I simply do not understand how this book has sold for so long with virtually no change; even Red Hood and the Outlaws got a writer change by now!

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