Atop the Fourth Wall: The Movie – Part 5

The finale, as our heroes must come together and fight a great monster…

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Atop the Fourth Wall is a show about bad comic books. Linkara finds the surreal and the stupid and breaks them down page by page. You'll know why they're idiotic and how they can be improved.


  1. FIRST! Uh uh uh uh uh didididididididiididididiidididididiididididididiidididididididid *SMACK* DID LINKARA JUST DROP THE F-BOMB!?!?!

  2. Oh man that was great. That woman’s reaction shots as the Snob just kept talking had me in stitches

  3. I loved the blinking light labelled blinkenlichten

  4. Was that a DBZ Abridged reference when Alan reacted to the box that said Nappa?

  5. Overall, a very good effort. The finale was definitely the best part. Everyone contributed and Cinema Snob was awesome. It was definitely a good choice to just go with everyone being genre savvy and just acknowledging things like the Plot Hole.

    Congratulations, Linkara.

  6. I’ve seen Necromantic.

  7. Wow, The Ham was Strong in this one. 😛 But you know what? I DON’T CARE! After several episodes of whining, we finally see Linkara and Co. back in form and kicking ass. Woo-hoo!

    Without a doubt, this was one of the best fan-made movies I’ve ever seen. Congratulations to everyone involved.

    Favorite part: The Snob’s distracting tactics. Though I could have lived without knowing those movie facts.

    • Whining, eh? You have no concept of death or maturing, do you?

    • Honestly, I found the “whining” to be the best part of the movie. A lot of it was pretty by the books for the most part, but the concept of Linkara being tormented by his many near-death experiences and hardships is something interesting that isn’t touched on that well THAT often.

  8. That’s it. Nash is my favorite actor ever. End of story.

  9. Good, you also kept the movie short enough that it doesn’t drag on…

    I assume it was quite a hassle moving and breathing in that “Neo” Mechakara suit… 😛

  10. Hopefully in this episode you will review this comic book so-called “The Movie.”

  11. This was the icing on one of the best cakes ever!!!!!! this movie was RAD!!!!!

    The score was brilliant and special effects were awesome, especially the stuff for the body horror elements. Real chilling!! The acting was great, especially in parts 3 and 4 with all the emotions really hitting hard. The acting really helped with that since it was awesome!! And the characters were brilliant, both old and new, and the development was great (cough 90’s kid cough cough). The story line was super engaging but my favorite thing was all the questions raised like Linkara observing how his show works a bit like a comic book, with the baddie of the week and such. Really interesting stuff. The humor was well balanced with all this, and it was obviously amazing; though Nash had my favorite lines and Obscuous Lupa had my favorite moments like shooting the villain, everyone was so amazing, there is no way to say who was the best.

    It was great seeing everyone together and I hope you can do this again sometime.
    By far, this was one of my favorite Sci-Fi movies ever, with some main stream films of this nature really needing to take note, like the balance of comedy and deep drama, and good effects.

    I know I’m gushing but this was AMAZING!!!!!!!! Come along way from the green sofa, haven’t you Mr. Lovhaug? Super happy for you!!!!

  12. ….wait, did Linkara just swear?

    I’m gaping in shock while laughing at the same time since it was so awesome! Well played.

    Also I love to think that end was the cast actually reacting to the film.

    And one more thing: To Mr. Lovhaug, I’d like to say I was never interested in comics, except for funny pages, until I saw your show. Now I’m super interested and for that I thank you.
    Congrats on getting this far!!!

  13. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Good job Im pretty sure I like this way mor than any anniversary special I’ve seen(except for uncanny valley) but it had greater production and drama than any of the site anniversary specials so good job on this. I’m shocked though that there was so much cursing in this givin that you said that on your show you don’t curse. What was with the cliffhanger though after the credits and I saw calluna’s name in the credits but nowhere did I see her in the movie so what part was she in? Anyways,I’d love to see more movies like this once a year and I hope that I will never lose interest in your show!’m

  14. Well, this was a cute and fun film. Nothing like a good ol’ cheesy action/sci fi story with Linkara and other awesome reviewers kicking ass to make a weekend great! Seriously, I lost it over the Snob’s “distraction skills”.

  15. Overall, good job. It looked like you guys had fun. But like with the old TGWTG crossover events, I can’t help feeling the scenes could be snappier and the cast could show off more of their quirks instead of making broad nods to them. Of course, that kind of planning and performance is probably impossible without derailing the lives and schedules of everyone involved. There are understandable limits on how long people scattered across a continent can spend time in the same room.

    To me, the Cinema Snob’s distraction was the best scene, since it was one reviewer going off ignoring context. He didn’t have to wait for somebody in the room to react, he could jump to other subjects instead of drawing out a single joke, and it just played better to Brad’s strengths as a guy who says unsettling things to the camera. If a similar crossover happens in the future, I think the question is if other performers can show off what they’re known for while still filling the plot roles.

    There’s no way to say the following without sounding like a cringe-worthy reviewer fanfic. But I need to get it off my chest: imagine if the rest of the guests got used to highlight Lewis’s own characters’ personalities and arc more. If Nash helped highlight Linkara’s own exasperation at his ridiculous life and how scary it is to face parts of it, helping send him into that depression. If Lupa was also being her own brand of retro kitsch weird while dismissing ’90s Kid. If Angry Joe had a rage-off with Mechakara to highlight critics accomplishing good by standing up for their beliefs, while still contrasting with simply obsessed trolls like the villain. If MarzGurl pointed out the positives a lot of people forget to reach a character resolution for Linkara. Essentially have them review the story and characters they’re with in between nudging them along.

    Maybe it wasn’t feasible under the constraints, maybe some of it would have clashed with existing plot lines or prevented it from being streamlined into a movie within reasonable effort, and there’s even a good chance it already did some subtler tricks that went over my head. But I had to throw it out there.

  16. That was great. I love your movie.

    Also, now I want a gun that shoots duct tape.

  17. I don’t normally do this with web series, but I am so gonna buy the DVD of this!!!!!!

  18. Everyone did a great job, but I must say Nash stole every scene he was in.
    That final team magic gun shot was power ranger inspired wasn’t it? 🙂

  19. TheRottenLeprechaun

    I started watching Linkara after seeing him in Kickassia. I enjoyed a lot of great episodes over the years, and this… I loved this. It was fun, entertaining and well-made. Thank you, Linkara.

  20. slightly forced dialog here and there. Apart from that i really liked it.

  21. So very cool. 😀

  22. Pretty good overall. The one thing I’d say really didn’t work was the Caeslestis ship set, it really stood out as cheap in contrast to the excellent Comicron 1 set. But overall it toned down the faults of the anniversary crossovers, the roster was about the right size that all the characters had room to breathe, and the story was simple but decently told. The effects work was generally quite solid, especially the ship battles. Good work.

  23. That was awesome! I loved how everyone got a chance to shine, plus a bit of character development that may or not factor into future stories, above all, great job, Linkara!

  24. Linkara finally cursing was so good I needed a cigarette after.

    Seriously Mr. Lovehaug, that was an excellent production. Thank you on behalf of the fans.

  25. It’s good to see the producers branching out and attempting larger projects. I’ve watched the movie through, and I appreciate the work that’s gone into it. However, I have a few points of constructive criticism for Linkara and any future movies he or other producers might make. Please don’t dismiss this all as nitpicking, these small aspects can make a huge difference to a production. I’d like to see you guys grow as filmmakers.

    The first is to work within your budget – given the low budget of this film compared to Hollywood movies, or even other indie movies, deciding to do a space opera probably wasn’t the best idea. It looks like most of the money was spent on a single set, and housing it inside a studio, which left nothing for other locations (which is why I’m guessing the climax is in the other half of the studio filled with moving boxes, and the other spaceship is just somebody’s house)? It also appears there was no money for proper lighting, which ultimately ruined the look of the nice set. Lighting can be overlooked as a major factor in making a scene ‘work’, and it was pretty absent throughout the film. It seemed like the rest of the cast needed chairs as well, other than Linkara, and probably beds too for the sleeping scene. I would also suggest that money needed to be spent on better camera equipment, and probably training in shot composition. Shots mostly have no depth, and are framed oddly. The 180 rule of dialogue scenes is broken in the first few shots of the movie. The rule of thirds is ignored. I would also take a look at blocking scenes better, as scenes on the spaceship particularly genuinely seem like a stage set (and we’re looking through the fourth wall – or atop it!). However, the fight scene between the robot and Linkara is decently staged, given they’re the same actor.

    I’d also say the movie is impenetrable for anyone not already familiar with Linkara or Channel Awesome. Maybe that’s the intent, but as a ‘movie’ it should stand on its own. The premise of a comic book reviewer having a spaceship, flying to Jupiter, and facing a robot version of himself sounds like it should be some insane parody, but it’s played so straight. If I wasn’t already following the plotline of the series, I would be thrown through a loop tonally. There’s serious introspection into Linkara, Harvey Finevoice and 90’s Kid, who are all played by Linkara of course, but if I was just a first-time viewer of the movie, I’d have no idea why I should care about these characters, except for our protagonist Linkara. A lot of the technobabble about the ship could have been reduced, or cut, such as getting the intercoms to work. Some points are really overexplained and overelaborated. However, some of the Star Trek homage stuff worked, especially with the Wrath of Khan-style trap.

    If you do decide to do another movie, my ultimate advice is to work within your means to make a professional production. The film, as it is, works as another installment in your plotline for fans, but as a movie there’s a lot of room for improvement. I’d look at taking some training in direction, camerawork, etc, and scaling back the script to focus on a couple of locations, perhaps, you can get cheaply, and then focus production into really nailing the technical and creative. I’m glad your fans are enjoying the movie, and I hope this feedback helps you for your next production!

  26. Oh yeah? Well fuck you too! Best one-liner you’ve ever done Lewis. It was like something Ash from Evil Dead would say! Awesome movie and I really hope you do another one in the future!

    Great job to everyone involved, and I hope you all had fun making it!

  27. Personally, I found this more interesting and fun to watch than the last 2 TGWTG movies, honestly.

  28. OMG, Mechakara’s true form was scary as heck. O.O Also, you went totally PG-13 with the F-bomb. O.O LOL. Also, that was a good way to end Mechakara (for now at least).

  29. Nice Job Linkara. I hope you make another movie in the future. Also the cast did a great job

  30. I just got around to finishing all the parts and there’s not much more I can say than what everyone else has said.

    Excellent job Linkara. You brought back something that me and many others felt was one of the most important things we all loved from this site and you also made it into your own.

    Congratulations to everyone involved and I’m looking forward to getting the DVD!

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