Backlog Heroes: Magic Knight Rayearth Let’s Play Part 14

The Backlog Heroes travel through a labyrinth in the sky (which is surprisingly linear) and get a cool magic upgrade: magic hamster ball barriers!

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  1. Nice twist with having 2 (!) brainwashed characters.

    I almost feel bad for Alcione. ALMOST.

    Does every one of the Knights have a prospective boyfriend?

    “Gundam Bird”. Heh. 😀

  2. Its like the Wing Gundam Feniche(?) from Build Fighters! lol

    Magic hamster balls ftw, just like on Gravity Falls!

  3. Magical balls and “scroat”… this is a very strange theme for a video game of a magical GIRL series…

  4. Is Alcione starting to remind anyone else of Rita Repulsa?

  5. You gotta love how 80s and 90s anime were obsessed with giving people huge shoulderpads. Dragon Ball Z, Saint Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac), Magic Knights Rayearth, Excel Saga…

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