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Sheridan has been captured by the evil Earth government, and they’re going to try to break his spirit. Step one: make him watch Grey 17 Is Missing.

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  1. My initial reaction to the beginning spoiler: “Who’s whose father?” It took me a second to recognize the joke.

  2. This was excellent breakdown of episode attempting to break down Sheridan. This was one of the more frightening episodes of Babylon 5 for me to watch and it did it all without the use of special effects. I really enjoyed your comparison of evil to poison and how constant exposure to it in small doses can render one numb and compliant to the unacceptable. A smart theory that can apply to both politics and internet trolling as well.

  3. “There are FOUR LIGHTS!”

  4. Too bad he didn’t notice the big difference. He asked if he was under the influence of others. This means something completely different than being influenced by others.

    It’s clear that question was designed where he could take either answer and turn it on him. They aren’t even trying to portray this man as being anything but evil.

  5. Okay, what song is this? I always assumed it was the intro to the show. But I just now listened to the intro (as I had to know how Sheridan got out of this) and it’s not like this. I checked all the seasons, too.

  6. More B5!
    I always like these episodes.

  7. That table looks like the TARDIS!

    The idea that you can get used to a poison by taking a little at a time is true… but only of SOME poisons, not all poisons. Some are cumulative; if you take a little at a time, those will kill you.

    Then again, I live in Australia, and have spent the last several years building up an immunity to iocane powder.

  8. Interesting how much one can accomplish on a tiny budget and with a tiny set.

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