Awesome Video Game Memories – The Adventures of Bayou Billy

Love the game or hate it, Ryan tells you his memories of The Adventures of Bayou Billy for the NES!

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  1. Oh man. I couldn’t stand this game.

    My friend had it and we got as far as the bald boss or the first driving stage, but couldn’t get past that. My friend let me borrow the game and never took it back (which it actually became mine), but couldn’t even get any further and just let it collect dust until I sold it later on.

    I never realized the Japanese version was easier, but I dislike this game so much that I won’t even bother with it. Good video, though.

  2. You and I clearly have different definitions of ‘Awesome’ in gaming.

  3. I understand why they would make this more challenging, but I think they may have went too far, and I’ve never even played this game.

  4. I liked this game! My friend had it waay back and we spent quite some time playing it. It was impossible at first, but after some time – and some other games – we beat it 2 or 3 times. This on original NES, so I don’t know whether the european release was more or less difficult than the Jap one. We were kids 😛

    Despite its clunky mechanics, I loved the weird setting of the game. We just had a lot of fun collecting chickenlegs and the two guys at the end (whom we thought were robots) were awesome!

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