AT4W: Youngblood #3

Can someone remind me what this series was about again?

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  1. It’s comics like Youngblood that show why we cannot have nice things.

    3:39- I take it Rob Liefeld has never heard of a ruler. Huh, no wonder why he never draws a bowstring of Shaft’s bow.

    5:21- I actually have a copy of Youngblood #0, just so I can know how terrible it is, and it IS terrible, from the cover to the SIX 2-page spreads to be flipped on their side.

    Liefeld has no idea what “respectfully dedicated” means. Neither Jack Kirby nor Joe Shuster had ANY involvment with the making of Youngblood. The end of The Adventures of Superman #498 has a BETTER dedication to Joe Shuster, because he co-created Superman.
    11:06- THAT DOESN’T COUNT!

    6:50- Shaft is NOT popular. I say this, because I haven’t even HEARD of Youngblood until I started watching AT4W a year before this episode’s released.

    9:27- It’s designs like these that make me thank God we’ve gone out of the Dark Age of Comics, and not having every hero and villain wear skin-tight outfits, even rediculous looking ones.

    I can never get over Kun Tai Ted’s cameo.

    14:49- FOOTLOOSE!

    Image may have improved the first 5 issues of Youngblood, but that STILL doesn’t mean that any movie about them will be made.

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