Athena #3 – AT4W

Answers finally revealed! …well, okay, maybe like ONE is revealed. Sort of.

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  1. I am very exited for the up coming team up of Athena’s Butt and Assy McGee

  2. Suing joke? Somebody’s suing me! No really! Have you seen the new MST3K? I haven’t. I’m glad to be watching the animated “Wonder Woman” movie now.

  3. Oh! I forgot about this series. I like the artwork. Heck, even the armor is kinda cool (even if it’s a little sleazy). Still, yeah, not much happened in this issue.

  4. When it comes to crappy comic book characters like Athena, I’m just happy to know that Wonder Woman is finally having her own live action movie coming out this June, AND it will also have Ares.

    3:28- Someone should stick these comics right up that ass of hers.

    What’s the hell is the editor’s problem with not putting question marks at the end of questions? Did a question mark kill his favorite pet or something?
    6:54- Oh, never mind. We FINALLY have one in this goddamn comic.

    11:00- Or he asking for Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

    At least Athena is still a step better than The Godessy.

    15:30- Do a review on the movie Windy City. I’ve been waiting too long for The Cinema Snob to do so, and he’s too busy now reviewing God’s Not Dead 2.

    • Given the spelling, I’d have gone with Beauty, too.

      Also, what you and Lewis need to remember is that there was a big worldwide question mark shortage during the nineties. It affected all print / written media, even emails.
      People are still rationing.

  5. Well with that Thinkerbell joke you missed a very obvious Disney Hercules joke…. maybe too obvious

  6. Between changing into a sandstorm and time control powers, I’d have been playing Remember The Time (by Michael Jackson) whenever Zeus came on.

    But that’s just me.

  7. Zeus doesn’t actually have time control powers. He jes has a beefier version of the Omega 13.

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