AT4W: The Hobbit #1

An unexpected journey… unless you read the list of upcoming episodes, in which case it’s expected.

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  1. I love this review so much I’m going to try and find the comic! Good job Linkara.

  2. Ah, the Hobbit… Still remember the first time I read the book. Not as good as the Lord of the Rings but still good enough to keep me busy.

    Also, Gandalf actually means “Cane-Elf”, since despite looking like an old man the guy never gets older or dies so most humans assume he was an Elf.

    I do agree with Linkara on the movies. If those had been condense in to one long film it will be way too fast. The longer run does give the story, and its universe for that matter, a bit more space to breath. Still some of it is silly like: putting Legolas in it or the romance between the elf girl and the dwarf.

    • “Wand-Elf” would be a closer translation, and was the one Tolkien provided. And Legolas would pretty much have to be in the films, or at least some explanation for his absence, given that it was his father’s kingdom that went to the Battle of Five Armies.

      • I always consider Gandalf staff more of a cane than a wand. In the end his name means “Elf with wood stick of certain length”. Then again I read the Spanish translation so they could change words. Also with Legolas, yes, he is the prince but the Elves don’t appear much in the book until the battle and to be fair he isn’t necessary for the original tale or this one. Just saying, he isn’t necessary not that I hate him or anything.

  3. Was anyone else but me half-way expecting Leonard Nimoy’s rendition of “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins” to be playing at the end of the review over the credits?

  4. I am disappointed by the lack of sleigh bells and falling snowflakes in the intro sequence for this episode.

  5. I didn’t consider it a problem that the dwarves were interchangeable. All the villains have interchangeable mooks, so why not give the heroes the same thing. Also if there were fewer dwarves they would have been less effective in the battle of 5 armies.

    The moon remains in the same phase for 3 days so as long as you start on the first night even if you fall asleep you’ll still have two nights where you can check where you got to.

  6. Under the bylaws of the Guild of Overenthusiastic Tolkien Fanboys, Paragraph 14, Section 3, Clause 9a, I am required to point out that Tolkien was well aware that written songs lose much of their power, and noted so in the text with lines like “this is like part of their song, if it can be like their song without their music”. So why make them songs at all? Because he was influenced by the epic poems of Anglo-Saxon England, like Beowulf, which were originally written as songs and only became poems because we only had them as written text.

    There – duty satisfied.

  7. personally I feel that the book was better because it didn’t eliminate the cause for the hobbits’ exodus to the shire.

  8. *Takes out “Official Tolkien Nitpicker’s License”*

    Nitpick #1. Middle-Earth is not a “fantasy world”. It’s merely one continent of said world, which is known as Arda.

    Nitpick #2. Describing those various races as “magical creatures” is not really accurate, unless you were going to describe mankind in the setting the same way

    Nitpick #3. The Shire is not a singular village, but rather a region that contains many villages.

    Is that Spoony as Gandalf on the title card? Makes me wish for a crossover with him.

    Just imagine the melody to the lyrics, like you imagine what things look like in a book. If books had pictures and sound they wouldn’t be books, they’d be movies.

    I didn’t know you were into doing Homestarrunner references… I approve.

    They’re obviously going to bury the amount they can’t carry, and then pick it up as a bonus after they get the gold they’re after in Erebor.

    Nitpick #4: Giants were mentioned briefly in The Fellowship of the Ring, as well as The Book of Lost Tales

    It says “Murders and elf-friends”

  9. I don’t think of this as a book to read at bed-time. It’s a great novel with beautiful words. You have to put in context though – As a man who survived WWII – This book series heart is there to say that adventures come at a price. Bilbo and Frodo forever pay that price.

    If you read the original book, you’ll learn that the individual dwarfs *do* have personality, and it’s easier to keep track of who’s who when always addressed by name. Why 13? Well, two or three would hardly go against a dragon – also, the fact there are 13 necessitates a 14th member – The Lucky Number.

  10. Also I believe the wizard’s surnames are a reference to the color of their beards, and those their age.

    Blue beards? Who knows, in this world stranger things have happened.

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