Awesome Video Game Memories: Ultima Exodus – Battle Geek Plus

Ryan talks about the NES port of the famous PC game, Ultima III: Exodus. How did it fare on the NES?

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3 Comments on "Awesome Video Game Memories: Ultima Exodus – Battle Geek Plus"


BETRAYAL!!!!!!! Sorry, had to do that.


I really miss Spoony. It’s nice he does work with Doug once in a while, but I still miss him being part of this site.


I’ve never really had much interest in the Ultima series other than seeing Spoony’s videos on them and largely ignored them on the NES and SNES since I was more interested in Dragon Warrior/Quest and Final Fantasy.

I remember my friends playing Ultima Online and saying you can get married in that game… Eh?

Good video, Ryan, but Ultima was just not really my cup of tea.