Backlog Heroes: Magic Knight Rayearth Let’s Play Part 2

Calluna and company press on through a bit more exposition, traveling through an ever-changing forest and meeting a rather silly swordsman along the way.

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This game does exactly what I always wished the anime/manga would do; focus more on fighting & less on relationships & drama.

The localization for this game is horrible! What did they do to Ascot’s voice? I also find it interesting that they went to all the trouble of re-dubbing the intro just for this game, but couldn’t re-dub the attack lines? Otherwise, I’m glad we saw some gameplay, and while it may seem like the game is skipping through the anime, it’s probably because this is a game. I think the devs struck a happy medium between staying too true to the anime(and having way more exposition), and skimming too much through the plot. There’s enough explanation throughout that anyone can… Read more »
Bass X0

Never watched the Magic Knight Rayearth anime before I played this game so the voice acting never bothered me. Story and characters progressed nicely.

By the way, check out the diaries. Each of the three girls has a diary in the game where they talk about past events from their own perspective. And something else I liked about this game is that each of the three girls has something different to say about everything you can interact with. I used to go around each area seeing what each girl would say about everything.