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Human extremists are stirring up trouble, drawing B5 into a polarized us versus them conflict that threatens to turn the station into a powder keg. So glad we don’t live in a place like that.

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    “My shoes are too tight.”

    He should have gone with, “Guilty feet have got no rhythm.”

    “Aquaman’s girlfriend.” Hey! Don’t be dissing Queen Mera. She’s pretty hot.

  2. Interestingly, Delenn’s and G’Kar’s statements at the end are equally racist. They lump all humans in with the Home Guard, even those who worked to stop them.

    Of course one of the show’s eventual strengths is to show how all of the races have this and all come close to allowing themselves to be torn apart.

    Minbari Religious vs. Warrior
    Narn’s refusal to let go of hate for Centauri leads to bitter reprisals on boths side
    Centauri’s desire to return to glory helps unleash hell for everyone and leads to their near destruction
    Vorlon’s are so convinced of the methods they use to enforce their cause, they actually lose site of the cause altogether and it becomes about proving themselves right.

    Everyone’s got crap and it stinks the same no matter how it comes out.

    It’s also a great character episode for Londo. This is him on a small scale and it ultimately mirror’s how continues throughout the show. He commits to a path and is trapped on it. Even when he thinks he’s made it through, he’s not done with it. However, when push comes to shove, he’s going to do his best to make sure some have the opportunity to get off of it.

    • It also shows how hatred feeds a cycle of hate and destruction. When one group acts out in hate, their targeted group will also act out in hate. G’Kar has already proven that he is just as bad as the Home Guard with his own actions – basically starting an anti-human riot – but he still believes he can sit in judgment against humanity. The atrocities he and his people committed against the Centauri were just as bad, as were the actions of the Centauri against them. But by acting out, G’Kar only served to justify the Home Guard’s actions, and the Home Guard’s actions only served to justify the anti-human sentiments among the Mimbari, Centauri, and Narn. The cycle continues; it cannot be broken until someone deliberately chooses not to act in hate, but to do the opposite. Sinclair, Sheldon, Delenn, and later, even Londo and G’Kar, will do just that.

  3. Is anyone else getting a “403 FORBIDDEN” message on every one of the videos under this player?
    I’m getting it at the moment, but not on his other site (dailymotion I think).

  4. The end shows that, no matter what gender, culture, race or creed, we humans all have one thing in common.
    We’re not very good at impromptu dancing.

  5. RE; Violence will never change their minds:

    I… Agree? Punching a racist/bigot/whatever isn’t likely to change their mind, and may ultimately vindicate them to those that might be swayed. But then, what IS the answer? I don’t think there is a good one.

    Deny them any platform? Then they are vindicated in eyes of those that may be swayed by virtue of the system(s) they oppose keeping them down (See: various times M.Y. or R.S. gatherings have been protested/shut down. I’m not fully writing out their names because it would be like a beacon for trolls.)

    Allow them their platforms, and then refute their points (with verifiable facts)? Sounds like the best possible plan, but with a few major problems;
    -First, they are spreading their hate, infecting and swaying some, and hardening the resolve of others.
    -Second, Gish Galloping. It takes way more time and effort to debunk a lie/falsehood than it does to craft one. And the hate mongers have gotten exceedingly good at this. By the time you’ve dealt with one “alternative fact”, they’ve spewed forth three more.
    -Third, despite living in an age with so much information at our fingertips, with satellites and manned space stations circling the globe, with probes sending data from the furthest reaches of our solar system and the surfaces of other worlds… There are those who insist that the world is flat, that verifiable facts, aren’t.

  6. Just wanted to give a nod to the fact that you said mid-review that you’d have to be desperate to listen to country music, then ended with a country song. Well played.

  7. You seem to be doing the show in episode order now. Will you just skip over the later episodes you’ve already done or re-post them when they come up?

  8. I think the male/female symbol was meant to represent the men and women(humans) of earth but I could be wrong it’s been ages.

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