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This special prequel looks at the events leading up to and during the Earth-Minbari War. Basically, if people would just listen to Sheridan crap like this wouldn’t happen.

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  1. Purple dude’s name is Kosh. They are all Kosh.

    • Some fans would refer to him as Ulkesh differentiate him from the Kosh we had for the bulk of the show. That may be official since several Wikis use that name. He’s something of an asshole. JMS confirmed he’s quite a bit younger than Kosh and believes Kosh is something of a doddering old fool who gives too much leeway to the child races who really need a good spanking.

    • I laughed so hard at that line… and I can’t tell if Chuck did it on purpose or not!

  2. This was, and still is, my favorite SF show of all time. And I’ve been watching them since the Original Trek. 😉

  3. Season 5 was a strange thing. TNT treated it as a launching point, but it ended up being a lot of filler since they’d wrapped up the major storylines in season 4 since they thought that would be the end. I’m guessing they were really looking at Crusade and the movies to give them a franchise to rival Star Trek.

    I agree with your assessment to watch In The Beginning after season 4. Maybe you could push it to after season 3, but no earlier.

    Since this is a spoiler episode, I’m going to let people who may not know the about the spoiler added to “The Gathering”. When Kosh greets the fake Sinclair, he calls him Entil’Zha Valen. This wasn’t in the original cut. To someone watching it for the first time, the words wouldn’t mean anything and might be completely missed or forgotten by the time either of those words get used in the show proper. However, since sci fi fans have long memories and are notorious for picking things apart when watching things frame by frame (e.g. picking up Takashima’s authorization code) it likely would have spoiled things for some.

    It’s hard to judge “In The Beginning” outside the context of the show as a whole. It’s more about filling in blanks than really telling a new story. The characters’ personalities come through, but we don’t get any of the relationships that really made the show shine. Those relationships hadn’t formed yet. The fact that Sheridan and Franklin had met before was never mentioned on the show, so it seemed kind of thrown in to give a main cast member a reason to be in the movie.

  4. TragicGuineaPig

    The first station was blown up. But they built another! It was also blown up. So they built a third. It fell over, burned down, sank into the swamp, and was blown up. The fourth one disappeared, but the fifth one – it stayed up!

  5. I’m so glad he’s doing this series. My absolute favourite!

  6. Being Good by Definition? Wow, Straczynski finally read the U. S. history books, over a century they are doing the “Being Good by Definition” not matter who they slaughter, what democracy their overthrow in favour of a dictatorship, what dictatorship they support for the “good of freedom and democracy.” , they don’t care how many men, woman and children they kill in the hundreds of countries that they have meddle, conquer or annexed. The Minbari are exactly like that.

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