AT4W: The Star Wars #2

A saga of heroes, of villains, and of punching people who won’t do what you say.

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  1. That specific red cross is the portuguese Military order of christ cross, the sucessors of the Knights Templars. It’s still used nowadays by several organisations and sports teams, like the Portuguese Air Force and the National Football team, among others.
    Also, “Sweet Christmas”? Let me guess, Luke Cage?

  2. It’s called a Space Station because a lot of ships from the Imperial fleet land there. If it wasn’t a space station, it would not be possible to land even a fraction of a fraction of those ships.

    5:25 Even in earlier drafts, George Lucas still sucked at romance for Anakin.

    7:05 I don’t think it’s “runeasonable” for Anakin to hit Leia given how Anakin was trying to get her to safety as ordered by his father, they don’t have time for Leia’s petty whining and that she hit him first. I say I’m on Anakin’s side for this.

    (Plus I’ve seen way too many anime, JRPGs, and manga where people acting idiotic like Leia wind up getting a good wake up call to hurry the hell up.)

    • Sorry, I misspelled “Unreasonable”

    • I think their is a difference between lightly slapping a dude and pouching someone in the face, thier was no need for escalation. But this is Annkin the guy isn’t known for his self control.

      • I don’t think that was “lightly slapping him” on the image. I’ve seen lightly slapping someone. It definitely did not look like that Alaster. What Leia did looked like it it was far harder and must have hurt more than a light slap.

    • “Space station” refers to a, well, stationary structure. Something that is on a stable orbit around a planet, an artificial satellite. It has nothing to do with the size. The Death Star is actually a space ship that travels freely in outer space. It’s essentially a giant version of an aircraft carrier mixed with a nuclear submarine IN SPACE.

      • Actually, a space station could easily be a place that spacecraft go to _be_ stationary. “bus station” and “railway station” refers to the places that buses and trains stop, not to those places’ lack of movement.

        Besides which, the ISS is moving at 17,000 mph. Even if you don’t count orbiting, it has reaction thrusters to allow it to avoid objects.

    • I never really saw it as him punching her when I read it; I mean, Leia was flailing around being a prissy, unreasonable idiot and he just instinctively lashed out to knock some sense into her to calm her down. I mean seriously, she was being hideous royal brat and he was trying to follow orders and get her to safety as quickly as possible. He didn’t have time for her crap. She’d likely be dead by now if not for him striking her.

      As for him hitting on the redhead, I chalk that up to unclear facial expressions in the artwork; I read that as she was into him, but he was inexperienced with social interactions and was moving way too fast. We’d already seen how incredibly awkward he was (teenagers tend to be awkward anyway, but his awkwardness was likely exemplified by his secluded upbringing). She was a little uncomfortable, sure, but she wasn’t cringing in horror, she was just slightly uncomfortable with his forwardness, yet flattered by his interest in her.

      Remember, this was Lucas’s first draft. Obviously the Anakin/Annikin character wasn’t fleshed out very much at this point ;P.

  3. Your screen crawl was a little too fast. I had to rewind a few times. LOL. Good video besides that. Your jokes were on point.

  4. Darth Vader looks like Chris Chan in this issue.

  5. Credit acknowledgement…

    Stark Trek?

  6. 9:03: Ah, our first preview of JJ Abrams’ Star Wars. Seriously, watch his two Star Trek movies; seems to be a thing with him.

  7. I AM A JEDI!


  8. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I like how in this comic Luke punches anakin for being too horny but doesn’t get him for punching a women because punching the princess the senate doesn’t mind(well Luke will probably get him in the next issue but too bad I have to wait or the senate will do something). Good episode the more I watch your show the more I enjoy it(so your getting me more interested).

    I like the New York cab driver accent you gave r2d2 I personally like r2s blue on the middle of his head but that’s just me. I kinda like that they toned down the gold on c3po and I don’t know why but he personally reminds me of the cyber man from doctor who(you gettin that or anyone else).

    As for the movie coming out,will you read the comic a week before the movie,on the week of the movie,or after the movie,or when the movies in theaters(I personally think you’ll do it a week after the movie but not sure)? Also when are you gonna use a different song for after the credits cause for the past 2 episodes I’ve watched you’ve used the same thing for after the credits so can you use something different?(although I think you’ve been using it cause youtubes copyright system but just me).

    That’s cool that your doing a patreon supported review again and after I’m done on the site I’ll go watch some of your older episodes but thanks for this episode and hope you stay safe!!!

  9. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, and in an alternate universe…

    4:17- And people make fun of Anakin from the Prequel Trilogy for the way HE talks and acts.

    4:38- Because it’s WAY bigger than a Star Destroyer and can hold almost a million people onboard.

    7:27- Anakin only Force choked Padme in anger in Episode III. He never punched her. He may have been too emotional, but he’s not a dick.

    At least the hillbillies were change into the Tuskin Raiders. Also, the vehicle they’re riding on is an AAT Battle Tank used by the Battle Droids in the Prequel Trilogy.

    Like a lot of things in the show Star Wars: Rebels, the original design for R2-D2, as shown in this comic, later inspired the look of the droid character named Chopper.

    11:25- Um, …Order 66, anyone?

    I also find this issue okay, except for majority of characters coming in and Anakin in this story being a dick to women.

    BTW, I’ve watched a YouTube video on all the times Star Trek TNG used the number 47. Star Trek has used the number 47 more that Star Wars uses the numbers 327 and 1138.

  10. It’s already been confirmed to a certain degree, but the etymology of the word “station” in battlestation does not lie in it’s being stationary but in the old French word estacion (which itself comes from the latin stationem)… a place/position to which people are assigned, such as a port or military camp.

    Though to be honest, a space station would have to have the ability to move anyway… partially to maintain it’s geosynchronous orbit & also avoid incoming debris or comets.

  11. Writers, I must ask… why have a central character as your intended protagonist, when you have him do crap like molesting and beating his partners?

    Having a protagonist act like a jerk to the end is never endearing to the audience, it’s hard for us to root for him/her. It never works.

    And I’m certain people are gonna bring up examples of how it “CAN” work, but I’ll just point out how those examples completely differ from instances like this one.

  12. Is it me or does C-3PO have a female body shape in this?

  13. Well obviously Anakin punches Leia because HE IS A MAN!!!!

    Though a very weenie looking one, judging by the artwork. Explains why he acted the way he did in the prequels. Seems George Lucas had always planned him that way.

    Though I have to say, Princess Leia looks odd without her signature cinnamon bun hair. How long has it been since you reviewed the first comic? I don’t even remember it.

  14. Is there a reason why the Sith use red lightsabers? I always tough it was because red looked intimidating.

    • It’s because they use artificial focusing crystals. The Jedi generally use naturally occurring crystals that come in a variety of colors. It’s much more difficult to make differing colors with the artificial crystals–especially if you want them to be stable ;P.

    • That’s the real-world reason. The cannon reason is something about using artificial crystals, since the Jedi are basically force-crystal De Beers.

  15. Screencrawl was a little fast, but as always, great Review.
    But i wonder, when will the Storylines return?

  16. That opening was very well done Lewis.

  17. Are you going to do anymore arches like you used to at the end of episodes? I miss all the characters you used to play.

  18. Jonathan Gillispie

    It appears (and when say “appears” I mean OBVIOUSLY) that many elements and plot points of the original draft for A New Hope made it into all the other films in the saga.

  19. So wait…did they kill of Chewbacca? 🙁

  20. A full-on backhanded fist to the face was a bit excessive, but I can’t say it was entirely unreasonable given the situation.

    It’s like if someone was trying to run back upstairs to get their phone in a burning building.

  21. R2 actually DOES have arms, but he usually keeps them inside his frame.

  22. I definitely need to read these just for a giggle. In the earlier drafts, the light sabers weren’t that unique, everybody carried one. Kinda screwed up the whole “uniqueness” of being a Jedi vibe. “I am a trained martial artist, see? Glowy sword!”, “So? I have one too.”, “Me three, might as well consider yourself in the elite with a space butter knife.”.

    Of course, if everyone was carrying a lightsaber, it would make finding the Jedi a little more difficult (literally, that’s the plot of much of the EU, the one thing that always broke their disguise while in hiding, every time someone saw someone with a light saber, “Oh, there’s a Jedi! *pewpewpew*.

  23. Seriously you’ve been advertising coins of Macguffin for months when are you gonna make an episode already your meant to make the show first then advertise it

  24. C-3PO appropriately looks like a girl.

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