AT4W: The Star Wars #1

Based on the original rough draft of Star Wars! Features cyborgs, red laser swords, and trade negotiations. Because it always features trade negotiations.

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  1. Nash has control of both the senate and the courts!!!!

    I almost wish we had Luke Starkiller. Muthafuckin’ Luke Starkilla!

  2. First!
    It doesn’t surprise me you don’t now what Whills are; most of us Star Wars fans don’t know. For the record Whills are a species of force sensitive fairies that are found on the forest moon of Endor. I think they may have had a larger role in the franchise earlier in its conception but the only reason I know about them is that I watched the made-for-TV Ewok movies.
    I’m THAT kind of nerd.
    Lightsaber colour is actually a complicated issue; To make it short Sith use red because red crystals (lightsaber colour comes from the crystal used in its core in case you didn’t know) are synthetic which makes the beam slightly more powerful but only slightly. The Sith mainly use red crystals so as to distinguish themselves from the Jedi who believe that most artificial things are taboo (they had a bit of Droidphobia up until Luke’s order). But in a weird twist of fate the Jedi also don’t use red because of the Sith association.
    By the time of the prequels the Jedi order had become hopelessly stagnant. That was why the Sith picked that time to launch their revenge after waiting in secret for thousands of years.
    As to why Jedi use different colours here’s another Star Wars fan who explains it better then I could:

    For the record Star Trek is sillier then Star Wars, Why? Well at it core Stark Trek is either hopelessly naïve (According to Star Trek years of cultural, religious and racial war and hatred will melt away just because we meet Aliens and we will have no need for an economy) or decadent and stagnant (Everything people write or create in the Star Trek world harkens back to old times. People even flirt with each other using history!). I’m not saying Star Trek isn’t cool at times but its core philosophy is incredibly flawed.
    Just my opinion anyway, and that of these guys.

    • So the ewok movies are based more on the original version of the script makes sense I suppose. As for lightsabers you are correct that Sith use synthetic crystals however theoretically since they synthetically make their crystals they could make them any color they choose red because red has a huge association with love hate and temptation all things associated with the dark side just swap love with passion. Sith mantra states Peace is a Lie there is only passion through passion I gain strength through strength I gain power through power I gain victory through victory my chains are broken the force shall set me free. Ironically this mantra is faulty while it does show the Sith are not necessarily evil by default it is also impossible for the force to set them free as all force sensitive are servants of the force. Jedi serve the will of the light and the Sith serve the will of the dark side.

    • The fairies are probably just an example of the names being switched around again.

    • I’m not sure what Star Trek you’re talking about. The original simply postulated that as bad as humanity can be now, we got better. It wasn’t that we met aliens, it was that we met ourselves head-on and won.

      In the later series, they had to deal with the replicator technology, allowing most anything to be created. I think they got a bit sloppy there, and sort of glossed over what the “economy” was like. I do remember they mentioned in ST:TNG that money was no longer used on Earth. That wasn’t true in the original, where they had mentioned pay at least once, even if it was in credits.

      • OK, I’ll admit it’s not an original series problem but you have to remember that during the original series Mr Roddenberry was udner a certain amount of control. During the later series he wasn’t and that’s when his Naive Utopian visions of the future leaked into the show and when he died the people who succeeded him as creators believed he was right so they weren’t going to try and undo anything.

      • ‘Star Trek: First Contat’ is when they say that contact with an alien race (the Vulcans) causes mankind to put aside all those years of fighting and unite as a species. It’s about a cheesy as the series gets which is a shame bcause First Contact is one of my favourite movies of the series.

    • Actually the color thing(In the movies at least) is a much simple movie trope: Darker colors like red and black are used so the audience can clearly identify the villains while the heroes use lighter colors so the audience can clearly identify them(This is used in Star Wars not only in the colors of the sabers but also the laser blasts) it´s a common movie trope

  3. Why can’t we have this alternate version of Star Wars in movies with the original version, so we can made a compare and contrast them?

  4. Wow, this was interesting since I’m a pretty big Star Wars fan. 😀 Parts of this comic were like 2 Jar Jars. The Nash cameo made me laugh. I can’t wait for the next installment of this. Also, pretty good Emperor voice.

    • Makes sense, the main reason the prequels weren’t great was because they gave Lucas too much leeway. In the original trilogy, he had people to say no to him, which is probably why a lot of those jar jar moments didn’t make it into the final product.

  5. Well that sure was interesting but I can understand why they went with version that they ended up with and that become New Hope. I do like design of those proto-Stormtroopers more than design that become iconic.

  6. Maybe they use red lightsabers so their vision stays adapted to… the dark.

    Thanks folks! I’m here all week!

  7. This is actually really f-ing cool Linkara, I can’t wait for more of this series.

  8. I’m sorry but this new player sucks. I realise it probably means better ad revenue for you, Lewis, but if there’s a way you can offer a YouTube or Blip alternative I’d appreciate it. I don’t have the connection speed to stream so I usually let the video buffer fully before watching it, but this new player only buffers a minute or so ahead as you play…which means I get the video in three second bursts.

    YouTube has this approach as well but it tends to be OK for reasons that my networking lecturer explained to me, but I’ve since forgotten.

  9. Linkara with everything you mentioned about Star Wars #1 has made me come up with an idea that should have. A massive crossover with early Star Wars, ROM, and the Marvel Universe. Come to think about, Darth Vader from the films along with General Grievous are prime examples as possible Space Knights.

    As for the comic, I liked that a lot. Although I am much bigger Star Wars fan than Star Trek. Granted, a lot of the material from this comic would work wonders in the expanded universe. Although I would like to see Star Destroyers fly like fighter craft at their massive battle ship size we know.

  10. I skimmed through this book at the store, and I immediately noticed two things: How Darth Vader looks like an “Elseworlds Superman” and how Luke Skywalker in this is just a handsome George Lucas.

  11. Ha, “The Star Wars” is how my grandma refers to the series.

  12. Happy birthday to me!

  13. A short time ago on a green futon in Minnisota…

    As I’ve already stated in comments in the past, I’m more into Star Wars than Star Trek, and that’s mostly because one of the very first movies I ever saw was Star Wars: A New Hope, and like anyone else who’ve seen the movie at a young age, it blew my mind, as well as Empire and Jedi. Also, I didn’t watch anything Star Trek related until the summer where I turned 8 when my mom would have my sister and I watch reruns of The Next Generation every night before we went to bed. And I later saw Star Trek: Genatrations in theatres and the previous films on video from the library and the video store.

    I haven’t read The Star Wars yet, but when I first heard of the concept for this comic, I was really interested. Also, I got some Star Wars Action figures, still in their packaging, of characters based on their original designs by concept artist Ralph McQuarrie, like Darth Vader. Boba Fett, and Chewbacca (which the design later became Zeb in the show Star Wars: Rebels).

    Utapau later became the name of the planet with the sinkhole cities in Revenge of the Sith.

    5:51- The cube could be a Jedi holocron, and Annikin (spelled differently, because poor literacy is KEWL) is using The Force to activate it.

    I think The Sith Lords only use red crystals for their lightsabers because it’s rare than blue and green, and the reason Mace Windu’s lightsaber is purple is because it’s Samuel L. Jackson’s favorite color.

    10:22- Because The Sith are evil, and most evil people love wearing black and wear hoods or anything that hides their face that makes them mysterious. Oh, and there’s also the whole DARK SIDE thing.

    Starkiller later became the name of Darth Vader’s secret apprentice in The Force Unleashed video games.

    12:57- That big, fat guy reminds me of Baron Harkonnan from Dune. Also, thank you, Linkara, for apologizing for everyone picking on Jar Jar Binks.

    I actually don’t mine the trade negotiations and politics in the Prequel Trilogy. I feel it shows viewers how the Star Wars Galaxy goes round.

    Now I’m interested in picking up a copy of The Star Wars and see how this story goes. Oh, and thank you, Linkara, for not being so nitpicky about the Star Wars franchise in this video, and have fun reviewing Batman: Jazz #3 next week.

    • The OFFICIAL reason that Mace Windu’s lightsaber is purple is because he uses form VII which of all the Jedi force using styles comes the closest to the dark side.

    • I also don’t mind all the trade negotiations and stuff, Sure the original trilogy was more concerned with the outer rim worlds but the government has to happen somewhere. It actually annoys me when fans say things like: “Star Wars isn’t about trade negotiations, Trade Negotiations are so boring!” It’s almost as irritating a complaint as “That lightsaber fights in the prequels look too good.”

  14. If I remember right, the whole reason for the lightsaber colors is because the crystal that focuses (and colors) the beam doubles as something of a force power amplifier/focuser. They are somewhat attuned to their user’s particular force connection, and their users select them to better suit their abilities. For example, red crystals can create a somewhat stronger blade if its user pumps some anger into it (well, “dark side force energy,” but basically anger).

    • the abilities of crystals is not a cannon concept though, it works for videogames but for movies and books it doesn’t really. It’s already a blade that can cut through anything, why add more power through the crystals?

  15. chrisinullapool

    No surprise Nash is a Sith, in his vidios he did a joke where he drunk dialed the emperor and one where he used the Death Star to cut Florida off the states

  16. TragicGuineaPig

    5:45 – That’s not a Rubik’s Cube! That’s the Demon Puzzle Box from Hellraizer! “WE’LL TEAR YOUR SOUL APAARRRT!!”

    Batman Jazz? “Jazz is nothing but Death, and Crime, and the RAGE of a Beast!”

  17. lightsabers use special crystals to create the laser blade; they are found naturally in jedi-owned mines. because the sith would likely be spotted and arrested if they went to the jedi mines for crystals, they had to produce artificial crystals for their sabers. natural crystals come in multiple colors while artificial ones are only red.

    • Sith also don’t really have much care for their lightsabers and could care less what they looked like as long as they could kill their enemies.

      The Jedi have a more spiritual connection with their lightsabers and they use them as a symbol of light and hope to those around them.

  18. I heard the people making the movie dont consider either of the movie trilogys cannon

  19. This is a pretty interesting start to the series. Right off the bat, you have a cyborg, a child being trained in the way of the force, and a pretty strong reason for them to be against the sith. Some of the designs are odd, but good gosh, this series is just cool so far!

    Also, IDK if this really answers Linkara’s question, but apparently different groups of Jedi have different colored lightsabers which, I’m pretty sure, each effect how the saber itself handles slightly. I could be wrong since I’m not an expert, but that’s what I’ve heard before from other people about it.

  20. Oh, God. This is trolling. You HAVE to tell me this is trolling. THIS MUST BE TROLLING.

    • What? The comic? Because… no, this is a real thing, based on a real thing. Movies change A LOT from initial concept to release. Off the top of my head, you can look up, say, the development history of Freddy vs. Jason and the various scripts there, or look up Kevin Smith’s recounting of the development of the fifth Superman movie (that would eventually become Superman Returns).

      • Oh absolutely! I didn’t mean you, it was just interesting to see all of the weirdly long-reaching parallels from this comic-book to all of the Star Wars movies, from the original trilogy, to the prequels. I think half of the video here would have seen me with my jaw hanging open.

  21. Spoony’s review was better. This video is only good to watch on your phone when you are going to the Bath-rum.

  22. This is the first of your Star Wars comic reviews that I have truly enjoyed! I commend you for going through the entire review without taking any jabs at the prequels. Also, loved the Nash cameo.

  23. So Florida has finally driven Nash to the Darkside? Dam it I new this would happen. I have to get out of this state before its corruption consumes me.

  24. The reason why nearly all Sith have a red lightsaber is because they use a synthetic focus crystal – a focus crystal is what creates the light beam and give it its color. Unlike Jedis who build their own lightsaber as a rite of passage and use a genuine crystal matching their personnailty as their focus crystal, the Sith choose the easier path, skip all that trouble and use a manufactured crystal which I guess only comes in red… xD

  25. You call it “photorealistic,” I call it “tracing over photographs.”

  26. Anyone else see the title and think of this?

  27. This comic actually looks pretty cool.

  28. Nash finally got the Emperor to talk to him again!

  29. As Leonardo DiCaprio said in Django Unchained, “You caught my interest. Now you have my full attention.”

    Seriously, this alternate Star Wars universe looks interesting, and I want to see more. More. MORE!!!!

    Plus, Nash becoming a part of the empire was golden. I knew Florida would do this to him.

  30. Sees new video hosting site and kinda rolls eyes wondering if blip has been screwing people over similar to rever. Clicks share. Sees link is from, and I’m just like QUE COSA!?

    • Yeah, Screenwave’s sharing system usually shares from whatever site the video is embedded on. If you’re having trouble viewing it on Screenwave, it’s also up on my blip account. ^_^

      • For me, the video changed aspect ratio and changed video quality on its own, also refused to load parts of the video :(.

        There’s also the problem of freezing it when you put on full screen or get out of it.

      • Oh no dude, no problem viewing it. Just had me thinking CA now had a native video player, which seemed a little crazy.

      • Are you still making Lightbringer comics? Just curious. Where can I find those? (I know those are your earliest endeavors in comic storytelling so they may be a little rough…their original advertising forum notwithstanding/another matter entirely.)

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