Back To The Future: The Ride – Commentary Part 1

Because you demanded it, hear me blather about a video I made! Jiggowatts or something!

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3 Comments on "Back To The Future: The Ride – Commentary Part 1"

Crossover Princess

Happy Back to the Future day!

And I think I should what we’re all thinking: WHERE’S MY HOVERBAORD! WHERE’S MY HOVERBAORD! WHERE’S MY HOVERBOARD!

Also if it’s any consolation, Captain EO is still open in Florida…

One more thing… please no more Dueling Bob Gales… I can’t understand their commentary…

Steve the Pocket

Looks like they already have plans lined up for replacing Captain EO in the Magic Eye Theater too — with an Inside Out featurette. Probably the most appropriate use of Disney IP in Epcot in a long time.

Steve the Pocket

Looking back, you know what might have been even funnier? Since Luke was originally performing with a sock puppet, he could have been using a different puppet made from an upside-down sneaker. A shoe puppet, if you will.