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While Ivanova struggles with her father’s death, the A plot naturally dovetails with it…a guy we’ve never seen before showing up to participate in a pit fight.

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  1. Nice reminder that even great series like Babylon 5 has it’s low points and TKO surely is one.

  2. Also, Christmas isn’t over yet. We’ve still got 11 more days until Epiphany.

    Makes me wish the stores would at least wait until Advent starts.

  3. For me, it’s just not Christmas until Chuck reviews the worst episode of a particular show.
    Though, we’re kinda running out of main-stays for live action sci-fi now… I wonder if next year will be the worst episode of, like, Farscape or something.

    Though as lazy and lousy as TKO is, I didn’t really feel like it was the worst thing B5 had to offer in its entire run. There are a few episodes of season 5 I felt were a lot more unbearable than this thing. At least it allowed some expansion and resolution to Ivonova’s character. Then again, I’ve always been more lenient towards, Gray 17 Is Missing too.

    Still, really nice and fun to have a classic SFDebris Christmas review. Shame we ran out of Trek shows a couple years back, but happy nonetheless to get this C:

  4. B5 is among the greatest TV ever made. But even in the light of Season 5 – I agee, TKO deserves the Christmas spot on SF Debris… 🙂

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