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Chris Stuckmann reviews AVP: Alien vs. Predator.

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  1. For some reason, this is one of the Alien movies I think I might see. It sounds enjoyable to me. Plus, I actually like about half of Paul W.S. Anderson movies.

    • If you liked King Kong or Indiana Jones (or any of the numerous inspirations and ripoffs) you might enjoy it.
      It’s happily simple, cartoonish even.

  2. You gave this turd a higher score than Alien 3?

    No, just… no.

  3. Chicken Puppet

    The first time I tried watching this movie I rolled my eyes so much at the cheesy team of explorer banter that I gave up before the action started.

    Actually, like Chris mentions in the video, this is a movie that you have on in the background and you aren’t really paying full attention. You can get the gist of it and not miss much, and the special effects are pretty good.

  4. My friend once described this as “15 minutes of awesome wrapped in 90 minutes of s(bleep).”

  5. TragicGuineaPig

    Okay. At the end of Predator II, when the Predators take their defeated buddy’s dead body away. At first, they threaten Danny Glover, but when they realize that he defeated their buddy in fair combat, they show him respect. One of them even gives him an antique pistol.

    That’s what I think is going on in AvP with the Predator-human team-up. The Predator recognizes her as a fellow warrior. That’s the basis of their partnership: they are fellow warriors teaming up to fight against a common more dangerous enemy. At least that’s the impression I got from it.

    Of course, I will admit, it does raise another question: when the original Predator was defeated by Ahnoold, why did he try to nuke him instead of showing proper respect? Then again, maybe they’re only bound to do that when the enemy has been utterly defeated, and as long as the Predator was still alive, he was honor bound to take his foe with him; it’s only after one has proven success as a hunter that they get due props.

  6. Chris says the Alien Queen is unable to keep up with the girl, then show footage of the A.Q. catching up to the girl…

  7. I’m really more of a Predator fan, without being able to get into the Alien movies much. I think the xenomorph is terrorific, and Weaver is a boss, but for some unknown reason I didn’t get the vacuum feeling of attention that I got from Predator or the Terminator movies.

    This movie obviously wasn’t supposed to be a predator vs human movie, and I could appreciate that considering how actually sociable the predators are for alien monsters. I thought it was OK how the predators were presented as bullies to the humans… The scenes between the predators and aliens were not built up at all though, and the predators are supposed to be literal stalkers. Not like the lone-out alien in Alien, but like it’s what they’re trained to do. They didn’t do that in this, they just kind of encounter xenomorphs, and on to the next scene. Very let down.

  8. Snorgatch Pandalume

    A Paul W.S. Anderson movie that shits all over continuity? Say it ain’t so!
    If he made this today, he’d put his wife in it and she’d kick both the Aliens’ and the Predators’ asses.

  9. There is no doubt about it, AvP is bad movie. That first AvP comic book from Dark Horse showed how it’s done well while this AvP movie failed. Even most AvP video games and PC-games did it better and those are all about action.

  10. I didn’t care for this movie at all. I could never get behind the “Predator Fun House” plot, and I couldn’t get myself to care about any of the characters. I wish they had at least tried to do something closer to the plot of the original comic.

  11. I found this an enjoyable flick. It gets better upon re-watch, when I’ve gotten over the rather underwhelming critter vs critter stuff. Was actually expecting more. And for it to make any sort of sense… well…
    There’s a lot to see: OTT sets, miniature effects, monsters.
    It’s sort of like “King Kong” or some Republic serial, rather than a modern action-film. That sort of adventure thing.
    I liked it – but then, I have never embraced the religion of “Alien Canon.” Or any canon.

  12. Not the worst movie I’ve ever seen, but definitely one of the most disappointing. I remember me and my friends were so stoked to see it at the time, and when we finally did our reaction was the most resounding ‘meh’ in history.

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