AT4W: Top 15 Worst Comics I’ve Ever Reviewed

With the end of 2014, Linkara looks back at the worst comics he’s ever reviewed for the show!

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Atop the Fourth Wall is a show about bad comic books. Linkara finds the surreal and the stupid and breaks them down page by page. You'll know why they're idiotic and how they can be improved.


  1. I could see ‘Sewing Machine’ becoming a derogatory term in the future. Maybe for a female who is caught up in old-school feminine ideals of women being unable to earn money or something? Ex. “Don’t be such a stuck-up Sewing Machine and get a job already!” It probably won’t catch on but, then again, some of the origins for derogatory terms we do use are pretty surprising.

  2. Wait… am I first?

    This never happens…


  3. Happy New Year, Linkara.

    I’ve already got two Summit variety packs from costco. I’m drinking the IPAs now and saving the rest for New Years proper.

    I HATE IPAs.

  4. Fincan from Mexland

    Surprised you didn’t mention that out of all the characters in the Marville comic only the fish had a word balloon!!

  5. “Indigo Laffy Taffy”?

    Yeah, well purple monkey dishwasher you!

  6. Avengers #200 is a bad comic, but its biggest flaw ultimately derives from the writers not realizing the implications of sci-fi plot devices like mind control (a flaw that is fairly common in a lot of genre fiction, I find), so I don’t think it really merits being considered the worst comic reviewed by the show.

  7. Feijoa lamp Ulan Bataar review!

  8. personally i feel that the death of Lian Harper COULD have lead to an interesting series of stories. Now before you break out the pitchforks and torches and form a mob give me a minute to explain how. There could be an event where a new villain with some kind of mask concealing their face attacks them and nobody has any idea who it is. Said villain has mystic powers that the various heroes have not encountered in somebody yet. This continues on for a while and eventually roy harper manages to break of some part of the mask and stops cold, letting the villain get away. When confronted he reveals that it was lian. Eventually they find out that some mystic villain (perhaps darkseid) noticed she had mystic powers and set up the events of cry for justice to kidnap her so he could brainwash and train her. Of course eventually they find a way to reverse the brainwashing. Perhaps not perfectly leaving traces of the impulses to do evil that she may have to struggle with. Please forgive me if there is no way darkseid would or could do that, i am more of a marvel fan than dc, but even i can think of a way to fix what happened.

    • While Darkseid probably wouldn’t, other villains likely WOULD. So yeah, i can see that working.

    • … That could work, at a stretch.

      Darkseid’s on his couch, asking why the Female Fury recruitment numbers are down. So Granny Goodness checks Earth, because all the New God stuff eventually involved our planet, and says “Hey, this Lian kid’s parents are an expert marksman and a highly-trained assasin. Plus it’ll stick it to the JLA or something. Let’s abduct her and put her through Fury training.”

      Throw in something about forced ageing, and boom. It’ll still be stupid, but not as stupid as what we got.

    • I’m sorry ( Maybe this is part of the joke. )

      Isn’t that basically what happened with Jason Todd in under the Red hood?

      Anyways it seems like Linkara’s problem with it isn’t her death, it’s that she died in a comic that had little to nothing to do with her.

  9. “Leave me along Alfred! People are feeling happy about the ending to Legend of Korra, i have to call them gay now, because that’s the only way i can get an erection!”

    Oh Crazy Steve, you so crazy.

  10. I think you made a small error- Stan Lee wrote much of the Marvel Universe, not DC. Unless you meant something different.

  11. Well this sure was a satisfying list to watch. Kinder fitting that you do this at the end of the year where you ended so many recurring series of reviews.

    But on a personal note I would like to thank you for mentioning Legend of Korra, indeed it has left me in such a happy mood and you have just helped me get in a even better mode for spreading the word of such a wonderful show.

  12. Worst comics you’ve ever reviewed? Just based on your reactions, how did “Adventures of the Kool-Aid Man” or “Superman and the Quik Bunny” not make this list?

  13. It’s about time you made a list like this, even after Doug made his list of the Nostalgia Critic top worst movies he’s reviewed.

    15. Thank you for mentioning the Hitler thing I talked about in the comments last week.
    14. What a waste of paper that Elseworld story was.
    13. Even though I dropped out of college, I’m still able to find work in this crazy world of out.
    12. Hey, Linkara. I have a copy of Youngblood #0, and I can donate it to you if you’re still interested.
    11. I don’t hate The New 52 as much as anyone else, but I can agree that The Culling was a waste of storytelling.
    10. I also wished Raver was a Superhero who save nightclubs.
    9. Any chance you’ll review comic adaptations of comic book movies, like Batman and Superman?
    8. Mephisto does NOT diserve to be in Spider-Man stories. WTF, Joe Quesada?
    6. Warner Bros. Animation made movies based on Batman: Year One and The Dark Knight Returns, and thanks to the fans, they will NEVER make a film based on ASBAR, but at least they made one based on All-Star Superman.
    5. And together, we could BE justice!
    4. Are there any GOOD horror comics you recommend?
    3. The Bimbos in Time episode is my favorite of AT4W, because similar to The Nostalgia Critic’s review of Garbage Pail Kids, it shows how bad something could be; Garbage Pail Kids with movies and Bimbos in Time with comics.
    2. I’ve just happy to see you survived the madness that is Marville.
    1. I need to rewatch the Avengers #200 so I can keep in mind why we’ll NEVER see this happen to Carol Danvers in the Captain Marvel movie to be released in 2018.

    Have fun with the bad comics you have in store for 2015, including more ASBAR, more Godzilla, more quickies, and a romance comic based on Aunt May and Uncle Ben. …Wait, what?

    • How can you not hate the New 52? It wiped out the legacy of the DC Universe (the one thing that made it distinct and different from Marvel) in one fell swoop. No Justice Society, No All-Star Squadron. Sure there may be some good books but I can’t really get into them knowing what was lost. Besides most of the good books didn’t need all that history wiped out for them to be good. Plus the New 52 stinks of mismanagement; if you watch Linkara’s review of ‘Red Hood and the Outlaws’ he gives the link to a list of writers who left DC because of creative dispute with the executives and poisonous work environment, it is staggering. If you want further proof DC Comics (my favourite Comic company by the way) is currently being run by Baboons then look no further then their movie branch where they are trying so hard to ape the MCU it’s both embarrasing and heartbreaking.
      Sorry to rant but…I LOVE DC comics and the New 52 killed what I liked about them that Identity Crisis (AKA Let’s-Try-and-Be-Marvel-Comics The Graphic Novel) didn’t kill already.
      Sorry to rant.

      • Batman and The Flash are somewhat decent.

        • Agreed. The Flash remains a guilty pleasure of mine, even in the New 52. On one hand, I’m not at all happy that Wally West was booted aside in Barry Allen’s favor, and I hate that they played the “only characters with tragic backstories are interesting” card. Then again, The Flash has always been a favorite of mine, and the tragic backstory shoe-horning-in didn’t bother me in the TV series from the 1990s.

          I haven’t touched any other New 52 titles beyond The Flash, though.

      • I hear ya. I actually haven’t bought a single DC comic since New 52.

      • Well hey if DC is doing one thing right it’s TV shows.

        Arrow and The Flash are actually really well written, filled with in jokes and hints at a bigger universe forming.

      • The only closest thing from The New 52 I’ve come accross so far is the animated movie Justice League: War, which is based on the New 52 graphic novel, Justice League: Origins, and with the exception of the flaws, I thought of it as a nice take on the first gathering of my favorite superhero team of all time.

    • On the topic of #4, Lewis’ horror recommendations, I assume you are unaware of Longbox of the Damned?

      • Yeah. I was just stupid not to think about it, mostly because this isn’t October.

        • New 52 definitely has some flaws, like how cancel books if they’re not popular right from start, the fact that their crossover events take forever to come out, and the fact that their is no, freaking, Shazam solo-series. But that doesn’t change the fact that there are still some great comics, like Earth-2 is fucking unbelievable, Justice League Dark spotlights a bunch of underrated magic using characters like Madame Xanadu, Frankenstein, Deadman, and course you can’t go wrong when Constantine’s in your comic, Red Lanterns is very interesting, Harley Quinn is really funny and enjoyable (p.s people are way too hard on New 52 Harley), New Suicide Squad is still awesome etc, etc.

  14. Ten bucks a bunch of people like Crazy Steve will start whining about Korrasami and try to justify their dumbassitude by pretending they’re criticising bad writting.

    • Too late – it “wasn’t foreshadowed enough”, apparently.

    • So since I didn’t like the finale i’m dumb?

      Honestly I was going to write more but I don’t think this is the time or place for some guys break down of the problems with the finale.

      Let me just put it this way, The original series could end with Anng and Katara kissing because we had three seasons of build up to that momment.

      Korra and Asami had no build up, we were never waiting for it, no no we had HINTS. Maybe there’s a thing maybe, possibly, probably. We never see either one begin to realize they liked the other. Heck we don’t even get the kiss! Blame Nick if you want, however it doesn’t totally excuse the story.

      • Except that Kataang had even less buildup, Aang simply acted like a creep, Katara rejected and then she accepted out of the blue. While Korra was blushing at Asami and both had several hints, no matter how much you try to ignore them.

  15. Great Video! Loved it from begining to end! Here’s hoping you and the rest of the site have a better 2015 then you had a 2014.
    PS Are you and Count Jackula going to team up for his next episode of ‘Misogny in Horror’ or were you just segwaying it?
    PPS Are you going to Review any Dynamite Entertainment comics?
    PPPS Are you and Obscurus Lupa going to team-up to review The Black Bat Rises?
    PPPPS Team Four Star needs to find a use for your Superboy Prime voice; It cracks me up every time.

  16. I, too, couldn’t believe how bad the Silent Hill comics were.

  17. Nice to know I’m not the only one who wants to bid good riddance to 2014.

  18. Helix’s struggle is futile, and it’s efforts irrelevant. THE DOME WILL TAKE YOU ALL.

  19. Really? I didn’t read any Spiderman comics after ending Superior Spiderman when I have read that they recycled AGAIN, the stupid love story between Peter and MJ, please, they are repeating the same stupid thing for the last 700 comics. And MJ really hadn’t changed much since then, Peter would have grow up and move on with someone else.

  20. I’m surprised that the Tandy Computer Wiz Kids weren’t on this list. Instead he put that college PSA, which was… bad… but not as bad I think at least… what do you guys think?

    • I agree with you. He’s reviewed so many comics but I can’t believe that I forgot about the Tandy Computer Wiz Kids. Maybe it’s because they didn’t make him angry?

      • Professor von SCIENCE!!!

        Eh, to me they’re more dull and repetitive as compared to the imminently more hateable stuff on the list. That and their stories are at least consistent and don’t end in clones, JUSTICE!, Superman fighting Hitler, Frank Miller bs, or jell-o.

  21. I love the cover picture. So clever. I still need to check out your Silent Hill reviews. Also, M. Bison for the win!

  22. People called Linkara a scamer? I know Paytrion hasn’t been used to the best effect but there are a lot of people who uses it effectively, if your only using someone like Spoony who has only put out wrestling videos lately and just did a remasters of a old video (no really) but if there still doing there basic work at a steady rate and not pissing on there backers there is no reason.

    That has to be someone on the #gamergate side seeing as most of them do not like the idea, I am more neutral on that but I do see where people misuse fan money but you have to watch who you give it all do only give that cash to someone who has proven they can keep content going like Bennett the sage a streamer I watch Mr. Happy.

    • …what does Linkara being called a “scammer” have to do with #gamergate at all?

      • He retweeted something that was suppose to show how the site 8chan has CP and they where point to gamergate to say “there all pedos!” even though 8chan does not allow that stuff on its website and was up and running long before gamergate.

        I am Sure linkara didn’t know what it was all about and just RTed it and a bunch of people threw mub at him and anyone who uses Paytrion.

        • Ah, that hot mess. I heard about that, and honestly just have to shake my head at how stupid some people can be, and what measures they will go to to discredit a site/group.

          Still, if Linkara somehow got mis-blamed for something, all i can do is offer my condolences.

          • Linkara RT’s about anything sent his way I am 99% sure he didn’t know what it was even talking about.

            Also Happy new year.

  23. *shutter* One more day…god that still comic still hurts my soul to this day!

  24. Praise Helix!
    (By the way I love your show)

  25. great list. I hope that 2015 will have some better comics in store that aren’t as severe as the ones mentioned here. I was also wondering if you ever plan to review more movie based comic books since I actually have a pretty good one fort you to review called Predator 1718 by Dark Horse Comics. it’s essentially the story of who Raphael Adolini was, and how the Elder Predator at the end of Predator 2 obtained his flintlock pistol. it’s a great comic based on a great 90’s film with one bad ass character which was sadly the last role played by actor Kevin Peter Hall who originally played the Predator in the first 2 films. if you plan to review movie based comic books in 2015, then I strongly recommend you check this one out.

  26. Great list Linkara.

    Man, having read One More Day, i feel your pain on a personal level. I too have stayed clear of Spiderman since his deal with Mephisto. Im Daredevil all-the-way, now!

    I hope you have a Happy New Year, and here’s to a (hopefully) better batch of comics in 2015!

  27. GreenGoblinsOckVenom86

    I actually like a lot of the comics that came after One More Day. Though I started reading Modern Spider-Man comics a long time after One More Day. And let’s face it. None of the comics now act like One More Day even happened. Peter himself doesn’t remember the deal and in the comics I’ve read Mary Jane hasn’t said anything about it. I have a feeling though they may get rid of One More Day with this current spider verse thing. If Dan Slott did that I would buy every single book he writes in the future as a thank you to him.
    Anyway I will agree all those comics on your list are bad. Also jus FYI I never read One More Day. Most of the Spider-Man comics I’ve read are older comics. I’ve actually read every Amazing Spider-Man comic from the early 60s when it started to the 80s. I’ve also read quite a bit of the 90s before the clone Saga. But then I started over on them. Besides the modern Spider-Man comics I’ve subscribed too I’ve been rereading the 60s comics. I’m currently reading the time tablet story.

  28. Of all the comics he’s reviewed, I hated JLA Act of God the most for its complete disregard for how all the characters are supposed to be and making everyone except Batman look like a loser who only was a hero because they had powers. It was massively insulting to anyone who’s a fan of heroes other than Batman.

    • Well he did include All-Star Crazy Steve & Dick Grayson, Age Twelve. While not as large a scope of characters getting the shaft, or as often, it’s still a sizable flipped bird.

  29. That top comic…I feel elated. I know I have seldom felt personal rage towards a topic of review here on a level like that. If that movie of the character concerned does happen, THEY HAD BETTER NOT REFERENCE THIS GARBAGE.

  30. And counting crows are my favourite band ever; thanks for playing them!

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