Backlog Heroes: Magic Knight Rayearth Let’s Play Part 2

Calluna and company press on through a bit more exposition, traveling through an ever-changing forest and meeting a rather silly swordsman along the way.

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  1. This game does exactly what I always wished the anime/manga would do; focus more on fighting & less on relationships & drama.

  2. The localization for this game is horrible! What did they do to Ascot’s voice? I also find it interesting that they went to all the trouble of re-dubbing the intro just for this game, but couldn’t re-dub the attack lines? Otherwise, I’m glad we saw some gameplay, and while it may seem like the game is skipping through the anime, it’s probably because this is a game. I think the devs struck a happy medium between staying too true to the anime(and having way more exposition), and skimming too much through the plot. There’s enough explanation throughout that anyone can pick up this game and not be lost without being too painful to sift through the dialogue before finally getting to gameplay. I do wish the monster fight from episode 3 was in there though.

    Otherwise, I think the gameplay is solid, and I really like the art style. To be honest, with the premise of the weapons of armor, I felt the series would lend itself well to either an rpg or an adventure title like this one, and it doesn’t surprise me that such a game exists. I’m also impressed that as a licensed game, the devs didn’t find some way to screw it up regardless of how well the premise lends itself to a game. Granted, this is a Japanese game, and not a NA one. I’m just disappointed that a shoddy localization job was put into it, since it otherwise appears to be a well designed game.

    I’m even more disappointed that this game is exclusive to the Saturn and unlikely to ever see a digital re-release, especially not in NA. I can deal with the dialogue more during long stretches of no voice acting, since I can pretend the terms are right and the lines are voiced by the right voice actors, and think I would have enjoyed playing this game which somehow rests on its own merits while still being a great tribute to the fans.

  3. Never watched the Magic Knight Rayearth anime before I played this game so the voice acting never bothered me. Story and characters progressed nicely.

    By the way, check out the diaries. Each of the three girls has a diary in the game where they talk about past events from their own perspective. And something else I liked about this game is that each of the three girls has something different to say about everything you can interact with. I used to go around each area seeing what each girl would say about everything.

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