Babylon 5 #1 – AT4W

The Babylon project was a dream given form… but in this comic, we just fell asleep again.

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  1. You got the embed for last week’s episode here instead of the current one.

  2. Yes oh God yes been waiting for a b5 review from you. Any chance of a top 10 list of b5 episodes from you too?

  3. I remember seeing advertisements for Babylon 5 when it was around, but I never got around to watching it, because 1. I was too young then, and 2. It was no Star Wars or Star Trek.

    The triangle thing on the cover looks like a Sith holocron from Star Wars.

    10:46- At least President Clark is STILL better than Trump could ever become.

    15:41- Tobe Fair, at least they didn’t name any of the ships “The Challenger.”

    Yeah, this comic is nothing spectacular. It’s all talk and little action.

    Nice storyline scene inspired by Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

    • AVerySatisfyingThump

      I actually made an account to disagree with you on this. Babylon 5 is one of the best shows ever made. It’s writing is lightyears ahead of anything else on screen in the genre.

      It’s not star trek, but it was never meant to be star trek either. And Star Wars is barley even science fiction so I’m not going to insult Trek or Bab 5 by comparing them to it.

      I highly recommend giving it another shot. It’s one of those shows that deserves more recognition than it gets and it’s a real gem for those who take the time to listen to it.

      • I actually made an account to disagree with you on this.

        To be fair to Speedy Eric, he never said anything like ‘it was a bad show’; only that he never watched it because of his perceptions.
        (Eric: Watch it!)

        It’s not star trek, but it was never meant to be star trek either.

        Um… actually… it kind of was. The story is, it was originally conceived as a Star Trek show, but Paramount passed. Then suddenly came up with DS9. (See TragicGuineaPig’s comment below.)

  4. Back then B5 become to me sci-fi series that I like most. Fact that it has over arching story with complex characters made it superior to Star Trek in my eyes that in turn used reset button far too often instead of events that took place in episodes having any impact to story, characters and universe.

    Besides when it comes to space combat scenes B5 used physics so space ships in it acted like those would in real space minus having sound of course. Only sci-fi series that remembers that there is no sound in space is Firefly.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      Not only that, but there is very strong evidence that Deep Space Nine was actually stolen from Babylon 5. JMS had submitted an idea to Paramount for what eventually became B5, and Paramount turned it down. So JMS took B5 elsewhere. Shortly afterward, DS9 came out, a show with a very similar premise. Coincidence? I think not!

  5. Snorgatch Pandalume

    Not sure what the point was of trying to portray an irredeemably evil character like Clark sympathetically. Just seems odd.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      Clark’s original plan was just to build a wall around Earth and make the Minbari pay for it.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      Upon further reflection, I think it has to do with the idea that, even in the best of us, there is potential for great evil, and even in the worst of us, there is potential for great good. This seems to be a theme in JMS’ writing for the series.

      Notice the Narn-Centauri conflicts throughout the series: early on, it appears that G’Kar is the villain, but it turns out that Londo was every bit as terrible, in some ways worse, than G’Kar. And G’Kar himself ends up being redeemed by the end. In the Shadow War, it appears at first that the Shadows are the villains, but it turns out that the Vorlons – their polar opposite ideologically – are every bit as cruel and terrible as the Shadows themselves.

      It may be that JMS simply wanted to portray Clark as a somewhat sympathetic character who falls from grace to a point that he becomes irredeemable, with the implication that any one of us could have fallen the same way in his position if we made the same kinds of bad choices. At this point, we may know what kind of monster he becomes, but within the framework of the narrative, we’re not supposed to.

  6. Babylon 5 was on when I was a baby so I know nothing about it and this was interesting. Also, thank Goodness that the YouTube link has the right video. 🙌 Lastly, your special effects are getting SO good.

  7. Oh it’s Minbari, for some reason I though you were saying Unvari which was the name of my elementary school recorder teacher, Mr. Unvari. He was an asshole.

    Definitely need to check this series out. I can only re-watch TNG and DS9 so many times.

  8. I’m not familiar with “Babylon 5” at all. I understood very little of this. Of course, it’s always nice to be introduced to new stuff. It seems unique. It really isn’t for me. Yeah, “Star Wars”!

  9. Sinclair asks “What do you want?”… that’s actually a very significant question on B5.

    In each géneration (sic), the souls of our people are reborn…
    … One Minbari in all the worlds, a Chosen One. One born with the strength and skill to fight the vampires…

    Why have two ships named for someone who was famous for crashing? Might as well have named it the Titanic!

    Well, they also have one named the Mary Celeste II (if you listen to background announcements, you’ll hear it) so I guess they don’t think much of auspicious names.
    … Not to mention that Babylon itself was the name of an evil city-state that kept enslaving Israel in the O.T., and they use it for a peaceful diplomatic station.

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