Awesome Video Game Memories: Full Throttle (PC) – Battle Geek Plus

Ryan talks about his favorite of the LucasArts adventure games: Full Throttle! Directed by the legendary Tim Schafer.

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  1. Great video Ryan. I remember a friend of mine showed me this game along with a lot of the Lucasarts point and clicks. My favorites would still have to be Day of the Tentacle and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis although Full Throttle is in my top 5 Lucasarts point and click games. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Day of the Tentacle and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis if you’ve played them.

  2. First time I’ve watched you Ryan,

    Some great memories of the game. You’re right, it very easily could have been an hour long video. I do have some great memories my self playing the game. If I did have one complaint it was that it was too short. I finished it in 3 days. To be fair I did play it almost night and day. At the time I was doing game reviews for a local TV station. Every month or so I would review a game and Full Throttle was actually the second game I reviewed. (The first was Rebel Assault, I used it as an opportunity to introduce the preview to Rebel Assault II)

    Full throttle was just new on the market and the technology did not exist it the time to record video game footage so I had to shoot the screen with a camera.

    I played a lot of the LucasArts point and click adventures including Indiana Jones and the Fate Of Atlantis, Full Throttle, Day Of The Tentacle and The Dig (My Personal Favourite). I never did get into the Monkey Island series and missed out on Grim Fandango. Though with both Grim Fandango and Day Of The Tentacle getting updated remakes could Full Throttle or The Dig be that far off?

    One thing I’m surprised you didn’t mention were the songs by the Gone Jackals. It was kind of the first time I’d heard of a group contributing songs to a game. The album “Bone To Pick” which has all the songs, except “Chitlins, Whiskey and Skirt” by Increased Chances, is still available at

    In any case it’s nice to see that someone else remembers this game fondly. Keep up the good work.

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