Back to the Future III – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara concludes her viewing on the trilogy that she has never seen with Back to the Future III.

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If you truly found the trilogy fun you should watch the cartoon. Any child at heart would truly enjoy them and each episode is introduced by Doc Brown himself (Lloyd).

The Mysterious M

Really? I’ve never heard that. For me personally, the second entry was the weakest.


9:45 – “It’s a FAAAAAMLY PITCHA!”


I saw A Fistful of Dollars for the first time this weekend. The movie that made Clint Eastwood a star was homaged here with the metal body cover in the shootout. Supposedly Bif is watching that movie in the alternate 1985 scene from the last sequel, when Marty comes in and turns the TV off right before they revel Clint’s chest plat.

Brad1ey Shaw

Nice review. Yes, I’m calling it a review because you mentioned specific points and gave your positive and negative opinions of them so that makes you a reviewer in my opinion.

The only thing I question about it is the use of a shot counter. If it’s just for this video I don’t see the use for it since you only drank two, now if it’s going to be an ongoing “thing” then I would approve of it so we can see how many shots you’ve taken years from now. Just remember which video you started using it with.


I really want to see Back to the Future 3 now. Although, I should finish Back to the Future 2 one day.


No joke, this trilogy is my favorite trilogy, period.


Part 3 was pretty good. The first one will always be great, but the sequels are worth watching.

Captain Chaotica
I’m so glad to hear you liked this one too! I freakin’ love the flying train. I once made it out of random Lego I happened to have around from different old sets, just for fun. 🙂 (It had rocket boosters on the bottom and yes, the door did open gullwing-style.) If you liked this, I agree with Nikaido…you should totally check out the cartoon. It’s not the best-animated thing, but every episode is indeed introduced by Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown (with occasional guest bits from Bill Nye The Science Guy) and the two kids, Jules and Verne, get… Read more »

That bit at the end is hilarious!!